Does anyone feel like Soyboy is the new nerd?

I keep getting the sense that from a 1970's perspective smartphones have turned us all into nerds. Because of this basedboy and numale have become replacement terms. For whatever reason it's now socially acceptable to stare at a screen 14 hours a day, but if you're not some hyper masculine mogoloid you're fucked. How do I overcome these thoughts? The world around me feels like an 8 year old's Tonka truck nightmare.

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Fucking filters

s o i b o i s are extroverted and very active on social media though. If by "new nerd" you mean socially unaccepted group then that's incels. It's not because they cause any harm to society but because clickbait driven media outlets need a new pinata for the readers and viewers to hit around every few years.

New nerd?

You faggots must be zoomers, most things they do literally is what the old nerds did. What's changed is that nerd shit has been stolen by the mainstream or merged into the mainstream or the nerds themselves have merged into the mainstream. Take your pick. All those that didn't merge into the mainstream are the super-bitter people who may or may not have been fucked by the merger.

Enforcing hypermasculinity on men is nothing new. A hundred years ago we would've been considered inveterate cowards if we didn't want to all pile up in a trench and breathe chlorine gas. What is new is a subculture of men publically rejecting hypermasculinity and embracing neoliberal feminism. I'm no sociologist, but it sure seems to be the product of economically and culturally insulated environments like the suburbs, where community life is largely replaced by conspicuous consumption and social media.

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That's bad right?

I guess it depends on your perspective. It's a fairly centrist and mainstream position, and overly focused on issues of corporate and media representation, so political radicals on both sides rightly deride it for being toothless and upholding the status quo.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. We're all so integrated into our niche corners of the internet we come up with these weird terms 5% of people understand.

Bingo. My boomer mom would tell me childhood stories like a picture a rock at her so she bashed his head in a brick wall. When I was 8, I'd invite my derpy little GameCube friends. You could imagine the look in her eyes. Have

I can't wait until we're all just non binary slugs in yoga pants with man buns and hipster glasses.

>community life
Overrated desu. I enjoy my privacy and I don't like my countrymen. Living in the past would have been worse because I'd be seen as some creepy recluse by my neighbors but today I can live in a place where everyone's comfortable not knowing their neighbor's name.

*kid threw a rock at her

That doesn't bother you though? Come to think of it, I don't know either of my neighbors names lol. Everywhere I go I see people looking down at their phones, it makes me nervous as hell. Like we've reached the peak of human social interaction and we're just going to descend into an automated smart world.

It's been like that since the industrialization in the late 1800s. Nobody works for themselves and directly supports their family. Everyone now has to kiss ass to someone higher than them. They all worried about the loss of masculinity then too.

I still have my friends who I'd take a taser to the genitals for. The vast majority of people on this planet only care about their friends and family anyway, strangers are scenery.

>We're all so integrated into our niche corners of the internet we come up with these weird terms 5% of people understand.
5%? Jow Forums isn't remotely niche.
Zoomer is a reaction to the damn newfags turfing out the oldfags.

Nah. "Basedboy" is the new "faggot".

>Zoomer is a reaction to the damn newfags turfing out the oldfags.
It really is, but where else do I go? People on Reddit are brain dead and over opinionated, but people on 8ch give me a neckbeard impression.

>but where else do I go?
To do what?

I need a new Jow Forums. Nothing else makes me laugh as much, and yet its peaked to me as I'm no longer 18 now 24 and approaching zoomerville.

>mfw I've held my breath for 5 minutes

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nerds actually have a future, where as basedboys were the "its hip to be a geek," from 2010.

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So may soi bois around. Where have all the good men gone? I may be friends with a modern/soi boi but I sure as hell will be also sexually offput by them, they emanate no manliness, dominance, nothing. They'll bow down to me and do my every whim, will let me stomp on them while awkwardly laughing about it that it's no big deal and will orbit me even when I've rejected them flat out. Just because I'm a woman. It's nice to a point.

just fuck chad. That's probably what you do anyway.