How do I let him go once and for all?

We are bound, we've been through hell together, he calls me his wife.

This relationship seems like it can't die but I must end it. It's not good for either of us and I think it has driven me to insanity. I love him too much but love isn't enough.

How do I part from him when he is my world? It literally hurts in my chest. How can I make it stop?

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Gonna have to give more info than that OP. Why must it end?

We are from two different worlds.

There is no way we will will be together.

So what I am getting is that you are just a drama queen with no real answer to my question.

Break up with him

Two different worlds? What the fuck does that even mean? Have you even told him you're unhappy so he can at least attempt to fix his shit?

For simplification purposes - we are both in prison.

He knows.

How can I stop it from hurting so much? :'(

Lol, why break up with your penpal? Leave him when you get out.

They allow you to browse 4chin in prison? I smell bullshit

I'm not telling you the exact circumstances. Not gonna dox myself. It's a metaphor.

>> 20029922

I will never get out.

>It's a metaphor.
Ah, so it's some more vague attention-whoring bullshit. You are a drama queen, that user was right. Just get over it, breaking up is almost always painful, regardless of circumstances.

How am I drama queen asshole? We've been together since you were a child. You'll never know this depth of love or this anguish.

Fuck off if you don't want to give me advice.

How can anyone give you advice if you dont specifiy the situation. You're using metaphors and being all dramatic. Just tell us what's going on in detail. Give us the full picture and maybe you can get some actual advice you cunt.

The situation is we can't be together and it doesn't matter why (you wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway).

My problem is I need to get over him, without pain.

It's because he's superman and she's a living sculpture of kryptonite. Oh wait. No, she's leaving him for Johnny Bigdick and wants us to make her feel better about it. Fuck you. Even if you're not cheating, you're clearly a disloyal cunt.

without pain.

Anonymous 09/17/18(Mon)01:43:18 You clearly have mental issues and a small dick.

If it is online just delete your social media and stop talking.

>what the hell is this plot?

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Ok ezy lets do this.
Step 1 : latch on to something disturbing from your childhood
Step 2 : convince yourself that your soul is forfeit and the world is cruel
Step 3 : get raped doesn't matter how it happens we just need recent trauma so we can have flashbacks to the child abuse
Step 4 : get revenge on this offender by mursering his 8 year old daughter and wearing her face as a mask
Step 5 : get a sex change
Step 6 : preferably one of an inanimate object so that you cease to exist and you longer feels pain. .ie a curtain or match stick.

Do you know what a metaphor is what could this possibly be a metaphor for? Are u saying you both have gay stalkers wtf what does this even mean???

I was never in the equation was I...

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You're posting on a korean basket weaving image board dedicated for advice. I doubt you were even cool enough for her to even think about you. Should cut your losses now before you hurt yourself again. It was almost went a full year without coming here again...there's no point in trying to look for her, you're old news apparently.

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If you're in prison and can't get out, why not latch to the only thing that would make your life worthwhile?

Why the fuck can’t you be with him?

They are probably family members

Sorry, silly me.


stop being an awful wife and treat your man right.

just admit it, it doesn't hurt. you are just another roastie who tries to act like she cares. if you care you'd make it work with him.