Is this ok to wear out in public? I live in a small town and I'm going on a date...

Is this ok to wear out in public? I live in a small town and I'm going on a date. I want to look sexy but I don't want people looking at me like I'm a whore the whole time I'm out.

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>Is this ok to wear out in public?

Yeah you look good. I hope you get the succ.

What's the succ?

You look fine femanon. Not to revealing and nice color. Maybe once you guys start dating you can ask he/she if they like it instead of Jow Forums.

>What's the succ?
I hope you guys fuck tonight.
Post more pictures of dress.

is that a tattoo? Are you seriously being concerned if you'll look like a whore over a fucking dress when you've got a tattoo on your fucking neck?

It's a date night with my husband, he likes it a lot but said it looks immodest. I was more worried about other people staring at me weird if I wear it.

You should wear even less than that desu

IMO you should wear nothing but lingerie when you go out.

Dress looks fine. Your hair and tattoo make you look...

>It's a date night with my husband
So you're asking anonymous people on the internet instead of solely caring about you and your husband's wants?

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You have a tattoo. You should cover that in public.

I think you missed my point. I can dress up for my husband at home if he wants that's why my hair is done like pointed out. He asked me to do it like that. My question was just is it ok to dress like that in public in a small town. No one else dresses up here really.
My too, and ok

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Whore clothes/10

You're gonna get stares regardless cause you are wearing a form fitting dress and since you live in a small town of course people are gonna say some cause they are not used to seeing form fitting dresses. I could be wrong in that case. I think you look good and fuck what people say. Pop that red wine tonight.

>My question was just is it ok to dress like that in public in a small town. No one else dresses up here really.
You go out looking like that, you'll have the wives and unsatisfied husbands thinking of you for weeks. Up to you how you feel about that. P.S. I'd fuck you.

Literally do what you want.

It’s a standard dress. You are overthinking it and so is he. In no way is it revealing.

Thanks I think I'm just going to go for it and f the old ladies who give me death glares. Last time I wore a form fitting dress and was out walking with my kids some old lady came up to me and said I looked like a prostitute. I was so shocked and now I'm a bit nervous to dress how I want. Thanks tho, I'm most going to wear it and hope my husband and I can have some fun.
Haha thanks. Home no 70yo farmer have a caniption over it.

You live down south or in the midwest, don't you?

>Is this ok to wear out in public?
But it would look strange anywhere that wasn't a classy place (better than mid range), even some of those places require covered shoulders

Yah Iowa, town with under 5000 population. More churches then places to eat kind of place lol. I like it here it's just funny how uppity people get some things. I also think it might be because almost everyone here is over weight and dresses frumpy.

Does the dress cleave in the back, too?

Yeah, that's just how old people are in those types of areas. I have family just like them. Nobody tells them off because it's not worth it; they're not gonna learn what they're saying is wrong, and you're just gonna frustrate yourself trying to teach them.

Just ignore them, who gives a shit about what they think.

No the backs covered. Kind of shows off the butt tho because it's fitted

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Wew. Thanks for that.

Yah that's what I'm starting to think too. It's not like I'm going out in fish nets and a bra or something. I dress in dresses pretty much every day, I only have two fitted ones like this. I just don't like to look like I rolled around in a pile of Wal-Mart clothes like almost everyone else here dose. The lady who went off on me was in a robe house dress thing with no bra on and her boobs hung down to her belly, i didnt say anythung back to her but all i could think was how rude, at least I'm not in pjs outside.

I wish i was married to a pretty woman with a form fitting dress.

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I think it's just the stomach part that looks odd.
it looks okay.
are you wearing a long sleeve jacket? preferably fitted not the puffy workout ones.

Going commando for the evening? Lucky guy.

Hmm it al depends if we can see your underwear marked from behind and to what degree. Try posting another picture of your butt while slightly pushing dress foward, this will show how much your nbderwear will show and if people will think its inappropiate.

Yah he told me no panties, even if I wear a diffrent dress.

Maybe a silk scarf to cover the chest a bit,some are 2.00$
just make sure it's long enough to go around your neck and cover your chest.
The dress is fine,I'm just giving my own opinion of stuff to add.
maybe undo the hair and have it free flowing in a different style have half cover your forehead with a flower clip and
maybe a flower hair pin.

Somewhat like this it all varies on what you want that's the important part.

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Shameless attention whoring at it's worst. You didn't need any fucking advice.

I'd say it's fine when you're at the location, it's not slutty or anything but maybe put on a coat or something before you get there to avoid the looks because it's clear you're dressing for an occasion.

Meh, I wanted to know people's opinions on if this is ok to wear out. If I wanted attention over it id go post on soc

Yah wish it wasn't still so hot, I was thinking of putting a light jacket or something with it. Heels or flats you think?

Why do you live in some rural fly over shithole? Are these the people who make up most of Jow Forums?

Not okay to wear in public. Exposed midriff is totally immodest. Looks whorish.

Who cares what retarded small town people think anyway?

Yeah I mean with your hair like that and the random exposed part you look like a whore also the dress is pretty tight

it's okay to wear that, but i personally (a man) think it's an ugly dress. who knows though, your guy might like it.

You look great, just leave that ugly face at home.

Bring a light jacket Incase it’s cold, if you don’t use it then just throw it over a chair. Btw looks fine.