Why do women hate short men so much?

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Because they don't look attractive and strong enough to make them feel safe

I've never once heard a woman claim she wanted to "feel safe." In fact I'm sure that if you said that in public, people would call you a misogynist.

Not him but if you’ve never heard that you’re deaf or aren’t paying attention. It’s literally the most important thing in female attraction.

Nonsense, you see short guys with hot chicks all the time. what are you hoping to gain from this thread op?

What is it with all the bitter virgin lanklet bait threads today?

>feeling safe
>literally the most important thing in female attraction
Not in this day and age. Some women love a skin and bone dude with no muscle. Not sure why but they do.

Prove it.

>you see short guys with hot chicks all the time
No, you don't.

google Lil Peep

Because having money creates the same feeling of safety

This. A lot of the ideas on this board are weird. Everything is about looks here

>Everything is about looks here
normies are all about looks

What does Lil Peep have to do with it?

They care a lot less than people here. It must take a lot to dismiss the evidence you can find by going out in public

cuz he looks like he's 120 pounds but has money and ''le quirky emo'' personality, so girls flock over him

The desire to feel safe and protected by their partner is a remnant from early periods in our history when women had to heavily rely on their partners. It's embedded in their psyche, like fear of darkness and unknown.

>It must take a lot to dismiss the evidence you can find by going out in public
I was in college for 6 years and never once got one bit of female attention besides rejection and never made a male friend.
The "evidence" speaks for itself.

I thought we were talking about height and women feeling safe

He's trying to tell himself that because he is 6'3" girls will automatically be attracted to him and as soon as he leaves the basement girls will want to take his virginity.

I'm a 5'5" guy

Prove it.

Wow I’m not sure why you consider annorexia to be a common trait among wealthy men but you’re fucking wrong lad.

Seriously, what mental acrobatics are those? We’re talkng about physique and you claim all skinny guys are rich. Lol

No, YOU don’t.
Get your eyes checked sister.

I’m sorry you felt rejected. That still doesn’t prove that people are superficial

I think some women hate short men because they want a man who seems strong and make them feel safe and stuff.

However, there are tons of short men with women nowadays.

If you're short and get rejected a shit ton of times, you're just ugly man.

Just google "why women prefer tall men" and you will find a bunch of sources of differing quality.

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>calling someone misogynistic after they tell you a fact
Maybe it’s more than just your booster seat that turns them off

Do you know how to read?

I'm only sexually attracted to pale girls with black hair and asian girls. I've tried to like other girls but theres just nothing there. Should I keep trying to meet new girls outside of these limitations or just date in my preferred area? How do others feel about this?

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Sorry mobile posted in wrong tab enjoy bump tho lol

Now google a less loaded question such as "what height do women find moat attractive" to get different results. Then google "why shorter men are more attractive" to get yet another set of results.

How many girls have you fucked?

>"what height do women find moat attractive"
see pic


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You can try expanding outside of that if you’re having trouble finding what you want.

That sure is a well sourced and researched chart.

How can you be 5'5" and not have fucked lots of girls? Are you gay?

>tfw 5'3
>tfw I might be the shortest one here
[spoiler]I just can't go on living like this, it feels so fucking bad

As a woman, I can confirm that having a boyfriend who is bigger and taller than me makes me feel cozy and safe.

who would've guessed, it seems most people are hypocrites!

Hehe manlets are funny and cute

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Short? Not sure they do.

They hate poor men though.

Why do you midgets hate y’all guys so much

You can’t make them feel safe.

Women world is only importance upon feelings and their experience.

Hence why cars look fast to them but could be a hunk of shit like ricers.

Look, this is hands down 100% truth.
You just just to find a girl that is smaller than you. Its a proportion thing.

Go outside and take a long, hard look at the couples you see. Well, don't stare, that's rude, but you know what I mean. No pretending that you can read their minds, no extrapolating from one nasty high school breakup or a snotty Tinder profile, no applying tidbits of half-remembered half-read "studies," just LOOK. This height obsession is all in your head. It's YOUR insecurity that YOU are projecting onto the world.

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Or a girl taller than you.

I'm a woman, and although I don't hate short men, I wouldn't date one. For one, I'm not attracted to guys shorter than me (I'm short myself), and so that would probably mean bad sex life between us. I like bigger guys because like anons said, it makes me feel more safe and feminine. Also short men seem to have really major issues with being insecure and confident, and these aren't attractive traits. But the main issue for me is sexual attraction which I just can't muster towards guys shorter than 167 cm.

We've all heard that before. You'll forget about this whole post one day when you fall for a short man.

This. There are all sorts of couples in the world. Short men date too

>feel more safe
if you want to feel safe then date a gun

The best part about the heightism from women is that they will then turn a complete 360° when rejected for their weight
shit like that. such hypocrites.
I thank God I can both ways

You know you just set up a "How about THESE guns?" joke right?

>You'll forget about this whole post one day when you fall for a short man.
I don't think I ever will to be honest. Just like some guys won't ever fall for a fat girl even if she is funny and sweet. Short guys are just not my thing.

It's not only about feeling safe.

I have been outside and I have NEVER seen a man my height with anyone. even if they are near my height they have a face to make up for it

You can wonder why and read up on all the possible reason and wallow in self-pity forever and cry about how life isn't fair or you can keep trying approaching women until you actually find one that won't be bothered by your height. It's a big world and there's plenty of short guy-taller girl couples so stop pretending like they don't exist.

And why assume that it's a height thing? I'm 5'5 and have been approached by women. I'm also chubby and my face is average or under-average. My actually attractive tall and handsome friend was never approached by a woman, he always has to initiate and seduce. There's so many factors involved in attraction that it's a complete waste of time attempting to understand it when you can just keep hitting on women and working on yourself until you score. But no, you'll rather keep denying reality and looking for more reason to feel sorry for yourself.

just how tall are you OP? are you some sort of a midget?

I think hate is to strong a word. I don't hate short men but I would hate it if any of my friends saw me with one.

some where around 5'0" although I have never really measured myself it's more from comparisons to other people

how old are you? Maybe you will grow up still


welp, maybe you will find a girl with a short guy fetish or someone in femdom. Don't lose hope user

hope is delusion user, especially for me

Save up for limb-lengthening surgery

>I would hate it if any of my friends saw me with one.
>hey guys, why are short men so insecure?

I shouldn't have to undergo surgery to fit the standards of shallow whores

I'm 5'11 and still single at 29. It's a hard life for a manlet, even if he's fit.

Oh yeah, it's very shallow of them not to want to date an adult guy who has a posture of a child

1) Earn money, and don't be afraid to crush anyone who is in your way. Be corrupt and have no empathy.
2) Give money to whores for sex.

Do anything else and you will just be disappointed and suffer. The only shard of empathy you'll have left, use to help other short men advance in your line of business.

You're obviously vastly inexperienced. I literally was just talking about this with a girl I know yesterday and she mentioned one of the main thing all women want, whether progressive or conservative, is to feel safe and protected by the man the are with.

I only mentioned the political portion so that you understand that even the crazies who claim all that feminist bullshit still have primal desires despite what they say.

>judging someone based only on their physical characteristics
>not shallow
it's the dictionary definition, but lord forbid if you refuse to date a fat woman you become a misogynistic piece of shit because "Beauty is on the inside"