I'm a useless autistic trans neet with no family, friends, or reason to live. Why shouldn't I kms?

I'm a useless autistic trans neet with no family, friends, or reason to live. Why shouldn't I kms?

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Just fucking do it then. Why do you need strangers to beg you not to?

meh I don't really need people to beg me just making sure im not missing anything

If you keep working at it, you'll have some good days in the future.

If you kill yourself, you will have zero good days. It's the good days that count.

Also, I'm guessing you're in your 20s. 20s suck. Every year of my thirties has been better than every single year of my twenties, except for 29, when I met my wife.

Fucking yikes. Yeah, just go ahead, man

It's a bit like, you're not hungry, but you've got a hamburger. You could throw it away right now, because you're not hungry, but you could probably eat it at some point. Or you could look at it.

No matter what way you approach it, being alive is like slightly better than killing yourself. I mean, if I kill myself, some people are going to be sad. But, if I stay alive, I can be nice to the few people that like me and make the world almost insignificantly better.

Besides, I've had a lot of experiences with depression and shiz so hopefully I could help people. People oft forget how much you can help having had these problems, simply listening is phenomenal. You do have a lot of agency really.

>I'm guessing you're in your 20s
>If you keep working at it
Ive never really been able to do this, I cant even do basic stuff like cleaning because most days I get so depressed that I cant even move, and that's with treatment.
Factor in social anxiety and a "good day" for me is being able to leave my house for an appointment or buying food and trying not to cry.
I guess I can keep looking at the hamburger, that makes sense. I sometimes watch food reviews and stuff when I don't feel like getting/making food so it would kinda be like that but with life I guess?

No reason to not kill yourself. If you aren't just looking for attention and do plan to follow through with ending your useless existence you should live-stream it and wear something silly/ugly right before you kill yourself. If you do, you can become a flash in the pan meme like that one Jow Forums loser. Pills and exit bags don't work and might leave you even more mentally retarded, go for the gun or a noose.

turn your brain off, go for a walk, listen to music, spend max. 1 hour a day on the web, clean a small part of your house, cook something delicious - repeat for several days, then turn your brain on again and reflect how your life changed and how beautiful it is (this though might seem forced at first)

next step - turn your brain off again - go out to a city, find out about social activities (meetups, clubs, festivals), go there and check it out - you might stumble across an activity that you actually like - turn brain on and enjoy what you've done

after a while (this might take months) you will meet people, connect with them, do the activities with them, maybe find love

from there you should be able to decide how you want to shape your life

No friends at all? Not even online friends?

>Ive never really been able to do this, I cant even do basic stuff like cleaning because most days I get so depressed that I cant even move, and that's with treatment.
>Factor in social anxiety and a "good day" for me is being able to leave my house for an appointment or buying food and trying not to cry.

Yeah, that's about where I was at 23. At 33, I'm married, financially stable, not depressed (finally found a balance of meds that works,) and generally pretty damn happy.

When I was 23, I thought it was pretty unlikely that I could ever be happy. But even a 1% chance of having a meaningful life is better than a 0% chance of ever having anything. So, on good days, I did chores and tried to improve myself, and on bad days, I tried to shower and eat. It worked out in the long run.

I don't usually use tripcodes outside of /lgbt/, but this is important.
Take shrooms.
>That's your ego talking.
If you take shrooms you'll figure out what's wrong. You're ego is the one who does bad things, not you. You'll figure it out. I'm trans female too. I'd start out with lighter psychedelics like weed. Then shrooms, but don't try lsd, it will undo the steps you've done for self improvement. Just get your body used to shrooms and ween yourself off. Do research. You're not a bad person user.

Ik it hurts, but you have to trust me when I say things will get better. Life is a roller coaster. The highs don't mean anything without the lows, and once you hit the bottom you can only go up.

LSD is great, made me a 10x more honest and confident person.

>LSD undoes the feeling of wellbeing in trans people

Makes sense I believe it.

>trans neet

Fix this and you will be alright

I am in the same boat as the op except I am in my late 20s. I go outside and try at least. I cant find a job to save my life. I dont pass and I have been on hormones for 8 years. No one will date me because I am ugly and a neet. Today I applied for over 20 jobs and the same the day before that I mostly use my neet bucks to get it certifcations but they do nothing without work experince. It has been three years since I had any sort of job.

I get that I am shy and autistic but I didnt realize it would be this hard to find a job. I got rejected from fast food joints or retail because I was over qualified despite have no work experince or because I wasn't personable enough. The over qualified thing is more from my certifcations and I have since took then off my resume. Still foesnt help being an autisitic non passing tranny.


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No. I never took lsd. It's made in a lab and I don't trust it. That's all.

Do you view being trans as a negative? Have you considered reneging on that? I have a friend, closest friend I have, and he went through with the surgery to be a girl and ended up identifying as a guy. He's got sperm stored, so he can knock up his fiance, but he's not sucking copious amounts of dick and he isn't associating with people who view him as a fetish doll to ask for pictures and stuff. Maybe you should consider identifying as your birth gender and working through shit that way.
As for your other stuff, how are you useless? You can fix being a neet and having no friends. Talk to me user.

there are reasons to not kys outside of family/friends. your reason could be your calling. you just haven't found it yet. imagine being a deckard caine to an entire future generation. like you just lived life, got old, somehow accidentally yourself into some wisdom, just by virtue of surviving, and you are able to pass that on?

fighting biology is a guaranteed denial in dopamine receptors. your best bet is finding out why you wanted to do that to begin with, and coming to peace with that, and moving on.

That's why more ethical doctors typically put you through a month of hrt to make sure it's what you want. If the replacement hormones make you feel better then the original, and you don't feel anything missing, then you probably don't need the surgery. You can stick with the fema penis. Idk. Some guys are into that.

I don't know, the whole thing with my friend was shady. A bunch of people he knew pushed and pushed him to do it, and he kinda went down a spiral of degeneracy, though I hate that word. Dozens of partners in like, 6 months, and he didn't really realize what he was doing until I talked to him about it. He never considered it bad that he was just going out to suck loads of dick and get pumped and then get dumped without a ride back home or something. Really, it's a wonder nothing awful happened.

>no need to fight biology.
Implying that being trans isn't biologically validated. I take hrt, and I'm 10-100x happier and more productive on estrogen then testosterone. I thought people would reject me, but my close friends walk right up to me and say hi. My friends let me watch there kids while they were out and their kids asked if I could come over again. Apparently I'm a good baby sitter. It's kind of surreal, yk? At times I never thought I would ever be this happy.

Shit's gonna hit a wall at some point bro
You're still a man, genetically, in your bones, in your head
Girl hormones and fake tits don't make you a girl, it just makes it a LARP
Get out while you still can, I don't mean this with any antagonism

Its not negative or positive its what I am but I get treated negatively for it, more of a cherry on top than a root cause

No reason to believe I can fix that other stuff friends are fake and life is gay

>Shits gonna hit the wall at some point.
I've been taking hrt for 2 years and my boobs have gotten as big as they can get. I'm still very happy with my decision. And only Jow Forumsshills larp. I know you're unhappy with the direction of your life, so I don't know if I blame you for projecting your problems onto me. Do something that makes you happy, user. Bullying autistic trans women isn't very productive for society, yk.
It's okay, OP. Don't be sad. I know maybe you want to cry because of what people are saying on here. I bet you wish you had a mom who tried to understand what you're going through, huh? I've been there, but like I said, the highs mean nothing without the lows. Life is a roller coaster, yk? You're a good person op.


lol. you're a man in drags.

>It's made in a lab and I don't trust it.
>pops half a dozen testosterone blockers

>Really, it's a wonder nothing awful happened.
the dude got his dick cut off, how is that not awful?

I'm in the same boat. I don't know what to tell you. Chat me up if you want or don't.
My soul mate told me he couldn't be with me do to the shame. It's easy when your normal things just work out like magic. If everyone's working against you the fight isn't worth it.

I can't remember the last good day I have. Anything close to it feels like it's been poisoned. It doesn't even anger or hurt me. It repulses me. Eventually the bad days outnumber the good by such a great deal you just want the pain to be over.

A proper suicide though op comes in steps. If yoy expect to just suddenly lose it and pull the trigger one day you're just setting yourself up to get super worked up... And balk when it enters your mouth. It's all about steps. And a plan. One step at a time


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Thank you.
>bet you wish you had a mom who tried to understand what you're going through
this so much
Ill message you at some point

OH how lovely.

I'm an autistic non passing tranny too. Just do sex work. I bet you already do a bit a camming.

>Just stop being trans.

>Don't end your life, do this like ruining self-destructive thing instead.
Jeez, you need as much or even more help the OP.

No. Don't do that. Prostitution is illegal, which means if you report someone for assault you can end up in jail. That's one of the better bad scenerios. I never did sex work. I'm a little more conservative about my body image. But prostitution sounds really scary.

Yo. Heres my discord. Some dingpe weed used my tripname for there profile. This one is me.

Fuck. Forgot the image.

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>turn your brain off
you should try to stop breathing for a day


you had the gender bending surgery? pills?
you should have realized that it won't magically fix your depression and other issues

serious this, thank god trans are irrelevant since they will not be passing on their genetic material
>this thread is a waste of time

Thanks for this

>Implying that hrt only comes from factories and labs.
I grow hrt naturally. I use green tea and red clover tea. Your body calibrates to the estrogen needed for your bodyweight naturally.

Just fucking do it

OP. Daria is a fucking larper. "She" is a nazi. I've printscreened the conversation i had with "her". You're welcome.

Kys daria. You larping Jow Forumsshit.