I have some posture issues and I went to a chiropractor today...

I have some posture issues and I went to a chiropractor today, and it turned out I have a couple of abnormalities in my vertebrae including
>extra vertebra
>some abnormality on the bottom neck vertebra
>makes my head jut forward a lot more than average
He said I should come in 3 times a week for the first 4 weeks.

I was also told by someone that doctors do not like chiropractors though.

Should I go to a doctor, or should I go to the chiropractor?

I have 80% coverage for chiropractor, and probably full coverage for the doctor.

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Chiro is not gonna help your posture. You have to constantly be aware of it. Back down chest up

Im studying chiro. Doctors are cunts to us, we had to sue them in america once for defamation of the entire profession. An extra vertebrae is an interesting one, im not sure how that will work neurologically but a wedge shaped c8 (yes C8 because he has one extra) would cause a forward head carriage. If you're under 18 it can probably be fixed fairly easily.

So I just shouldn't go to a doctor or chiro? He said I could have serious problems in 10 years if I don't properly address this. Probably should have added that in the OP

It's the one at the bottom of my vertebrae. He said that it's in a good position there.

The x-ray I took today also showed I have a curved spine to the side a bit

Nah, its just chiro has a wierd history so doctors dont like us. You could go to a physio if you're having doubts but im not sure a doctor can do much to help you. A chiro can at least give you exercises to correct your posture and medical listings for what your exact condition is.

The chiro will probably do a few adjustments to get a bit more curve through that vertebral joint, and give you exercises to correct/adapt to it. A small degree of scoliosis is fine, you're probably too old for a brace but if its only small then no worries.

Chiro can make you better. But not fix an extra vertebra.

You can probably do both. Doctor for long term solution, chiro for pain release

Well life's gonna suck when I get older and I'm just gonna pay a majority of my "enjoyment" money on nothing. Should I just plain old cancel chiropractor and just schedule doctor then?

You should definitely see a manual therapist of some form. If you dont want to see the chiro at least see a physio, the doctor will probably refer you to one anyway. Forward head posture can lead to tension headaches among other more serious things so getting it treated sooner is objectively better.

Chiro is quackery. Do some research on it. Pseudoscience.

Chiropractor for relief and guidance. They may say 'correction' but is right that you have to 're-learn' posture to actually correct this.

When shopping for a good chiro (not one of the crazy fucks who thinks they can cure/prevent cancer), they should have a secondary study IMO. Like sports medicine, rehabilitation, kinesiology, something to enhance their overall picture of how the body works (less so dietary just because i tend to run into money grubbing types always looking to upsell in the dietary fields.)

The problem he mentioned to me is that my bottom neck vertebra is getting chiselled like a brick, and in 10 years it will be worn to the point where it can't support well anymore

I'm getting a bit scared about this. I've got my next appointment tomorrow

Thanks for explaining that, the links to some evidence are reall apreciated.

What so you have an extra vertebral body with no intervertebral disk or something? I dont know anything about that but you should definitely see someone if thats the case.

But who? I’ve just got 3 appointments a week at the chiropractor for 4 weeks as an option at the moment. I will ask him what he thinks about my situation and the best care is, but I have a feeling he will want my business

It’s basically an extra one that looks almost attached to the bone the bottom of the whole vertibrae connects to. But he said it’s in a good position

Feeling like shit. What hopes and excitements I had for the future now have the added image of constant neck pain and headaches being a regular part of my life with nothing to help but lots of money and time for regular physical therapy of some kind, and painkillers. Switching jobs will be different as I will be so reliant on my benefits. I didn't realise I was going to be so trapped

Don't go to a chiro. That's some charatan ass bullshit. Adjustments are just cracking and stretching your back. If you want to fix your posture you need to exercise more starting with stretching and walking.

Go to a real doctor or a physical therapist.

If you go to a chiro, done forget to go to a fortune teller too. Dumbass.

Physical therapy is for recovering from injury

Go to a doctor at least to get a second opinion. It's a chiropractor's business and living to say something is wrong with your spine. He'll tell you you have 99 issues and then some that need immediate treatment for the next 8 years, if that means business for him.

I think I should go to a doctor first too, but my family wants me to just go and ask the chiropractor what I should do. I’ll do it but I’ll also book an appointment with my doctor

>extra vertebra
Did you get an X-ray for your cervical spine?

>The x-ray I took today also showed I have a curved spine to the side a bit
Post it.

chiropractors are scam artists
of course he told you you're broken and that you need to pay him money 3 times a week for 4 weeks to fix yourself. I'm sure he tells everyone that.

the real fix is to go to a real doctor if you're in pain. Also some stretching and not being a fat ass helps too.

chiropractors are bullshit scam artists

honest question but have you tried yoga? you're probably inflexible and have weak muscles. this leads to bad posture. I would say see a real doctor first and ask about pain and if they think theres an issue you'll know. you might just have scoliosis.

I do not feel pain from this, but my neck is always tense. Occasionally I will feel pain, though.

That's the neck right? Yeah I did. That's where my second abnormality is. It's on the lowermost vertebra on that one.

I don't have it with me, but I'll see if I can get a photo when I come back. If this thread is closed I might open a new one.

My old chiropractor recommended yoga. I am inflexible and have weak muscles. I may try this but I'm going to try the doctor first. Do I have to go to a class or something?

>The problem he mentioned to me is that my bottom neck vertebra is getting chiselled like a brick
yeah, that's not how the body or bones work. there's this shit called spondylosis that prevents that. go to a real doctor ffs

>go to a real doctor ffs
I'll be going to the chiropractor today to get some more info on it, and hopefully a takeaway of the x-rays. I'll be bringing this to a doctor.

What I know is from 1 session a little over 30 minutes long.

What may the doctor suggest? Why should I go to a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are not real doctors retard.

It's Chinese medicine. You shouldn't believe a word he says.

When I was young I had something wrong with my neck, and it would hurt to position my head upright. I had to keep it tilted to my shoulder. We went to the chiropractor, when this happened, and after the adjustments that day, I could keep it upright like normal.

Saying it doesn't do anything at all is an over exhilaration, but I understand that chiropractors are not fit for my situation. It is however, how I learned about my situation. I need to get more info from the person that told me about it so I can tell it to tell my doctor.

I guess chiropractors would be for minor spinal issues and pain relief

I'll be going to the chiropractor in an hour and will report back with results assuming the thread is still up

>tfw DO (med school + chiropractor)
*crack* *sip*

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So the way it was explained to me is that the doctor can do nothing about it. He said it's like a dentist saying you need a route canal and going to a medical doctor about it.

It seems that I have scoliosis, but I am healthy. He says he can readjust my back, give me something for my foot so that my hip isn't slanted. He says I was born like this, and that the DISC by my neck would be 'worn' (can't remember the word he used) and give me arthritis in my neck in 10 years if I didn't do anything about it.