Turning 30 tomorrow and I've never been loved/been in a relationship

Turning 30 tomorrow and I've never been loved/been in a relationship.

It's eating me up hard from the inside. Should I just call it game and end it now?

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>typical problem afflicting many people every day
Okay sounds like a good way to start a post.
>it’s bothering me a lot
Good to know, helps direct the advice.
>should I kms
And stopped caring about you right there. Threads should be reportable for this shit.

But can you really say you've tried to find a relationship for the last 15 years?

I could 100% look myself in the mirror and honestly say I did everything I could possibly do.

It sounds like I'm exaggerating but I've become such an emotional wreck that it feels that way.
While I probably wouldn't hang myself, I'm definitely embracing self-destructive habits.

I'm just seeking wisdom to cope.

>Threads should be reportable for this shit.
I agree, at this point jannies should close the thread.

Males are just getting started at 30

No dont there is someone out there for you

Pussy. I was a kdhv until age 30, and a kv until age 32. I’ve had a gf and everything now, and nothing involved hookers. All this despite being over 350 lbs. You need to step up your game.

What a joke. Life ends at 21 the rest is just a 60 year waste of everyone's fucking time.

LOL, you must be those retards that thinks a metamorphosis happens at 30.

George Clooney was Clooney before and after 30.

>Threads should be reportable for this shit.
Course, only bait and Jow Forums thread where the problems will fix themselves should be answered.

>Should I just call it game and end it now?
I'm considering this myself BUT I would do some tidying up before I call it quits. Like deleting the 1 tb of shemale porn I have, losing weight, applying for better jobs etc so when I die it LOOKS like I was heading in a good direction when in reality I was just preparing for death.

Lmao, while playing a card game with my mother and sister, they have noticed a few strands of white hair.

I am 32 years old, NEET, social recluse and couldn't care less about relationship shit.

christ, imagine being such a fucking loser that you quit the game before you're even halfway through

Fuck off, you stupid shithead.
Weak meme statement is weak.

I'm really sorry to hear that user. Love is always around the corner. Please just wait a while longer. I'm very sad and depressed but I'm giving life a chance. Stay strong;

>it’s human nature to be loved and the average person has dated and had sex before they’re twenty
>this person hasn’t had any requited love from another human being for three decades
>society constantly hyping up love and sex
>like ugh wtf loser why are you complaining


He said he wanted to kill himself over something this childish, that's what needs the ban. I'd have been happy to say something helpful to this guy if he wasn't so autistic.

Only you can answer that question.
Does not being loved really take a big enough chunk out of your life that there is no other reason to go on?
Many people that fall in love fall out of it and may have no more interest in it.

I know how you feel, I'm 27 years old and i have never had even the slightest positive interaction with a girl, in fact a chunk of my early childhood was girls running away from me when they saw me, and the one girl i had the guts to ask out simply laughed at me.

If there is any shred of hope of happiness in your future, hold on to it, think of who you might hurt from leaving this world.

But if none of that exists, and you see a bleak and meaningless future and you just want the pain to stop, then let it go. Not all of us are cut out for life, it's not a bad or cowardly thing to end it. It's your life, you choose what to make with what you got.

I truly hope you find happiness.

>i have no advice but i'll pretend like i have some

OP, no 30+ has ever concluded with actionable advice.

How many women have you asked on date this year?

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Are you literally suggesting OP play a numbers game? Do you want OP to end up like that dude that got a repuation of being a creep by literally asking every girl on the campus and nearby surrounding areas?

I didnt suggest anything. This is probably just another bait or abadonded thread by op, but sometimes they actually answer.

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depends, if you have achieved nothing then yeah you're habits are probably not going to change.
but if you have achieved goals besides a relationship then you're good

What are you doing to change things? What have you done to get girls in the past? Id guess very little to nothing?

99% of things require investment of energy/time/effort to reap rewards. If you aren't trying hard then why are you even asking for advice? It would be like not going the gym and wondering why you don't have big muscles.

You need to make yourself happy by creating an active and fulfilling life, a relationship should be a compliment to your happiness, not the cause of it, because trust me, relying on other people for that is too much of a strain on them and too much of a crutch for you.

You won't do anything about it though so I'm wasting my time.


What sort of investments are possible when most people expect you have your shit together?

*at 30

I'm still here.

Deep image. That describes my family situation perfectly. I was only recently able to break out of it, but it's still a struggle since it sapped me in the subconscious.

Literally living at the gym. In past instances I've gotten turned down past the first date and I'm still pulling my hair wondering what I did wrong, analyzing every detail and every event. As weird as that sounds, it's driven me to the point where I absolutely need to know what's wrong with me.

Maybe. For a brief while had my dream career going but ruined it all due to self-sabotage from sexual frustration. I hate myself.

you blame everyone but yourself for your failures. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just too scared and lazy to do anything about your current situation

I'm definitely the crab at the bottom of the bucket who just drags everyone else down and then blames the other crabs for being mean to him.

Don't be so self consumed, you'll miss out on love right in front of you. Take a hot shower, watch videos of cute baby animals, get a good night sleep, wake up knowing this is your day to take on the world

Happy Birthday tho

First post best post.
>wah wah I'm not at X stage in my life should I take my own life?
The answer is always no.

Why shouldn't he? They let some dutch girl commit suicide cos of depression at 29.

Anybody has the right to kill themselves. Don't listen to the liberal pussies and moralfags. You are only 1 person out of billions and your life has no impact on the world.

They shouldn't have.

I think it's pretty cool in a terrible kind of way, we're getting to a point where life is worth less and less.

>something this childish
but it isn't.
>if he wasn't so autistic

Learn to be happy as a loner, it really is ultimate freedom. I don't really need to care about what others think of me, and I'll never get lonely. Perhaps most importantly I felt comfortable with choosing a line of work I enjoy rather than one with high pay, because I know that I will never have a family to support.

How? I've lost 130lbs and sitting at 250lbs currently. I can talk to women now but no one wants to give me the time of day even though I get a ton more attention now. I still gotta lose 50 more lbs.

Not sure if trolling, but here's a lil anecdote:

There was this guy who had pretty much given up the hope of finding someone. He had decent luck befriending interesting girls. Even had two serious gfs: both seemed great up front, but one became hyper-controlling, the other became incredibly negative and soul crushing. Even with knowing plenty of people, there just didn't seem to be anything better on the horizon.

So, by 31 he figured... fuck it. He'd just focus on academics, get a million masters degrees, have amazing adventures, and just make the most of a solitary life.

...and at the age of 32, he started chatting up a classmate's sister. She lived on the other side of the country, but she seemed pretty cool.

They're now happily engaged -- she moved across the country for him, and they couldn't be happier.

Yeah, it can be frustrating to keep hitting brick walls, or needing to turn every weird relationship into a lesson, but... sometime's that's just how it goes. Who you are now (and not 5 years ago), or who you will become could be just the thing that attracts someone special to you.

Either of those two folks could have easily settled with some random person along the way. But because they kept their options open, and because they knew they wanted more out of life, they wound up finding each other.

That, and a series of flukes. Life is really weird. My only advice is to not get too bogged down trying to make a relationship happen. Find something, be it a hobby or career path or program to get jazzed about. The more things you try, the more you have to share with someone else, whenever that may be.

Dude hasn't got the foundation to start a relationship of any kind, even if a girl falls into his lap, he won't know what to do.

Well, they did and hopefully we'll have suicide booths like Futurama.


If in those 30 years, no woman ever found you attractive, it's over dude. Find ways to cope.

I think all these “I’ve never been loved” threads are just being spammed by someone. Falling in love and losing it can hurt, but who the hell gets bothered by not being in love in the first place?

>but who the hell gets bothered by not being in love in the first place?
Is this a joke question?

>but who the hell gets bothered by not being in love in the first place?
People who aren't dead?