Do any guys out there actually like their girlfriends and think they're special?

Do any guys out there actually like their girlfriends and think they're special?
Several of the girls i've been with have confronted me with "Do you actually like me?" and every time I search my mind the answer has been "No, sorry, I was lying for sex"
Obviously I couldn't keep these relationships together but i'm not really bothered by that, they were just chicks

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Loveless prick.

Yea of course, I love her to bits. Though it's not as if I believe there's "only one" girl out there for me that I'm compatible with or anything.

Then why do you enter a relationship without even liking the girl?

I have loved all my girlfriends.

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Nobody is special. Everytime I think a girl is special she ends up proving she's not

If I ever got divorced and then got suckered into another relationship I wouldn't think she's special. I'd just pick up a girl because my dumbass needs a companion. I wouldn't blame her if she felt the same way either.

Whenever women shit test me like that I say “What do you think?” or sarcastically profess my undying PASSION OF THE AGES for the “angel” she is to me.

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Most people aren't sociopaths but some try to act heartless to be edgy and trendy. Pathetic.

You need to work on your feel good chemicals my dude. Specifically, dont abuse anything that floods your brain with dopamine. Oxytocin is what you need to aim for so find out ways to naturally increase that. Lowering cortisol is also helpful.

I love my girlfriend. There are differences between us, like differing sex drives and completely incompatible music tastes, but we both make each other incredibly happy and do our best to support each others' passions.

It helps to realize that you'll most likely never find a mate who is 100% perfect. But it's possible to find someone who is their own individual, lets you be your own individual, and still supports you despite your differences

But like most people are pretty insufferable so it also gets hard to find someone who's worth all that

Special? No thats retarded.
Better than most? Yes several times.
I only date people I actually like and would rather be alone than with someone below my standards.


Yep. Be pickier.


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>women are incapable of love
>user says he never loves his gf
>anyone who calls him out is a roastie
Never change Jow Forums, never change

You’re a mad cuck or upset women who got reminded that she’s worth nothing besides a flesh opening

No I just think the contradiction is funny.

You can be heartless without being a sociopath

No guy loves the woman he’s with. We only want sex.

I love you OP, hell if were friends I'd let you fuck my sister if I had one.

This is like 9 or 10 levels deep into ironic shitposting that I can't tell if this is a guy pretending to be a feminist pretending to be a chad who is actually an incel or maybe someone in there is trans or what

You’re a virgin

I loved her even before we kissed and she dumped my ass after being together

Yeah, love my girlfriend, always have. I didn't date her steady when we first met because I was a horny teenager looking to get it wet. I got it wet and discovered that really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. In fairness, she ended up making a few dumb decisions too. We came together once again and have been that way for seven years going on eight, having known each other for just about ten.

I love my girlfriend to bits, she's such a lovely, bitter piece of artwork. I'd happily fuck you up for getting anywhere near her ass, fuckin' poly cucks.