I really hate that women aren't attracted to me...

I really hate that women aren't attracted to me. I'm 34 and I hate my parents for making me come into a world where women treat me like shit. What do?

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Not everyone is made to procreate

Follow in his footsteps

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I hate my parents

How do they threat you like shit? You mean like ignoring you or actually insulting you for your looks?

ignoring, strictly business, or bothered/grossed out, depends on the situation

It sounds like you are deriving self-worth from women's opinion of you. What I say is, FUCK 'EM. You're gonna play your own game with your own rules and you are going straight to the top, baby! You're the best and they are all too stupid to see it!

Go to a disaster area in thirdie world with your riches and start up a harem, bro

Perhaps you give off shitty body language, perhaps you simply give off an unfriendly vibe. Perhaps you suck at communicating with girls. Attraction comes down to more than just the looks that you inherited from your parents OP.

>more than just the looks
yeah, but looks is a huge percentage, and the remainder is also mostly genetic and beyond my control

Have you ever had girls before?

Be honest with them.

Women are sources of magic and are attracted to that magical quality that this modern world obsessed with money, science and technology has left to die

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sex yes, gf no

Kill yourself. It’s worth it.

>sex yes
So apparently there have been girls in the past who were willing to fuck you. Then how can you still convince yourself that women treat you like shit altogether? If you're not a kissless virgin then that means at some point women were attracted to you to some degree.

Yeah but they're few and far between, and average looking.

Doesn't really matter. There are guys your age who have never even gone on a date with a girl. Those are what i would call the truecel virgins who are really just completely fucked both in terms of their looks and their personality.

But you have some sexual experience. No matter how fucked you are, you are not 100% completely fucked.

It's just that truecel men-- as they were-- never go for truecel women. They're 2s that drum against 6 or 7s.

There would be no problems if they'd stop thinking they're worth Barbie when they're not Ken, they're a fucking bootleg GI Joe.

Doesn't matter for what? Matters for me to be hating my parents and my life.

Hey, I'm a girl here. I'm a strictly business type of person. I feel that my interactions are not the average of women, but maybe I can add some insight or hope. When I interact with another human, male or female, I have a large wall up in front of me. With strangers, you never know who they are. Are they dangerous? Are they friendly? Are they having a shitty day? Are they cool? I don't have time to find that all out from a short interaction, I'm usually in a hurry. So I'm sure I come off as an asshole. The only time I break down that wall is when humor appears at any time during the interaction. If I'm buying a soda from the corner store, I'm deadpan to the clerk, unless he/she says something to shake my senses. If someone brings in light to the conversation I get the perception that this person is trustworthy enough for me to show more of my personality. So I laugh, and I engage. Sometimes I'll have a conversation. And all it takes is a friendly jest of some kind. A friendly observation. Something funny. Chicks like funny shit. I mean, all humans do. At my job I have to win strangers over all the time. I work in their homes, and it can be uncomfortable to have a stranger in your home. So the key to me warming people up is joking around in a friendly way. Lighten the mood. Anyone can be funny. Just find your humor style.

You can't ask him to ignore hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and give up on companionship. He'll probably be alone all his life, he doesn't need a "blackpill" on top of that.

nice blog post

This summer I approached 20 or so women. Got rejected by all, treated like shit by most.

Thanks. I'm very lonely.

Holy shit sorry, I didn't mean to reply to my own thread/blog post. I'm also brain dead. Appologies.

fuck prostitutes