Men, what are your biggest turn offs in a woman?

Men, what are your biggest turn offs in a woman?

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> big tits
> body fat and unfitness
> vanity
> lack of fidelity
> stupidity

toe fungus and skid marks

>Fat positive
>social media obsession

Coldness/disagreeableness (big 5)
Radical feminist/marxist politics

Idgaf but

>cant speak on an adult level in someway. Philosophically, spiritually, aims and goals

Fat body or ugly face
Lets knock this one out of window
Fat people are not attractive, it insantly shows you have no discipline or control in your life. And no you dont need to be sixpack lean.

And now onto things that make me go ewww even if you are sexy conventionally:
Foul language in excessive way
If i know you are slutty
Trashy stuff like excessive bad tattooes, tunnel earrings, retarded hair colors and styles (shaved side of head, really?)
Bad hygiene, excessive drinking, smokes, same reason as fat

You might wonder
How do i know if im too fat?
Do i need to be fit cardiobunny to be cute / sexy

Fuck no

But if you have visible fat rolls when standing up, bigger fatty arms than curlbros at gym then its about time to get honest look at yourself in the mirror.

Also one big offender:
Excessive, poorly done makeup.
Just yesterday i saw girl in nice dress, her body looked sexy and she wasnt ugly but she had such overdone, bad makeup it made her look like trashy bitch

On other hand what do you dislike in men

Bad with money and doesn't go to college/is a dropout. That isn't really exclusive to girls though everyone should strive to get those qualifications satisfied

Lack of punctuality
Rudeness towards retail or food service employees
Extreme jealousy


foul mouthed

>marxist politics
I doubt you have a real understanding of what that means outside of using that as a buzzword.

I dropped out and I'm living a better life than 90% of graduates wuth no debt to my name ever. You can be ambitious and successful and educated without attending an expensive school just for the piece of paper. I think your outlook is a bit snobby and close minded desu.

What's the different between a dropout working as a waiter or a graduate working as a waiter? Nothing except the debt perhaps.

its an incel, doesnt matter what he thinks

>Uses or looks at her phone too much in social situations.
>Doesn't clean up after herself.
>Concealer (it looks alien-like and worse than what's being concealed).
>Uneducated or not pursuing an education.

Wasteful with money
Many previous partners

I'm no particular order
>her identity is closely tied to politics
>doesnt want to workout / improve herself in any way
>very vain and shallow
>excessice use of drugs (besides something like coffee)
>cant put phone / social media down, especially outside of the house
>spends majority of time watching tv

spot the leftards

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>has no hobbies/interests/passions
>too materialistic

poor taste

Dyed hair, cant hold an intellectual conversation, negative about anything, overweight, wears dumb shit like necklaces with their name on it, classless tattoos, judging others, not offering to pay for half of outings.

I want a partner not a fucking child.

>Any and all forms of SJW bullshit
>Unnecessarily foul-mouthed
>Inability to articulate/hold a meaningful conversation
>Excessive/Distasteful tattoos
>Excessive amount of sexual partners

All these things usually come together.

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Don't you idiots have a fucking life?

Same shit over and over.


Lack of work ethic is a huge turn off, along with talking to ex's, and habitually using weed.

What I like is a mother, some one kind and patient. Some one that pushes me to better myself and is willing to be a part of a team.

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>fights you every fucking day
Those are about it. A woman who meshes with me on a personal level will be my 10/10. Can't be fat though, sorry.

this. add dyed hair and a lack of self awareness to that list

being on Jow Forums, being weak, being shy, wearing no makeup, interested in gaming, being traditional

Looking like she is 16, skinny, horny

>prejudice on people
>self centered

OP, you are talking about looks or personality?

You make me sick.

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>being traditional
So you want to be cucked?

This dude’s list is on the money for me

Even less convinced now

Tattoos, implants, using ebonics and drug use.

older than 30 (see above)

Physical traits:
>Piercings that aren't at her earlobe
>Doesn't give a shit about dressing well or dresses gender neutrally

Personality traits:
>Vain (e.g. obsessed with social media)
>Status hungry
>Shitty to people / no empathy

Disqualifiers for long term relationships:
>No higher aspirations / goals
>Won't compromise
>Expects me to read her mind
>Can't think for herself

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> attention-whoring
> feminazi
> acting busy/preoccupied all the time when in reality she has a rank-and-file bullshit job
> flakiness
> thinking she's smarter than me

tats used to bother me but i started seeing a girl with them and don't mind them now

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Inability to hold a conversation
Cigarette smoking
Overly religious

spotted the marxist

Dirty talk, when I first got intimate with my current girlfriend she would talk about her pussy, and she started finger blasting herself and licking her fingers clean, swapping hands to lick her fingers. She was very reserved right up until that point, it was part of what I found attractive about her.

the woman

SJW beliefs (a difference of opinion is okay, but if she thinks black people can't be racist that's probably not a good sign)
excessive piercings or tattoos
nose piercings (special mention for noses; I've never seen a pierced nose that I thought wasn't repugnant)
lack of empathy

Spiritualism without religion.

The fact they have other men they are fucking or want to fuck while saying they want to be with me.

When she is a slut, deceptive, stupid, smokes

Leftist or games

Ugly face

starting fights
Hoarding items, clothing they may never wear again due to change in shape knowing it will deteriorate over time.
Asking dumb questions before thinking.
Has kids from another man =$ to raise properly.
Constantly being depressed even though you've helped her but she wants more help.
Dumb drama with friends or family.

>body hair
>Is Asian
>blonde hair
>is a slut or ex slut
>Wants an open relationship
>Is too short
>A know it all

Bad English
General stupidity
Trying too hard to look sexy
Feeling insecure without makeup
Disproportionate body, meaning fat isn't always the worst
Any part of a head shaved
Unwarranted rudeness
Excessive swearing

In order. Also it isn't something you notice till later, but I HATE when a person gets in a relationship and then acts like they can't change whatsoever while in it.

Add messy, doesn't clean up after herself, picky eater, and princess complex. Unfortunately you don't find these out until you're seeing each other regularly. I think that is what your list needs to be complete for me.

if there liberal

Being a moron and mind games
Had a chick tell me "that's too bad" if men go to jail over false allegations. I didn't bother talking to her much after that. I'm sure she'd be just fine watching some random woman put her father in jail, after all

having a history of cheating, being emasculating, being superficial, smoking, being heavy drinkers, being too fat. the rest I can work with.

Being a whore and all that comes with it

Personality mostly. I hate women who have a huge hard on for social media and shit too. Generally if they are super addicted to Instagram and stuff, I'm merely pumping and dumping them. Nothing gets on my nerves when it comes to dating than a woman who wants to take pictures of every goddamn thing to share it online for attention.

I think you might be literally retarded.

>lack of fidelity

>is asian
Do explain :))
>blonde hair
Do natural blondes count?

>> big tits
God, is everyone here a faggot? There is nothing better than huge natural tits with a nice shape.

Vampiric draining energy or one-way conversations

Why did you need to say it twice?

Being fat
Being judgmental
Gossiping about others behind their backs

>is everyone here a faggot?

1. being ugly
2. shitty personality
3. stupidity

more then one prior relationship
"sexy outfits"
fancy haircolors
extensive makeup

not a single of those is some stuipid meme. You wont find a good man if any of the said stuff describes you, just feteshists, cucks or plain perverts.

Found the drooling retards.

>blonde hair
nigger spotted
>ex slut
implying there is such a thing
>to short

>This thread again

I like it better when it was called "red flag thread" or whatever

>300 posts of boys nit-picking everything and anything, and then later complaining that they can't find a gf despite their laundry list of red flags and impossibly high standard

in b4 I get called a roastie or a feminazi or some other meme

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if that for instance is "high standard" in your view, you really have to be braindamaged.

You're so insecure.

Yeah actually, if you do find a girl who is sweet and loving and attractive and she shares your interests & beliefs & hobbies, and is actually attracted to you but - hold the phone - SHE HAS A TATTOO!!! and you're gonna get a soft dick over that that is a pretty stupid thing to do.


>more "then" one relationship


is this satire holy shit my man good shit dude, good shit you had me going for a minute there

Yeah I'm the insecure one. not the boys posting about how girls using a cell phone or having the wrong kind of make-up is their BIGGEST turn offs

>the cell phone dude
user you're not supposed to make fun of the mentally ill.

just because you consider it "normal" to have a tatoo it doesnt mean its not degenerate. I have fooled myself often enough that tatoos are ok. But they are not.

And why do you think I was talking about stuff making my dick soft. I was talking about traits that make girls completly uninteresting as partners.

>multiple relationships
>honey, its normal to fuck everybody you see today, get along with the modern times stop living in the past and have FUN XDDD
yee, fuck off. Decency is not a high standart, it should be the norm.

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>another thinly veiled excuse to call anyone with standards an incel thread

>has Tinder
>has kids

>lack of intelligence
>no critical thinking skills
>crazy hair colours
>looks like a boy
>doesn't like discussion

If you can't bang the girl who meets your standards user you are still an incel

>you don't like it when people call you x because you are x

>But they are not.

and why is that

>And why do you think I was talking about stuff making my dick soft.

That's what turn-offs are. Presumably if you were making out with a girl, with a hard dick as one does, and she was taking her clothes off to show a tattoo then your dick would go soft.

>>honey, its normal to fuck everybody you see today, get along with the modern times stop living in the past and have FUN XDDD

A. Who are you quoting

B. There's a whole wide range between "two former relationships" and "infinite number of former relationships"

Dyed hair
Drawn on eyebrows
Vapid personality

>any diagnosable mental disorder (for example; borderline, bipolar, depression)
>excessive jealousy (little bit is OK)
>below-average intelligence
>piercings except earlobe
>doesn't take care of her appearance
>suffers from ''grass is greener on the other side'' syndrome
>no self-awareness
>inability to be honest about her mistakes

One time an ex and I got pizza. Other people were there, too. My ex began to eat pizza and when everyone was through with their first rounds, and the first chill phase in a food orgy usually takes place, my ex started to pick the nice stuff off the pizza. She took the good stuff for herself and left almost a full pizza empty of pepperoni, cheese bits, and tomatoes.
At that moment I was too baffled to say anything but I always remembered that side of her.

>wears tasteless amounts of makeup

Having more than 2 of these automatically is a major turn off.

not being white

The 1 thing that irritates me most is an annoying voice. There are other things but if you have a voice I dislike it pretty much guarantees you talking will piss me off or kill any erection even before it starts.

If he thinks Nazism isn't very like Marxism then yeah he doesnt

Socialists of all types should be gassed.

Make up and lipstick

All these lists are very basic. The only semi common request which could be hard to find is virginity, but I know plenty of virgin females above 18 and under 25, and I myself am one.

Stop pretending that virgin females are some magical fairy tale and that spreading your legs is SOOOOOOO NORMAL LOL just so you can seem like less trash in comparison to women men find higher value.

Hell yes my man

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>Stop pretending that virgin females are some magical fairy tale and that spreading your legs is SOOOOOOO NORMAL LOL just so you can seem like less trash in comparison to women men find higher value.

did you reply to the wrong post, cause I think you did

The inability to understand that there are times when I would like to be left alone and that does not mean I care about them any less or that I'm in a bad mood and need to be helped.

virgins exist, spreading your legs on a whim is abnormal
>women assume responsibility for their actions

>religious (and no I don't just mean about god)