How do I learn to like alcohol?

How do I learn to like alcohol?

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What do you not like about it?
Go out and try a lot of different drinks. I hated beer until I found beers that were good. I hated liquor until I started drinking cocktails. You won't like all of it, and that's fine. If it's the actual taste of alcohol then that's just something you have to get used to imo
>effects of alcohol
If you don't like these then just avoid

It's the actual taste of alcohol. It tastes like isopropyl and soap. Also:
Hate carbonation, it's why I don't drink soda. So I don't think I'll like beers.

Don't drink then, it will save you tons of money in the long run.

How old are you?

It definitely takes some warming up to. You could try some cocktails, but most of my favorites are pretty spirit forward. You do know you don't have to like alcohol, right?

Sorry to inform you but you don't really drink for the taste unless you like the taste and if you don't like the taste or the inebriation then why bother drinking alcohol at all?

>How do I learn to like alcohol?

Drink it while with friends; having a good time

The point of the booze is getting drunk; the taste is something you learn to tolerate.

I hate carbonation too; i recommend trying cocktails; spirits like Kahlua, Frangelico, Jagermeister.

Wine is good. Beer is good. There are so many different kinds of each that its impossible to find.

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I’m 40 and also a virgin. Pic related.

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>The point of the booze is getting drunk; the taste is something you learn to tolerate.
Drinking a little amplifies the mood you are in, typically makes you happier and more talkative. This is what you want. Getting drunk is what most people want to avoid.
And the taste is really good, but there is too much variety to say something specific about everything.
But lets break it down:
Breezers: Basically candy. If you like soda, this is for you
Beers: Some are almost an ice coffee, and some are almost a soda. These vary a lot. lager, classic and ale are the most classic choices and some love them all, some doesn't like any of them. Try them out and don't keep drinking it if you don't like it.
Wine is also really great, they also wary a lot in flavor.
Alcohol (rum, whiskey, vodka etc) also wary a lot and you can find some that really speaks to you and some that doesn't at all. I personally like the heavily flavored ones. Clear vodka and bad rum is only put into drinks for me.
The benefit of vodka is it can be really easily masked, so put it in juice, soda or whatever and you have a good time.
Shots and liquor are usually candy flavored, but contain a lot of alcohol.
Liquor can also be mixed with stuff.

So basically you have a wide range of things available and if you want to drink, you can either taste everything and stick with the stuff you like or you can take existing things you like and turn that into a drink.

Unless you have never liked anything but water, I don't think there is anything you won't like.

There are various stages of getting drunk.
If you want to be more precise, "the point of alcoholic drinks is inebriation"

Stuff like beer is a learned taste just drink anything you can bare


Why the fuck would you force yourself to enjoy something you don't? It's poison. You will have such a massive advantage in life if you don't drink.

Maybe realise you just aren't cut out for drinking alcohol. Some people just aren't, I'm definitely not into it. The taste of beer literally triggers my gag reflex, and the feeling of drunkenness reminds me of being motion sick which I suffer from alot. For me there is no positive side to drinking, it doesn't make me feel good, it doesn't make me more talkative or happy. I always remember everything the next day and always regret it the next day.

Not everyone is supposed to drink.

Chocolate baileys with milk is pretty nice tasting, tastes kind of like chocolate milk but with a tiny hint of alcohol.

You could also try some ciders or craft beers

Other than that you don’t have to have or like alcohol at all, if you choose to.

But I disagree with that as well.
You want to get on that enhanced mood, but you don't want to be impaired in any way.
It is fine to drink a beer or a little wine with your food to get there. The drinks are also fine in small quantities if you go dancing or whatever.

This is completely different to drinking 3 bottles of wine and stumbling through the city yelling nigger at everyone at the pizza place for charging you extra for dressing.
That is what I am talking about when I say drunk. People should always be drinking but never be drunk.

I'm 22 and I don't like the taste of alcohol either, I have a pretty low tolerance to it.
When I say 'low tolerance' I don't mean I get drunk quickly, I mean I can stomach maybe a couple of shots of vodka before saying "enough, this is disgusting".
I think there's nothing wrong with just not liking it, we will most likely learn to like it later in life, and if we don't, fuck it, it's more of a blessing than a curse all things considered.
Last time I really consumed alcohol was at a friend's birthday party, she got her hands on a slushie machine and poured some tequila in there along with the regular stuff, it didn't taste of alcohol at all and it did the trick.

>How do I learn to like alcohol?
Don't drink it unless it's really expensive shit on a special occasion. Cheap booze is just nasty.