Finally got tinder, how do i get my cherrie popped?

I finally built enough courage to get tinder. but very time i match with someone, the conversation goes completely dry within several hours. how do I stop that?
its already happened with three girls.
more importantly, how can I land a one night stand while being a virgin, boring 5/10 collegefag? I dont care if shes fat or not, but they all want something serious.

>INB4 "Jus B urself!" (pic related)
This is pretty much why the conversations are dry.

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Usually, conversations are more dry online than in person. When chatting I try to quickly setup a meeting in a public coffee or bar.

Quick tips otherwise : relate personal histories (ANYTHING GOES from your day to previous relationships, to your childhood etc.) then ask for the same to her
When you relate something try to say how you feel about it

When she doesn't do the same ask how she feels about what she is talking about. Like for example she says trivia like "I had 2 hours math today" you can ask her if she enjoys math and why. These are good ways to trigger conversations.

I never had a real relationship before, and I dont have any money on me till the end of the week

Just be yourself

sort yourself out. get your head straight and stop being little twat before trying to get your greasy desperate paws into someone else's life.

why the fuck are you talking for several hours on tinder anyway? just goto discord if you want more fake internet friends. people are probably just talking to you to burn time until someone actually contacts them about a date.

just put "want to fuck anyone even if ur fat" in you bio. why are you talking for several hours if thats what you want? because you are trying to lie your way into someone's underwear.

fucking gobshite.

>taking out anger on clueless young people who just want advice
find someone your own size you coward

jesus man whats your deal? I thought everyone was looking to fuck in that app.
im just asking how I can stop being a virgin through this app. even though im super awkward and boring.


>converse several hours
Dude thats an awesome start. Youre supposed to ask them out you dult not become a messenger pal.

but where could i ask them out too when I don't have any money on me? and how does one date? how does it lead to sex?

Probably a narcissist personality disorder. You should read up on those people so that you know never to listen to them. Or respond to them. Which you did.

Ask for their number if you think the conversation is going well. Also ask for their address and when they're free. That's pretty much it.

Ok, well i have all of there snaps, but its back to square one. ill definitely try out the other part tho.

Kinda weird outta the blue, wait til after plans are confirmed

how quickly do women respond to likes usually on tinder?

depends how hot you are

so if i swiped right on like 4 people an hour ago and no match im fucked right

lmao no

Take your time answering and don't think too hard about your messages. Just say whatever comes to mind. If you can't think of a message, put the phone down, go do something else, then come back and try again. Also, don't ask them out right away, yet don't wait for the conversation to dry out. When the conversation is flying, go for it.

I keep setting up Tinder dates and then pussying out fuckin hell

How long have you been on tinder?

Like wondering if you get matches day 1 or if you got to hang out for a while

You're likely thinking too much about the dates, then you get nervous and pussy out.
Distract yourself, avoid thinking about the date beforehand as much as possible.

Tinder is for depression.
Whores are for sex.

Ok then where can I find whores In Potsdam who are attracted to someone like me you dingus?

Tinder Jow Forums thread?


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Copy & paste the same intro to every thot within a 50 mile radius until you start getting responses.

Ex: “hi how’s it going my names user & my hobbies include browsing reddit watching animal planet & reflecting on the meaning of life would you care to chat?”

Anybody who doesn’t respond block & reload within a few weeks to spam again eventually they’ll catch on

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I have dates but find out they live just a little too far away from me or in a shit area, so I don't let ir progress.

Fuck it and have fun I say. Type nonsense or straight up say "I'm bored. Wanna fuck?". One guy got laid by just quoting Duke Nukem. Look up Jow Forums's tinder threads on the archive. Don't fuck a fatty though. They stink and have shit stamina.


I pussied out on one mainly because she was pretty far away. The second one I actually went and she was fatter irl than she seemed on pics so I was uninterested right away but still went through with it (was pretty autistic) and had a cofee with her. She messaged me a couple of times after but I just responded shortly until she stopped.

Im still a khv now.

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Have a large supply of questions to ask the other person about themselves so they can first describe themselves and reopen any new potential for conversation.

OP here, not that I asked one of them out to a frat party, how do I get into her pants without getting me too'ed?

Yeesh, that's what we need more of, everyone diagnosing each other because of stories and explanations on the internet. Just because someone is mean, rude, or dismissive once and a while to you doesn't banish them to a nice little box of a half baked diagnosis.

Ask her if she wants to "spend the night", "give each other a test run", "have sex","watch Netflix (or some other suggestion that gets you two alone) one night" etc

Unironically open with "lemme smash"

flash a roll of 350$ and ur dick

I'm about to uninstall that piece of shit app permanently. It just keeps showing me the same dozen or so girls I've left swiped. It's actually starting to piss me off seeing their faces. I'm in fucking NYC I shouldn't be seeing the same fucking faces this consistently.

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If you were a woman everyone here would call you a whoreslut braphog.

But im not, Im just a thirsty virgin.

You need to first learn how to talk to women. On tinder especially, women are super fucking fast to just cross you out since they have a shitload of alternatives at the swipe of a finger. My quickest advice is to go straight to the point and to have a more relaxed vibe overall. You never want to come off as the desperate guy who just needs a quick/pity fuck. Like they say, fake it till you make it

have you tried meeting people in real irl? do you lack the confidence to make friends and ask people out?

Don't be boring, or compensate it with money

If I was gay I would pick pic 4.