What do Women actually like to talk about

and why is it always reality-shit and jewish nonsense?

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What do men actually like to talk about? And why is it always the latest trash video games and Jow Forumsshit?

I'm a femanon so probably not the best representant of women in general, but I like to talk about
>conspiracy theories
>hand crafting
>make up and clothes
>philosophical issues
>religion issues
>just about how my day went
>how my interlocutor's day went
>about problems I have or my interlocutor has
>about food
>interior design
>travelling plans
>plans for future
>my work
>my academic interests
>my interlocutor's interests and work
>gossip about our mutual friends

lol maybe on the internet. in real life men have to join in with your mother goose jibber jabber.

If you are too into your online life, you will never be able to relate to anyone that isn't.

seems interesting but I can't imagine any of the last 5 books or moobies we've read/seen would be the same.
Also what's an interlocutor?

yeah thats fucked up. luckily im not a sheep. i can see as many problems with american weebs and channers as with "normies". i dont think you people are my friends.

a person you talk with
usually I don't mind hearing about books/fims/pop culture stuff my friends enjoy even if they aren't my cup of tea, and I try to branch out and get interested in stuff I wasn't into before so it's not a problem, I think most girls would share my approach on this desu

ok but why is the books women read always sjw shit? why cant women escape from the safe space? i want women to be more free. feminism is oppressing women.

Women are Magic

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>why cant women escape from the safe space?

You post on Jow Forums, its unofficial motto is NORMIES GET OUT REEEEE

Jow Forums and alt-lite culture is much more of a safe space and ironically SJW haven than actual SJWs.

Because they are basic bitches and read whats promoted by bookshops and bookshops promote sjw & trashy young adult fiction because they know basic bitches will like them
it's an endless circle of idiocy
find some women who read normal books, they still exist

That's problem for you. I'm the same as you, I've spent too much time online and it shows. I pronounce a lot of words wrong because I see words typed but don't hear them pronounced as much. At least I admit that and don't feel superior to other people. You are lacking in social skills obviously, other 'normies' have them, you haven't developed them so they are superior to you in that sense.

>What do Women actually like to talk about
Themselves and pic related.

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but youre posting here right now too. hmmm its almost like you disproved yourself.

>quoting a pedo

I was posting here for years before all the frog newfags shitted up the place

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the last little bit is right tho if nothing else, women do movie talk way more.

i have social skills. i am a flaming extrovert. i dont think i am better but i do think i am less neurotic.

that actually gives you less credibility in my eyes.

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because you've met shitty women