Boyfriend (gay, not femanon) won’t have sex with me, what should I do?

Boyfriend (gay, not femanon) won’t have sex with me, what should I do?

We have a good relationship, we are close and spend majority of our time together. His libido is just through the floor. And mine is crazy high. It’s to the point we have sex or do anything sexual maybe once a month. Our relationship is perfectly fine and healthy aside from this one aspect.

I’ve already tried “just talking to him” plenty of times. This isn’t something that can be changed seems like. So what should I do? I feel terrible and guilty thinking about cheating but I have sexual needs...

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Who's the top and who is the bottom

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Then it's because he's put off or something

Make yourself squeaky clean and tell him to eat your ass.

No it’s nothing like that I’ve thought about all of that. I’ve been to the point of breaking down crying thinking it had something to do with me, but he’s told me over and over again that it’s just that he’s not very sexually active. He doesn’t even masturbate really. Like I said his libido is just terrible in comparison to mine being really high

Well despite you being a faggot, you're a human and have needs too.

Same thing applies even in hetero couples, you need to tell him if he doesn't give you what you want then you will find it somewhere else.

This same advice would be given to a guy with a lazy gf.

Get him off onions, so he's not a onions boy, remove onions, gluten, and sugar from his diet and have steak 4 nights a week.. Watch him become a horn dog...

Is he depressed/on some kind of medication?

But I don’t want to fuck up my relationship with him. Like I said our relationship is fine and healthy with the only exception of our sex. I don’t want to ruin everything specifically over that. Is it bad to consider cheating behind his back? Even if it was just chatting up other guys online, it would satisfy me and I wouldn’t have to hurt both of us

No, I’ve asked him that too. I mean he’s had it rough but he’s only told me he likes life, and doesn’t feel depressed at all. And he takes no medication for anything

how long have you beeen dating?

That is fucking up your relationship, user. Don't cheat. You have to sit him down and have a serious talk. Compatible sex drives are an important part of a healthy relationship and you don't have that.

Your relationship is fucked up if you're considering being dishonest and cheating while he isn't attentive to your needs. Fix your shit and talk to him. When people ask for advice the problem most of the time is communication.

he probably has no interest in getting you off and just wants to use you for his pleasure whenever he gets in the mood.

At least chat with HIM about alternatives, not fucking Jow Forums. If nothing else you'll want to know if he'd allow it, and knowing he wouldn't at least lets you move on from that option.
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hes an asexual cuteboy just like me :3c

probably a gray ace from the sounds of it (just like me)

Yea but op said his man has no libido. Learn to read before posting

you misunderstood OP's problem. Its that he isnt getting his nut off enough to suit his tastes. If his boyfriend cared he could at least suck him off every day but he doesnt so seems to me like OP's sexual needs arent important to his boyfriend.

I have some tips:

1) talk to him about it. Try to figure out why his sex drive is so low, and if something about you, change it.

2) consider a sex therapist. You would be amazed at how effective certain medication is when it comes to sexual drive. A low sexual drive might indicate low testosterone, which might be dangerous in the long run. Also, maybe his past is something to consider, maybe he was abused on hurt in some sexual way.

3) change his diet. Have him eat more red meat, that's a sure way for him to increase his testosterone.

4) while the treatments are doing their magic, act sluttier around him. Dress skimpier, be more sexually assertive, hell, masturbate in front of him.

5) also, take care of your needs in the mean time. Don't cheat, maybe buy a dildo, and if you need more, maybe chat with someone that respects your needs and your relationship (I volunteer btw, post discord or something if you want to sext). I personally don't consider that cheating, but to each it's own.

Difference in sex drive is something fixable, so DON'T CHEAT.

secretly feed him horny goat weed

Have you tried bringing up the idea of an open relationship? I mean, he must know that your lack of a sex life together isn't very satisfying to you. It's a better option than doing it in secret

Unironically this
Possible bonus: mentioning your sexual dissatisfaction in such a light may bring to light the severity of it to you, which might stir the boy's loins

OP here, sorry I went to sleep last night and have been busy until now. There are too many replies to specifically reply to all of them. But basically this is what I’ve come to.

We've been together two years now. I realize it was stupid even considering cheating behind his back. I think when the time is appropriate I will end up talking to him about alternatives instead of thinking about doing dumb stuff behind his back. No idea what I think those alternatives are yet but, thank you all for the advice

Good call. Yeah you're not wrong to feel that way, I can't blame you for being sexually frustrated. But as soon as you cheat, the relationship is fucked. Even if he never finds out, it just isn't the same if you're keeping a secret like that. If you can't be honest and open there's really no point in staying together. Hope you guys can work it out

Thank you!

This, minus the sexting.