How do I cope with being an ugly 5'0" manlet, dicklet, brainlet, social retard...

how do I cope with being an ugly 5'0" manlet, dicklet, brainlet, social retard? everything is pretty much stacked against me it seems

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fuck you guys!
All these other posts about people with their trivial issues getting all replies when someone like me with real problems gets ignored

Real problems are harder to solve. I got nothing helpful for you, sorry. I'm 5'5 and it's an unsolvable problem for me that I just have to live with. Work on what you can, don't despair over things you can't change. Pic related are married.

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If everything is stacked against you, you've still got a shot.

obvs I can’t judge your whole character from one post, but that attitude isn’t helping. I believe anyone can benefit from a more positive, balanced outlook.

what are some things you do like, user?

focus on other peoples flaws OP. everyone is a piece of shit at the end of the day.

Why would you play by the rules when the game is stacked against you?

nobody sane plays entirely by the rules

Step 1. Stop being such a faggy, over-analyzing, self-loathing little bitch.
Step 2. Get confident. Find something you're good at it and build your confidence in that. Stop being so fucking afraid to fail at shit and start believing in yourself.
Step 3. Now you won't be a "manlet", "dicklet" or whatever other words you want to make up to self-describe yourself.

Seriously, fuck man. Grow some fucking balls and stand up for yourself. You're the one making yourself believe you're such a little bitch. If you'd just instill confidence in yourself and stop being such a whinny faggot, the people around you would literally instantly notice. That's the real secret behind "chad" is his self-confidence.

A bit late but I hope your still around.
I like to worldbuilding, playing on my piano, programming, I like researching things way over my head (chemistry right now), cults and religion in general, SOME anime (I'm on a huge Eva kick right now), sometimes writing.

there is nothing I'm good at. nothing.

>there is nothing I'm good at. nothing.

Bullshit. You're incredible at acting like a crybaby.

It's time to start practicing something you want to be better at. Goddamn man, stop whining like a hurt puppy holy shit. No one is good at anything without effort.

When I first got on the tennis team in college I was disappointed. I got placed on the second string team. I couldn't believe it. I was so great at my high school, top varsity. I thought for sure when I got to college I could grab a hot scholarship and win the college a bunch of matches. Instead, I got shit on. It was pretty disheartening.

Obviously at this point, I just whined to the coach complaining that I was no good at anything and my life was terrible. Not.

Without a doubt I worked my ass off and practiced. I improved and eventually I made it to the top team. I was never as good as I'd hoped I would be, but I didn't even finish college because I found a job and decided to dedicate my time to that instead.

The point is this: You're not going to be great at anything instantly. This world is so obsessed with instant gratification, but THAT IS BULLSHIT. You've gotta practice, you've gotta work. Life is going to beat you back down. You're going to fail. I'll say that again. You're. Going. To. Fail. The key is to GET UP AGAIN. Get back to it. Don't give up and keep trying. It really is that simple. It isn't easy, but it is simple.

Now shut the fuck up with this pity party shit. No one gives a fuck. Get to work and improve your life. No one else is ever going to do it for you, that's on you, maggot.

Oh rook, true to form the manlet screeewms with fury and anger over his shortcomings.

Manlets when will they lern?

Listen up short dick, your only option is to find some girl in a wheel chair so that you’re always taller than her.

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>I like to...

Have you tried writing a novel? A short story?
Have you tried running a D&D Campaign at a local game store? That's a great way to meet friends and have some really fulfilling time off work.

Have you tried writing music or is the piano just a free-time activity?

If you enjoy researching things, have you tried getting a career in something you've researched before? You mentioned chemistry, maybe you'd enjoy the position of a lab assistant?

Have you tried getting a job in the IT field? A good programmer can make killer money and money brings women around, even if you're short.

Lots of options here you can branch off of to build a fulfilling life, just gotta choose some and put in the time.

>a short story

>a pointless post

>there is nothing I'm good at. nothing.
Well there you go. Even if you were 6' you would be a failure in life.

become a tranny. At least you shame people that bully your for discriminating or something like that.

Wow is throwing a childish temper tantrum like this all it takes to get some attention around here?

Isn’t that kind of shameful?

Honestly? Spirituality. Find something that has some sort of meaning to you and doesn't require you to be smart, strong, charming or attractive.

I don't know, try to become enlightened, or to get in heaven or whatever. There's definitely a lot of forms of spirituality out there and even if you think all of that is bullshit you most likely can find something that will interest you with some research. Look in philosophy too.

That's the best I got.

try to not be autistic. Literally. Every manlet I've ever met had some kind of inferiority complexes, late puberty, passive-aggressive behavior, etc.. Learn how to act in public by watching movies and studying their behavior. Become a bit more self-appreciating by ignoring your height. Most of the time, behavorial and dispositional attributes are to blame, aesthetic attributes are in that manner rather irrelevant (unless you aren't working out).
Same behavior can be observed when looking at dogs: small dogs are usually loud, annoying and aggressive, due to their physical inferiority, whereas large dogs are rather calm and loving.

>Every manlet I've ever met had some kind of inferiority complexes
Well that's the definition of a manlet. It's a state of mind. Short guys who don't give a fuck aren't manlets.

stop watching animu

>Every manlet I've ever met had some kind of inferiority complexes
People are shaped by their environment. If you're perpetually treated like shit, you start thinking that you are shit.

op here.
how do I change my self perception? I feel like I'm deluding myself whenever I feel confident (which happens but is succeeded by a deep down turn)
what does it take to make me believe in myself?

I'm going to suggest a few things. 1. Start focusing on what you can change, not what you can't. 2. Maybe move to France or something. 3. Get an interesting career, film director or something.

Half of those are fixable, you need to learn how to act in a social situation and find something to master

but the things I can't change are pretty damning?

>brainlet and social retard
No problem.
>manlet and dicklet,
Not going to make it.

what can you do with programming? i feel the same way, but i'm useless at programming despite really liking it, i feel like an idiot when i watch lectures and i feel like im so far behind. i give up so easily too but when i try i always run into roadblocks. im gonna try and solve my own problems, but please at least be confident in yourself that you have things you are interested in - i also wanna learn a musical instrument too but i cant wrap my head around chords and music theory for shit


Did you reverse those on purpose?

Based and redpilled comment.
Manlet, just as brainlet, are terms used to describe people who choose not to help themselves.
You can be a chad as fuck short guy, who everyone loves and celebrates, including girls. But not if you fag on about how your height makes everything so hard.