What qualities in a man do women find attractive?

What qualities in a man do women find attractive?

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women here
Not fitness models.

have money/status, tall, dark, handsome, broad shoulders

Every woman, like every man, seeks different things. Physical health is a good place to start, but it is often a minute piece of the pie in long term situations. I would focus on being a better person all around and not one or two specific traits. You've got a better chance of attracting people that way.

According science? For sex?

>Tall stature
>Deep voice
>Athletic physique
>Clean skin & hair
>White teeth
>Nice breath
>Somewhat narrow eyes
>Ashamed or brooding expression
>Proportional nose
>Strong jaw
>Prominent cheekbones
>Tight firm ass
>Laidback, smug attitude
>Doesn’t pay her much attention unless she puts effort in
>Somewhat psychopathic
>Good at dancing
>Sexually virile
>Small to medium sized facial scarring (cut)
>History of trouble with authority
>Muzzle or five o clock shadow

Note, this is simply what ovulating women prefer. And younger more fertile women.

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Big black dick is what all women crave.


Too many to count. Most on NCBI pubmed, sciencedirect, and researchgate. I’m too lazy but if thread is up by time I wake up with you calling me a lying faggot then I might post.

Found the incel. Um no sweety, women just like personality. Based off what you wrote, I can see you've never been close to a woman in your life. Probably due to your shit personality.

Some qualities I've loved in my exes:

Intelligence, wisdom, keen observation (he was an autist and would notice minute things about me), romantic, kind, funny, talented, spiritual.

If I could combine all my exes, that would be one perfect man.

I think it's very sweet that even post-relationship you acknowledge the positives

Why are guys so stoopid here? This isn't what women want at all.

Oh thank you, I guess I never hate my exes. The reason I fell in love with them was for their good qualities and those qualities still exist after we break up.

>broad shoulders and chiselled jaw
>at least 7 inches
>slightly condescending but not actually intelligent

> hopefully being a virgin

Do any femanons agree?

27 yo good looking virgin here. Hit me up if you are anywhere in central europe looking to dominate and teach a man.

Social status, being reliable, treats her nice.

Doesn't browse Jow Forums, isn't a virgin, isn't fat, isn't a slob, isn't a pedo or into sex with men, animals or corpses, isn't mentally ill, isn't into femdom, has a job, is knowledgeable or educated, brushes his teeth and bathes regularly

That's a pretty good perspective to have. We really are taught to hate after relationships end. It's a form of blame and washing responsibility. Good on you for having perspective.

I like a guy who lets me watch him get fucked up the ass by other men preferably black

>has a job,


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>Doesn't browse Jow Forums
Fuck this triggers me so much, why are women like you such hypocritical pieces of shit? You're browsing Jow Forums yourself you absolute retard, so do you feel like it makes you unworthy of being attractive or do you just pull out this double standard out of your ass?!

I don't know why so many women are like this. It's like that other girl earlier who was into anime and wanted a bf who'd also be into anime, yet somehow she believed that everyone who's into anime is giant perverted loser creep who jerks it to loli hentai.
I don't get it. You stupid girls don't have any form of logic.

Despite browsing Jow Forums I'm totally normal IRL and if I didn't tell you I browsed Jow Forums you would have no way of knowing. I would tell you though, as I have no time to waste on a retard who's gonna be put off by that information.

>What qualities
Emotionally developed
Basic social skills
Basic grasp of adulthood
Basic level of health and fitness
Basic grasp of hygiene

All the incels claiming stuff like money/ripped/X/Y/Z are KHVs, I've known overweight cyclists who work shitty cubicle jobs who dated 8/10s, I know ugly guys who dated catalogue models and cardio bunnies.

Provided your response to situations isn't rolling on the floor and going "SCREEEEEE", you know how to talk to people you don't know, you can budget, don't live with your parents and aren't obese and get your hair cut while dressing half smart you literally have no excuse when it comes to women.

Everyone crying on Jow Forums that they can't get girls is doing the following
>signed up to pof/tinder, profile has selfies, woe is me "I'm the nice guy, don't want the usual? prove it and message me", playing 20 questions with whoever does message them until women stop talking to them
>sits in the house most of the time they aren't at work (presuming they have a job)
>doesn't leave the house, no social hobbies or activities that involve spending time with other people
>pining after a girl they stalk over social media and don't know anything about, presume qualities based on glimpses of statuses

Not OP what what makes a man Desirable to you at first glance?

>ashamed or brooding expression

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I'm right here!

stfu kike, noone is taking your poor bait, don't try to keep it alive it's useless.

>don't try to keep it alive it's useless.
keep what alive

Romantic and spiritual mean absolutely nothing.

There was a a study I remember.
>First, Health/genetics
Face, frame, height, skin, teeth, physique, don't be fat.
>Second, Wealth
Have/earn a lot of money
>Least important, Personality
Personality had almost no effect, except for being good with kids

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You realize that there are scientific studies that back up most of what he says right? I'm not going to link to any because you can Google "men with ___" to find most of them yourself.

Not saying I agree with the guy, just saying he's not really lying either.

Personality is very important. That's why even ugly neets can get gfs.

ugly neets get the worst gfs

obviously it varies. for example, i'm into lanky, skinny guys with long hair, my friend likes muscular/toned dudes.

but desu most important is the dude's personality. you could be the hottest guy on earth but if you're a total asshole, i'm not interested.

how would you go from 1 to 10?
If above 6/10 you are lying or when you mean personality you mean(looks+wallet).

>isn't into femdom


what are you asking, exactly?

with personality i just meant that you have to be kind, funny and at least partially interested in the same things that i am.

>Based off what you wrote, I can see you've never been close to a woman in your life
Based on what you wrote, I can see that you've never been close to studies and statistics in your life. Probably due to the danger of truth they contain.

r8 yourself

the formula is already in the thread. there is only one thing that surpasses looks+wallet and it is status. if you have a lot going for you at particular time, you can articulate it in your favor and have thots gravitating over you, otherwise it comes down to it.

Incels always quote "studies and statistics" that actually are usually made up shit on incel blogs. Incels are too dumb to know what is an actual study and what is just made up incel fantasy garbage.

Jesus kid, get a hobby. Your bait's so bad and obvious, it's not even funny.

Get a life

well, i'd say that i'm a 7 or an 8 but i fail to see what it has to do with this thread? OP just asked what women find attractive and I gave my answer.

Uh, if you are so sure about your studies, then post one or two that support what you claimed earlier about what women like.

Kek, like clockwork. Denial, ad hominem, and anecdotes.

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Stop pretending already, everyone knows you are shitposting.

If you want to contribute to society, you should do so by jumping of a cliff or infront of a truck

There we go, the incel is now posting random snippets that have absolutely nothing to do with his rants, but claims they support his incel fantasies 100%.

>Post one study as an example
>Hurr no u
You just said lots of studies and statistics support your point of view? Then why can't you post even one?

You don't even want to read them even if i would provide them to you. You are just a shitposter, even if you would not be one, someone who throws words like incel at the first sight of criticism to a topic, just screams "i'm an ignorant fool, please pay only attention to me and my ridiculous world views".

Just end your life already, you are a waste of oxygen

have you ever heard of tits or gtfo?

Basically. You can argue with these people until you’re blue. They always just say “w-well you’re just autistic! go outside!” anyway. Facts mean nothing to them.

Why aren't you posting just one study? You weren't making shit up were you? Maybe you are afraid that you post something that is completely retarded and easily disproven.


a face to their aesthetics
a Strong manly figure

now the older and uglier they get to more they compromise.

is right though
later you could throw them with enough cash and stability for a comfortable life, but most will just frenzy fuck the top lines till they grow tired

Broad shoulders and being above 6'

Dont listen to what women say they want. They don't fucking know. Ive gotten so much pussy by being jacked and tall its ridiculous. Just fuck girls and toss them aside it's really easy.

>in b4 personality

Women fuck dudes they hate all the time. Liberal women fuck trump supporters regularly and are ashamed about it after. French women fucked Nazis willingly. Black women fucked white slave masters willingly.

What gets a woman wet is not what gets her mind going "oh what a nice man"

Once you've been in and out of a few relationships you'll see for yourself.

Its also ridiculously easy to play people so a lot of woman in this thread are living lies they're probably not even aware of desu

If you guys are still stuck on this step than you have a long way to go.

A huge, veiny and pulsating black cock.

My girlfriend always says I'm the sweetest guy ever, also she thinks I'm handsome. Couldn't tell you why THAT is. Being smart and loving/caring helps, obviously without being a total pushover/doormat. Also women are not a hive-mind.

Oh and I'm pretty tall so that's neat

Good-natured but (physically and mentally) strong. Protective but not jealous. Can make you laugh. Smart. Ambitious.

You are literally repeating ever single incel cult meme. It's more than obvious you have never even kissed a girl.

>Dont listen to what women say they want. They don't fucking know.
>Ive gotten so much pussy by being jacked and tall its ridiculous.
No. You've got pussy despite being jacked and tall. You can manipulate women's emotions, that's the one and only thing needed.

This plus some other things women find unintentionally to be attractive such as similar ethnicity, father, brother, etc. looking similar to you, and so on.

manipulating emotions is a lot easier when you're jacked and tall. Just like it's a lot easier for you to fall for a fit, pretty girl than for a fat ugly one. Dumbass.

Smart, empathy, wisedom, makes me laugh and feel good, has a template for our life that's not average and boring. Looks and fitness aren't everything, neither is money.

No, according to our personal opinion.

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This entire thread is balls and people either projecting or shitposting or trying to shoehorn their own agenda or whatever because like it's posted in the regular thread Ask The Opposite Sex

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
>There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

Skinny, fat, buff, shy, loud, whatever. All sorts of different girls are attracted to all sorts of different guys.

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Those studies actually show that women don't care about wealth as much as you would think, it's always one of the last things.

Ofc they could have just lied...

It's always pasty white small souled cuckolds behind these posts.


Funny thing, I know a girl who says shes attracted to pretty much the same things as you. And yet she has a crush on a guy who's depressed, has no plans for the future and is kind of a selfish cunt. Really makes you think.

Point is, no one has any idea what the fuck is attractive. Sure, there are some obvious physical qualities that are generally attractive, like being tall, in shape, having a symmetric face and all that, but that's about it.
OP, you (or anyone else) want to get gf or fuck women or whatever? Be in decent shape and other than that do whatever the fuck you feel like while interacting with as many women as possible. That's literally the best way of finding someone who's into you. Not lifting 6 times a week or working 60. Or studying all day or being passionate or whatever the fuck people think they should be attracted to.

>has a template for our life that's not average and boring
Templates are always boring.

Nope, first post you posted is a racebait shiller who decided to spam this thread, he posted other posts before ( )
Second post didn't mean dark as in black-skinned.

They'd like someone with enough capacity for critical thinking to realize they're all individuals


But if you're right not every woman would want a guy with that capacity for critical thinking though, since they're all individuals some will like a macho man who makes generalizations about women like they're a hivemind.
So your post is necessarily wrong.

So OP is double-wrong.

Look man I'm not the one who has trouble getting chicks. Solve your shit or leave, but don't come to Jow Forums just to drink the kool-aid

I'm not OP and I don't have trouble getting chicks, I just thought your contradiction was funny.

which one causes the other?

Individuals who generally value the same things.

>everyone on Jow Forums are terrible people
>wants us to go to websites that are afraid of being real

How do. Plz respond

>The descriptor dark in Tall, Dark, and handsome now means black
Are you underage or what?

a large stable income

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being romantic means everything, user. If you don't show any sort of romantic intentions with a girl, regardless of whether you truly love her or not, she isn't going to want to have sex with you, or even be with you, because you're giving out a signal that will more likely than not be interpreted as indifference toward them.

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Reset life until you get those stats

Do male virgins exist who aren't lame?

>inb4 here me

My mom says I'm cool.

I like men who share the same dark, shitty sense of humor as me. Having a good voice is top priority. Nice hair and pretty eyes are next up. The mouth needs to be a good shape. His dick needs to look "good." This is less about size and more about aesthetics. I have to like it enough to want it in me or on me somehow.

gee what do you think?

People are always surprised when they find out im a virgin, im good looking, in shape, rich, tall, clever enough to flirt and carry a good conversation and all those things but I don't feel the need or drive to go through with someone

I've noticed this lately.
Women seem to like fit guys less and less.
All the fatties and chubbies are getting married and starting families these days

>relatively fit
>ambitious/determined/driven in some way
>decisive but a good listener
>good driver (actual deal breaker if not)
>has hobbies
>has friends
>sense of humor meshes with mine
>has some style

what does this mean? taller than you or is it a threshold like he has to be 6 feet at least?

Depends on the woman but I attract goth, emo, and damaged girls like no tomorrow. They really like white as snow, tall skinny guys with red or black hair. I know girls who like husky guys, some like the stereotypical Chad (usually only roasties), high school whores like 21-25 year old stoners with shitty beards, brown, asian, or black women who hate their skin like any tall white guy, city girls like stereotypical niggers who will make daddy angry. It all depends. Pure qt virgin girls are either attracted to their polar opposite or a pure qt virgin boy.

I had a friend who I thought was a Chad. He was really good at making friends and very social at parties. I was so surprised when he told me he was a virgin

Muscle bound Chad-looking guys are scary and gross. I like guys who are a litte husky because they’re still bigger than me, which means I get to feel safe and protected, but they don’t look gross.

Women have never liked roided gym rats, you moron. It's always been like this. The only ones who think women like men with excessive muscle are closeted gay incels.

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Go foreign. never look back

That's hyperbole. I agree that roided up jarheads are disgusting. If you take pills and powders, you fucked up.

But even pic related is seen as unattractive.
I grew up fat and was rejected for it constantly. I lost weight and am currently building muscle, but I notice women tend to prefer men on the portly side these days. Granted everyone is different and has different tastes, but still. It's an interesting observation

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You only see what you want to see. And why do you keep saying "these days" when you obviously are very young and have not personally experienced the past days you keep referring to?

I'm actually 29, so i'm older than most of the people on this site. Maybe not this board though.

But you do make a valid point. Maybe i'm just cherry picking and seeing the examples I want while overlooking others

You guys I don't have much time.
This thread has given me terminal cancer. Why....just why....have you done this to me.....