How do you recover from being exposed as a liar?

How do you recover from being exposed as a liar?

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By apologizing to those affected, asking how you can make things right, and promising to do better in the future.

stop lying

Stop lying. Honestly it doesnt get you anywhere.

what was the lie about

Come out as bisexual or bicurious and say that you've been hiding and lying to yourself your whole life but its now time to come clean and be who you really are.

You dont. Thats why you never let people find out.
I have found a way to make people trust you more but im not sure if it works when people already know youre a liar.
Basically it boils down to telling the truth when most people would tell a lie and get away with it. Owning up to something shitty that happened that wouldnt lead to you, gets huge trust points. Even more if you bring it up before its found out.

its your chose who you tell and why fuck what others think does not make you bad to be bi

Think about what you did. Why you did it. Why it was wrong. Don’t continue to try and justify it in your mind. Think about those you affected by lying, how you hurt them. Above all, never lie again.

I find that moving and hiding and cutting all the people out from my life did wonders for me.

t. compulsive liar.

I don't lie in the first place so I dunno

Lie to yourself. Create a separate personality where you find peace. Convince yourself there is no such thing as vice or virtue. Lying is as natural as masturbation

You take it like an honest man would. You can't escape the consequences of your actions, but you can bear them.

Depends what you lied about. For example you can respond with:

"It was obvious that I was using exaggeration / hyperbole to emphasize/stress the point".

If you're dealing with me, never. I tell liars to leave me alone and try being honest with the new people they're going to meet. But shitty people rarely change, so it's best to just drop them.

Watch body language videos on liers and try avoid doing the signs when lying it Will be hard at first but you will get used to it

Double and triple down on your lie OP

Stop lying.
Admit to lies that were not uncovered.
Don't expect people to trust you for a while.

You can come in second place to almost becoming the president of the United States... that an achievement.

Time and a apparent change of personality. Sorry bud, that shits tied to everyone thoughts when they think of you, so your best bet is to change who you are.

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Just keep lying

Stop lying. Be truthful, and you'll gradually rebuild trust. The time this takes is based on how much you lied before and how disciplined you are about being truthful.

Double down. You may end up President.

we still think you're a shithead who's honest when it's convenient