How often does getting back together with your ex actually work out?

How often does getting back together with your ex actually work out?

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It's like running back into a burning building to see if the fire is out yet.

Even if it yes, the building is nothing but cinders.

It depends on the reason you broke up for.

suppose that first, this couple was on and off before for some reasons (not really her type and other problems)
second, she cheated on him for 3 months. she continued to date this other guy, but after 2 years she remembered
>i need to talk to my ex face to face to tell him im sorry for cheating on you

then they got back together

do you think this would actually work out?

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depends what you mean by work out

maybe she'll get knocked up and they'll live a long life together abusing the shit out of each other. the chances of a healthy relationship though are doubtful.


Unless you just want to fuck a few more times, and even then you're just confusing yourself and your ex emotionally.

fun analogy, and to add to it maybe sometimes you manage to renovate the building and at first it feels and looks neat and fresh and new - but then you realize that the building is actually made out of gasoline and matches and magnesium and it ends burning 10 times faster and hotter then before

Lol she definitely would get and abortion right away!

Two years? Are you telling me women do such things? That's not good to hear...

women are able to do anything because they "felt" like it. reason and women cannot be put in the same sentence

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Shit, here I was, thinking that I will be safe from my ex when 6 months have gone by.

Think of it like this: let's say you buy a video game. you play the game, you sort of like it but in the end of the day it's just not really your thing. The game isn't exactly your type of game so you stop playing it. Then after an x amount of weeks/months you miss the video game and start playing it again because you miss those few parts of the game that you actually did enjoy. Will it be fun? Maybe at first it will, because it'll feel fresh again. But very soon after you pick it up again it will get fucked up again because the things that bothered you initially are still there. So after a while you quit playing for the 2nd time. This cycle can continue for many more times.

Even if it seems like an ex may have changed some issues that bothered us?

Do you mean issues about her personality or external issues?

Depends on why you broke up in the first place and on who's 'fault' it is.

not in this case

OP, listen to me. Do not do it. If it were a normal, healthy releationship you would not have needed to break up in the first place. Sure there are circumstancial things (moving, new job in different area, military service) but 98% of the time if you break up, its for a good reason. Even if you just want to break up.

I broke up with my GF after 3 months of dating, last year. Got back with her after she drove to my house naked and we had sex. Now been with her for 1.5 years, and while there was some 'good' parts its mostly been mediocre, with the last months being especially miserable.

Im literally going to end it tonight for the last time, and finish would should have been done a year ago. This past year I had so many opportunities to be with other women that I had to pass up because I was holding onto something that had already died. Dont make the same mistake.


Nah mate. Forget it.

>Im literally going to end it tonight for the last time
Wish you luck bro. You're doing the right thing.

no, they won't work out.

The reasons you broke up the first time will probably be there the next time.

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Oldfag here, people who spilt up and/or have rocky relationships very rarely ever make it work, if they do stay together, they aren't happy.

Rock solid couples end up breaking up so if you were in a bad relationship then you stand no chance and are essentially wasting your time