Are girls with hair dyed unnatural colours a red flag for you?

Are girls with hair dyed unnatural colours a red flag for you?

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I seem to only go after girls that dont dye their hair and wear almost no makeup.

Though if I wasn’t interested in anything serious I wouldn’t give a shit about you having fake features, you wouldn’t be real to me either.

I think it’s in some ways it’s a solid reflection of who you are.

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Opposite for me, I tend to like it. Best sex I ever had was with a girl who had pink hair, and one of the best friendships I've ever had was with a girl who dyed her hair constantly (it was blue when I met her, it's bright red now).

I just don't think green pink blue or whatever hair just isn't attractive. It's kind of the same reason I won't date a fat chick I don't want to be seen in public with her

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Typically it's an indicator that they've been abused and have many underlying issues.

Yes. It is never attractive. Natural hair looks best 99% of the time. The only exceptions for me is on the right girl blue or white hair works.

Simply put, yes for long term relations. Dying your can mean many things, firstly they signfy differentiation from the mainstream. This could be a cry for attention for example. If she changes it often It could mean self confidence and identity issues. It could also signfy she is a party person, impulsive and likes rave culture. As a long term person I would be wary, but for the short term you could have some pretty wild experiences-you never no for sure.

Yes, although in the sense you say something is a "red flag" while window shopping. It certainly correlates, and probably simply indicates, certain things like style of response to trauma, internal control systems, psychosocial signalling, and so forth. Peacock behavior with a more need-driven slant.

Like another poster said, gray and white hair are exceptions.

What exactly are you looking for advice on?

They are, because statistics. I think dyed hair can look cute and I know a few girls who have dyed hair and are perfectly fine, but in general I'm always gonna assume she could be a SJW or somehing.

Does maroon-ish like that pic count as really unnatural?

>Does maroon-ish like that pic count as really unnatural?
How many people do you know with naturally maroon hair?

no, I can spot insanity without such large scale signs

infact 50 blonde dye pisses me off more since its the sign of the ignorant normaldyke who will not be a good companion for my lifestyle

I guess unnatural wasn't the right word. Does it indicate the same things as bright, gaudy dye colors?

90% of SJW-ish girls are ok people

you can spot the other 10% by cheap body mods, bad skin and base facial expressions, overweight in the wrong fat storage compartments , vocal abnormalities etc

use your gut feeling.

but do realize girls with alternative looks have probably been dissed by normalfags who judged them or tried to ONS them and failed so don't be a guy like tihs


Really? Why? If it doesn't stand out as much wouldn't it show she's more lowkey and probably just likes the color?

>but do realize girls with alternative
You're wrong.
Anyone who falls into a social alternative (goth/emo/hipster/body mods) wasn't dissed and turned to it, they were social outcasts to start with.

I think you misquoted me, but I disagree with you.

I shortened the quite because it all applies.
If someone lives or looks (though they go hand in hand) a social alternative, it is because they couldn't cut it in the normal social hierarchy to start with.
10 years ago when being an emo wound down and being hipster took over, every emo I knew turned into a hipster, stopped dying their hair, got a shit undercut and bought new clothes, literally entire groups of friends changed together.
You know what none of these people have now? no good jobs, no long term relationships, nothing of value, they are 28 and have nothing going on.

There's a reason those who are "being themselves" and wearing all black/reclaimed clothes from a charity shop and has gauges in their ears has friendship circles who look the same, that's because they can't hack it being "normal".
Alternative medicines are an alternative to medicines, alternative social groups are an alternative to... you guessed right.

I meant I disagreed with the idea that they were always social outcasts. People with alternative interests and style may not be socially separate by necessity. One could be perfectly fine in a normal social setting but just prefers the aesthetic or company of alternative social circles. Or maybe they just like dyeing their hair because they like burgundy and makes it seem a little thicker.

What was the sex like?

>Alternative medicines
This is incorrect and shows you don't really understand how culture and society work, and the ways they can be confined to certain ranges.

I bet you think nature runs on magic, too. I bet you think plants just sit around and are pretty much just like rocks that grow, rather than complex machines that are subject to the underlying ecological laws and logic that any other organism is subject to, metabolic demand, bacteria, viruses, fungus, thermal and chemical stresses. Nature only cares if it works, and if it doesn't it won't exist. I bet you've never even thought the name of any plant and the word pharmacology in the same sentence. No, you just accepted culture as legit. Surely if we're all saying it's true, it must be, right?

Likewise with electromagnetic medicine. Transduction of low intensity fields is well established and has been the subject of intense research since man was able to work with electricity. Look to PEMF therapies for fracture healing, and Novocure's 200KHz field device for brain tumor treatment. They're even approved by your favored control organization, the FDA (Novocure being Israeli backed could afford to jum through their hoops), and even more perversely, their research was published in JAMA. The very organization that crushed therapies like this (which actually worked properly) in the 1930's.

>If alternative medicine worked it would just eb called medicine haha hurr
Orthodox medicine is a group. They're not just a loose collection of people. You ought to dig into language a bit further. Sleepy people like you ought to do a lot of things. I mean really, you think you can do whatever you want? You think if you developed a cure for some major disease, you'd actually be allowed to get them using it? No.


>90% of SJW-ish girls are ok people
Not to me they're not. I'm alt-right so they'd call me a nazi and try to stab me with a or something

>but do realize girls with alternative looks have probably been dissed by normalfags who judged them or tried to ONS them and failed so don't be a guy like tihs
I'm not like that and I actually like alt-girls esthetically, but what I mean is that I never approach them because there are high chances a girl like this is not what I'm looking for in terms of values.

>90% of she girls are okay
Hahahahahahaha hahahaha

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Not the person you're responding to. But IRL 90% of people who have the died hair SJW look are friendly and polite as long as you're not discussing politics which is real easy to do.

However, on the internet where they have some sense of anonymity their worst traits come out. Kind of like people on Jow Forums but on the opposite end of the spectrum.



Yes, always.

I actually really like those unusual hair colors.

Yes, but i like it.
Kill me.

self-absorbed asshole, can't see 5 inches from his nose

I suppose you're right but like I said, I will still feel like it's useless for me to pursue them because we're unlikely to have compatible values (and politics are inevitably a part of that).

Unfortunately OP, yes. Although you could get some crazy daddy issues sex, I guarantee you, not exempt from some real lifelong consequences. Be careful

Yeah I just had my life ruined by a girl who changes her hair color every month. This isnt the first time my dumbass has made this kind of mistake either. I seem to be attracted to people who are extremely unhealthy for me. Steer clear.

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OP is an extreme faggot. More hot news at 11.

What about henna? I have naturally brown hair, but I've always wanted to be a redhead and I already have freckles and pale skin. Henna would just make give my hair reddish hue

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it never EVER looks good

the fedora of hair

Not really, but dyed ginger hair (not red, but pretending to be a redhead) is the biggest red flag of all.