Sex for females

I don't understand, as a guy I'm satisfied/can sleep/no longer horny after having an orgasm.

What happens to girls that don't have an orgasm during sex? Are they not left being horny once the guy stops? I just don't understand how my girlfriend can be ok with me nutting after 20 minutes and then wanting to cuddle again, if that was me I'd lose it because I'd be far too horny to even relax.

What gives?

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She has become complaicent that your tiny peepee will never fill her up like a real mans donger would, just be gratefull that she would lower herself to this point

I mean my girth is just short of 5 and a half inches so I've always been concerned about being a pencil dick but my length is 7.2 so I really don't know what else to say

Do you not give your gf an orgasm? if not then wtf dude. Even if you don't get her off through penetration you can still do it with your hands, your tongue, or a dildo. Put in some fucking effort. And you know what the worst part of this is? I am an incel, though I don't buy into all that shit, and I am saying this.

You do realize girls get off easier through clitoral stimulation, right?

It’s not always about the orgasm for the chick... If I’m feeling like a quickie I’ll just push the woman up against the wall and fuck her. When I’m done I just pull out and walk off. Sometimes it really frustrates her (sexually) but it does make her more keen for next time.

Imo, if you're not making her cum as many times as possible you're doing it wrong. Some girls are hard to get to that point, and others can really only cum once, but put the damn effort in.

The more you make a girl fun the more she will want to have sex. It's makes them sluttier with you, while making the thought of other men less appealing. Especially if a lot of chumps she has been with never made her cum.

So make her cum, doofus.

Welcome to Jow Forums, where everyone would rather cal you retarded than answer your question.
I don't have an answer, I'm just bumping because I want to know too

many women never experience an orgasm, never
from young age they are conditioned to please men:
>guy nuts
>girl is happy

they are the passive ones and their orgasm is a bit more complicated than just jacking off into a wet hole and men are really fucking bad at sex, im sorry my dudes but your exes and gfs cheat on you for a reason

That's not true, retard.

I'm going to say it could be a lot of reasons such as...
>women are more aroused by the shear intimacy and less of getting an orgasm.
>some women have never orgasmed thus never having the baseline standard of always getting one from sex
>she is getting an orgasm from another dude
>she doesn't care about getting off but getting you off is her pleasure
I've actually noticed that the last one was becoming true for me, a man. For some reason I found myself not nutting from sex and I would always try to make the girl cum multiple times. After she was done I would stop and do the cuddle thing, which would actually frustrate a lot of girls. It turns out it made them feel really insecure like they couldn't get me off and I didn't find them attractive. Which makes me think that for a lot of women the satisfaction that they are looking for is to be sexy for their man, which ironically was what I was trying to do for them.

If you can’t make a girl cum you must just really suck.

I’m not big by any means. I think my dick is actually below average. But when I have sex with my girlfriend, she comes no less than 3x in a row. The most I’ve gotten her to cum before I have is 7, and she was a total wreck after that. But the average is 3.

Stfu, that sounds retarded as hell

Maybe she wasn't in the mood for sex or never got horny in the first place. Maybe she doesn't enjoy it all that much and is happy just to make you happy.

Personally I get sexually frustrated if we're having sex and I don't orgasm. I guess if I had lost the mood going along and was no longer horny then I wouldn't mind just stopping (but that's not an ideal situation either).

It depends on the context. If it has been a warm and loving session, we can often be satisfied without an orgasm, just enjoying the closeness and our partner's pleasure.

But if we are horny, being left hanging while the guy rolls over and goes to sleep is not only frustrating, but makes us aware of how (perhaps unconsciously) selfish he is.

Note to guys: give her an orgasm by hand or mouth before you enter, so she at least gets something out of the experience. And if you realize you haven't satisfied her through fucking, offer to finish her off by hand.

And we never EVER enjoy the up-against-the-wall quicky.

1. Girls CAN be satisfied without orgasming
2. Most girls don't come from hetero intercourse anyway
3. Most guys are absolutely shit at sex
4. There's this thing called the clitoris

If you actually give a shit, ask her what gets her off and work on it together.
t. grill

Some girls can't get orgasms

Been there with multiple ex gfs, but not all women are like that.

It's more them than it is you. Sorry. You're not as special as you think.

Fucking lol. Is that what your partners told you?

Read up female biology, brainlet

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Fuck you. You’re everything that’s wrong with this world.

Lesbians cum about twice as likely as hetero women, and hetero women cum much more by themselves, too.
It absolutely is men.

the male and female sex organs work differently. women can still get an orgasmic feeling, even if they don't actually discharge. Therefore they can still feel satisfaction from a quickie. Also lots of women cant cum unless you cream pie them, so you have to make sure youre going at the same pace to finish together.

>hetero women cum much more by themselves, too

Damn near anyone can get themselves off easier than another person can. Especially if, like most of us, your formative sexual experience is based in masturbation. Hell, I can make myself cum in 90 seconds but may only come 25% when I have sex. Stop being retarded.

>Lesbians cum about twice as likely as hetero women

We're talking about orgasming from intercourse. Lesbians don't have dicks. Again, stop being retarded.

Yes, she’s still horny, and she’ll get more and more sexually frustrated after every fucking time you don’t fully satisfy her. Maybe she’ll even leave you because of it one day. I’m not trying to stress you out, or make you anxious or anything. I’m just telling the truth. She’s just scared of saying it because she’ll seem crazy or whatever.

this. women dont understand how to jerk off a guy either. thats why blowjobs can go on forever. not enough intelligence in the grip.

I've always wondered about this, is it true that most guys struggle to come during blowjobs/handjobs?

I have never come from one. All the girls I have been with seen to think that my dick is so delicate that it has to be touched very VERY gently, to the point where its like lightly rubbing it. Do girls not get the whole tightness thing is important?

During any kind of sexual experience, lesbians get each other off more than heteros.

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He's really not, I did this with my ex's all the time. They love being forced/compelled. They love it and it makes sex better for them.

this and she is fucking another chad that can properly do it.

Damn dude, your girl must suck, I can finish my husband off in less than 10 minutes, less than 5 occasionally, you just gotta suck the soul outta the dick, plenty of stimulation to the head and shaft with your tongue, and a good vacuum technique usually has him roaring and nutting in the back of my throat. She needs to work on it, you gotta have to want to do it and put some passion into it, I'm always raring to go when he wants some head.

>Also lots of women cant cum unless you cream pie them

You are shit at anatomy.

God, I'd marry you.

Who are these people?

pls no bully

lesbian have more oral sex and stimulate clitoris more, wow incredible that they are having more orgasm.

So you agree that men are shit at pleasing women? Good.

Sometimes I think so.

How in fuck is that what you take from that post?

Some truth from a thirld world favela guy who have made sex with multiple girls and that have a big and large pipi (just extra large condoms can be used, and even then dont get loose).

It's related with the woman mind, body and their sexual knowledge of her own body, at the end if she has some mental illness on this area you wont make her cum.

Prolly had more partners than 25% of the guys that answered this post combined.

Because lesbians get off more than hetero women. So hetero men must be doing something wrong?

>I'm satisfied/can sleep/no longer horny
That's the massive spike of prolactin that relaxes you.

It's also the reason why sex is generally bad when done too often.

>What happens to girls that don't have an orgasm durint sex?
Better question: Why do you care? You bought dinner, defeated the Chad waiter, and got an orgasm. The transaction is complete

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You might want to sleep with her again?


My 2exes enjoyed the quick Wall fuck. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean every girl is the same. Jeez

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, but just go for Jung if you wanna read them, Freud's theories are obsolete

Do you not even finish her off with fingers or tongue or toy? You're a shit lover OP

So I'm a chick who has a hard time orgasming, even from sex clitoral stimulation. When I go into sex, I don't expectat to orgasm. It actually feels better not to orgasm, I mean, yeah an orgasm itself is cool and everything, but the pleasure lasts half a second. Instead, I really enjoy the buildup, and when I do orgasm it's like I just want to feel that half a second feeling again and again, which is possible with multiple orgasms, but each time it gets less pleasurable and it's like chasing a drug high or something. But once me and my bf are done, I just feel great all over. My muscles are relaxed and tingly. Studies have shown that just having sex without orgasm increases hormones, I think it was oxytocin? Whichever hormone is responsible for bonding. That's why cuddling is so awesome after sex. Even just making out for a few minutes increases those hormones. As a weird experiment, try making out with someone but dont have sex. Then go about your day. You'll feel like you actually had sex.

If your orgasms lasts half a second, you've never actually had one.

Only on rare occasions have I had the Earth shattering orgasm, mostly from oral sex. My vagina is terrible at its job. It doesn't help that I'm incredibly anxious. An important component of being able to orgasm is the ability to relax and that's practically impossible for me.

That sounds pretty shit, sorry user. I can relate to anxiety but I've always managed to orgasm fine, thankfully. Actually keeps my anxiety at bay somewhat.

>My vagina is terrible at its job
Vaginal orgasm is a myth

So is you getting laid

I must be a unicorn then

But I add women have Skene's gland which is basically a female version of prostate with the same innervation, but smaller. It gets stimulated during sex, which leads to an orgasm, like for dudes who have their prostate stimulated. Women have really various size and sensitivity of this thing, which is the cause why some cannot achieve "vaginal" orgasm.

Dicklet detected.

How the fuck do you cum? When I finish I go right back to cuddles.

Nice generalizations. No wonder some women hate men.

>one women
Well I don't, so I guess my anecdote beats yours.

Then you'll buy her dinner again I guess
Yeah right? It's so simple. If she's given you an orgasm then you've already won, you broke all the defenses and snatched the dungeon keeper's treasure. Whatever happens beyond that is simply not important.

Yeah, lesbian sex is soooo good that a large percentage of lesbians literally never fuck their partner. Expand your statistical analysis a bit, there's some troubling shit out there about dykes.

That's what they told you.

They only orgasm through anal sex. Derrrr....

That's a myth mostly my dude. First off, all sexual frequency wanes with age and length of the relationship, that's not a lesbian problem. The average hetero sex lasts 8 minutes, lesbians about 30, at least. So even if they had only a 30% as much sex (which they don't) as heteros, they'd have the same amount, time wise. The study you're probably referring to (Blumstein & Schwartz, 1983) itself acknowledged the limitations of their terminology and a lot of the questioned women afterwards came out saying they'd lowballed because they thought 'sexual relations' referred to only oral or penetrative sex (the Masters and Johnson study a few years earlier paints a much more normal picture of lesbian sex life), and a couple of years after Blumstein & Schwartz, Frye wrote a pretty comprehensive piece on the limitations of the study.
The point stands that lesbians consistently rate their sex lives, sexual satisfaction and percentage of orgasms achieved higher than hetero women.