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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself.

>Why am I the only one who makes these threads?
Quit your bitching, no one's holding a gun to your head and making you do it.

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Why would a girl be insecure about her breasts being "too large"? Seems kinda silly.

what kind of questions do you girls like to be asked when you get to know a man?

Girls, your new guy takes off his pants and his penis is pic related. What's your reaction?

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what's so silly about being picked by other kids, because you're different?

Couple reasons. First off, they draw attention at all times, even when she wants to blend in and go unnoticed. There are a lot of introvert girls with cowtits that hate the attention they get. Secondly, even when you want or are okay with attention, your tits are the focal point, rather than your winning personality (lol) or something else. Finally, it's easy to feel fat when you're big up top, even if you're okay otherwise (though to be fair most "busty" girls are a combination of moderate bustiness plus fat).

There are a lot of introvert girls with cowtits who hate it.

>“It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”
Fucking lol

This, by the way gentlemen, is exactly what your exes do when you break up. They go around telling everyone that you were shit in bed and your penis was tiny.

Why do all girls seem to hate each other? It’s like the opposite of guys

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Eh, I think it's just that the dimensions of loyalty are different. The general concept is there for them, it just has a different shape... that allows a surprising amount of cattiness and backstabbing.

>It’s like the opposite of guys

Usually they were early bloomers and then were bullied by other females. Its also much more difficult to find clothes that fit well and you have to take extra effort to hide your breasts in public assuming they have absorbed some normal modesty instead of California tier sluttery.

There's this girl i know online.
Everything went quite well until i confess how much i liked her.
But she said she's not in the condition to be in a relationship because she just recently broke up with her bf of 6 years, and his bf left her for another girl, something like that.
My question is
>why does she still go to a dating site then? Is she fishing for attentions?
>Should i bother staying with her and hope that she will one day “be in condition“?
>should i cut loose and run away immediately? or should i just stay for now because i enjoy the conversation anyway. while looking for another girl?

If you strip away modern society and place a group of humans into some random wilderness with basic tools the reasons for a lot of human instincts becomes obvious.

Men can mostly independently survive on their own in the wild and generally defend themselves on near to equal footing with other men (obviously major outliers like tiny guys vs giant guys exist but this isnt the norm, and we are comparing men's reality to women's here. Its relative)

Women on the other hand have a much more difficult time than men providing for themselves in the same environment. They also are much more threatened by other men and need protection from other human males too. They also will need to carry and personally nurse/raise any child for ~12 years at least.

Men dont need to compete with other men over anything but women and the means to get them, basically. When women compete for other women for men they are competing for their lives.

Obviously this isnt still the case in a modern setting, but the instincts exist. Women have a much deeper level of competition going on between them, it's a survival resource based competition.

>Yes she wants attention or is lying about not being ready to be in a relationship and is playing hard to get, either way she a dumb thotty
>No, you should never hover around a girl just hoping and waiting one day she will magically be into you to the point where the relationship will really go somewhere
>If you actually like the convos keep talking but dont get attached, look for different females

I mean, the fact that the thing(s) that make you different are highly desirable.

>only later in life
>they are a nuisance to walk with all the time
>they make you desired also by those whom you don't want to look at you

>why does she still go to a dating site then? Is she fishing for attentions?
She doesn't want a relationship with YOU. If someone she was attracted to came along, she would go for it.

Alternatively think of it as your attractiveness not being enough to overcome her post-breakup psychological inertia. It's a bit of an oversimplification, but it's the general idea.

>they make you desired also by those whom you don't want to look at you
This is a big part of it. A lot of women don't care for sexual attention. Just because there are some streamer girls fishing for orbiters with their cleavage hanging out doesn't mean your normal girl in college or walking down the street wants to be ogled by random dudes.
And if the girl is career-minded, she really doesn't want guys to only think of her as a pair of tits. She wants to be thought of for her competence (lol).

>only later in life
>they are a nuisance to walk with all the time
I don't see why these would make you insecure about them. Could say the same about dudes with big dicks.

t. dicklet
Big dick isn't a problem for walking ya dipshit.

It is sometimes. Like if you point it down your pant leg and you're wearing jeans.

>wearing jeans with a tight crotch
Yeah nah. Mongo needs room to breathe.

Both genders are you into or not into rough sex? Like spanking and whatnot.

Male, not into it at all, whether giving or receiving.

How do you cope? It seems like that's all girls want.

None I've been with want it. Worst I've had is a girl talk about how she liked being choked. I said I wasn't willing to do that and she was fine with it.

Ladies: how normal is it to actually buy designer items and drop a couple grand on just a small accessory? I've only dated down to earth, poorfag women before my current girlfriend so seeing her spend so much in a single transaction was shocking.

Not in my experience. I think a lot of women are aware that shit-talking an ex reflects pretty poorly on them.

They don't, but yeah the frenemy thing between a lot of women is real. I think it's because women are less likely to just openly acknowledge that they dislike particular other women and are willing to keep up a pretense.

Women also tend to be more concerned with maintaining social connections and talk more about other people and what those people are up to than what a lot of guys do.

Most of my female friends do shit talk women they don't like, but most of them also have female friends that they've been good friends with for decades.

But here's a suggestion for you: the hottest hotbeds of insecure male loserdom that I've ever found are nerd fandoms. I'm not saying that there aren't cool people who are into that sort of stuff, just that the most vocal guys tend to be the ones trying to prove how they're more legit in their fandom than everyone else.

Go to your local university's or junior college's anime club, or your local comic/card shop's Magic The Gathering tournament. After experiencing an all-day male group pissing contest, see if your opinion about how guys relate to each other has changed.

Don't chase girls online. If one wants to meet to see if you'd really get along, fine, but if it's just an online only relationship, you don't really know them. "Liking" someone is mostly a matter of fantasy projection.

As far as trying to "stay" with her, bad idea. If it were just a matter of "I enjoy talking to her and am able to accept that's as far as it's going to go", that's fine, but that's not where you're trying to go with this.

You seem like you'd just be hung up on a stranger for as long as she's willing to give you attention, instead of trying to meet people who would be viable choices for an actual relationship.

>Not in my experience. I think a lot of women are aware that shit-talking an ex reflects pretty poorly on them.
Pretty much every girl I know shit talks every ex. I even stayed friends with a couple that broke up, he didn't shit talk her much but she always went straight for "shit at sex lol".

It's probably the laziest insult there is.


I'm not into it but I do it for them since they enjoy it.

Yeah. This leads to an important lesson: If the girl you're into starts shitting on her exes, walk away. Not because it means she's still obsessed with them, but because it means she'll shit on you just as badly if not worse when you break up.

I had been going out casually for 3 motnhs with a girl but last saturday night I saw her kissing other dude and yesterday she confessed she had been talking to the guy for about a week.
Just saw an insta history she uploaded and she is at the same restaurant we went all the time together, dont know if she is with the dude or what.
Question is it would be weakness to delete her from all social media? I feel like she at some point will try to make it hurt .

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Not quite abnormal but still a bad trait. Just like how semi crazy MILs are normal but still bad.

It's a pretty big redflag. I'm all for a little spending and buying some good shit but dropping a few grand on some little accessory is insane,

this is problaby a stupid question but what might it mean if a girl has her legs spread out while sitting, compliments my clothes and asks about my major

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I thought we were talking about women, not little children.

Maybe you should leave this website?

>legs spread
It means she hasn't learned how to behave like a lady.

can someone answer me

I (M, 22) have only had sex with my girlfriend (F, 21) 15 times in the last year and a half since she started taking vyvanse.

She's a completely different person on it and every time I mention it she gets defensive. She stays up days at a time on the stuff.

I've told her I don't know if this relationship is going to work multiple times and she always gets extremely sad.

I really do love her but I'm about to be done with it. Thoughts?


Also we've been together 3 years.

If you're not getting your sexual gratification, leave. Ignore the vyvanse shit. It may or may not be involved. The fact of the matter is you aren't getting the sex you need. Regardless of the cause, that's a reason to break up.

I see, thank you. That's what I was thinking too. Like it's her own money so that part isn't an issue but jesus fuck.

>casually dating for 3 months
>thinks her dating other guys casually and posting on instagram is directed at him

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As a derivative question, women: Would you look down on a guy because he owns $15k in camera equipment (cameras, lenses, etc.) but isn't a pro photographer?

Male. Not really into it, willing to do some limited stuff.

In my experience most women seem to like stuff like having their hair pulled and being held down (I guess feeling controlled). Hard biting is ok (I like it done to me) but not to the point of breaking skin, and I'll spank someone hard with my palm (which honestly is probably more damaging to my hand than the average woman's ass).

I don't like hitting. Only had one girlfriend who wanted to be hit, and she wanted to be hit hard with a closed fist. I hated it and it seriously fucked with my head to do it, but it's what got her off. We broke up when she started trying to get me to cut her, because fuck that.

I prefer sex to be more gentle and almost all of my partners seem to have been pretty happy with that.

Jesus what the fuck is your problem? You've been with her three years, she's taking medication for her fucking problems AKA trying to get better, and you're only thinking about yourself? Why the fuck would ever, ever say this shit:
>I've told her I don't know if this relationship is going to work multiple times
Three fucking years, and for what? If you don't love her, leave her. Quit wasting your and her time. If you love her, pick up your sack and be her rock.

How much does she earn though? Is she just getting by or does she have a large disposable income? Unless she's got a big income, you'd be best to steer clear.

I meant casually in the sense that it was supposedly an exclusive relationship and she tole me she loves, it enevr became a formal gf/bf relationship tho.
Im mostly upset because I feel like I got played

>it was supposedly an exclusive relationship
>it enevr became a formal gf/bf relationship
Sounds more like you played yourself. If you were exclusive, you were bf/gf. If you weren't bf/gf, you weren't exclusive.

I do everything she asks of me. I'm also paying for 90% of loving expenses while she finished college even though my family is poor and she's loaded.

What more can I do really? She just doesn't have the same aspirations as me.

>I do everything she asks of me. I'm also paying for 90% of loving expenses
ahahahaahahahahahahaahhaha you are getting cucked m'lad.

Probably to be honest. Fuck it in getting a job over seas and leaving

Why didn't you say any of this before?
>I'm also paying for 90% of loving expenses while she finished college even though my family is poor and she's loaded.
That's your fault. Tell her that her family needs to pick up the slack.
>I do everything she asks of me
Do you love her? If you don't, then stop doing everything she asks of you and start making moves to go.
>What more can I do really?
Stop paying for things unnecessarily you idiot. Love doesn't mean you turn into a doormat.

Yeah! Good man.

I do love her. Her rationale behind the paying thing is that she will be making more upon joining the workforce (which is probably true she is an engineer)

>she is an engineer
Was she studying to be an engineer the entire last year and a half?
>I do love her
Alright, so do everything you can. When you feel like enough is enough, make your exit.
>Her rationale behind the paying thing is that she will be making more upon joining the workforce
I didn't ask you why you were paying. I said tell her that her family needs to pick up the slack.

>I didn't ask you why you were paying. I said tell her that her family needs to pick up the slack.
This. Dude if not for you her parents WOULD be paying her way. Why the fuck should you essentially be putting her through school?

It's a little hard to say. There's nothing wrong with spending that much over the course of however long, and everyone has their own hobbies. Have you tried selling your photography? If not then that's fine, I'm just curious.

I made a few bucks shooting event photos for a couple friends, but no, I've not tried to make it a profession. I kinda looked into the selling of photos, and I just didn't have the stomach for the world of stock photography... which is honestly the only place I could see money.

I think we have different kinds of friends and maybe different kinds of ex's. The only ex's I know who have said nasty shit about me were women who actually treated me badly during our (very short) relationships.

Most of the time when what an ex has said about me has gotten back to me, it's been pretty nice. And it's not like anyone would be lying if they said I have a small dick (it's smaller side of average).

Most of my female friends haven't shit-talked their ex's, except when they were complaining about not being treated well before or after breaking up. Dunno, maybe my dick size is common knowledge and no one talks shit about little dicks because they don't want to risk hurting my feelings.

At a minimum it means she probably likes your clothes (or likes the look of the guy wearing them), is mildly curious about you, and doesn't care to sit like a lady.

More importantly, why don't you think about what it means that you're asking this question, and then do something about it, if that's appropriate. (e.g. if you're interested in her, instead of waiting for a sign from the heavens that you should ask her out, just sack up and ask her out. It's extremely unlikely that you will fall over dead if she says no, and if she says yes, yay for you.)

The shit people are subjected to as kids often follows them into adulthood.

Is it weakness to feel hurt that someone you were developing feelings for decided they want to see someone else? Yeah, I suppose so, if you want to define weakness as being able to be hurt by someone else.

I certainly think that it's reasonable and very human to feel hurt in a situation like this. I think there's nothing wrong with feeling hurt, as long as you don't act like an asshole in retaliation for your hurt feelings. You said it was casual so she probably didn't think there was any need to be responsible to you about what she's doing or who she's seeing. That's kind of the definition of casual, yeah?

I think if you wanted more, you probably should have said something and maybe things would be different. Or at least maybe she would have thought to definitively end things with you first so you didn't have to find out the way you did.

Did you tell her how you felt about this? Does she just like him better, or is this her looking for someone who would be more serious? Or is she just wanting to experience dating/fucking a bunch of different guys without being responsible to anyone? Are you thinking that regardless of what the deal is, you don't want to be with her anymore at all?

But whatever, if you're done and you don't want to see her starting a relationship with another guy because it makes you feel like shit to see that, yeah, take her off your social media. Prioritize taking care of yourself and being able to move on over what other people think.

Attracted to my gf and we have sex everyday but there are so many girls in my uni walking around in slutty clothing and checking me out. I hate this feeling of wanting to fuck them, how do people surpress these urges? Its my first relationship ever

Oh I don't know, maybe try not to have sex with them? I know it's really hard not to just drop your pants in the middle of the quad and start pounding away at some hot piece of ass, but maybe try not to do that.

eh im problaby just being overactive/over anxious as this is the first time talking to someone new in a friend group I'm in that I think is cute, I got here snapchat so thats nice, ill just take it slow until I get to a point where I feel comfortable asking to hang out.

Do girls "cockblock" each other?

Do Jow Forums men make girls (especially "non-hot" ones) insecure?

This happened quite a few times and all the times we actually hooked up or dated for a while after a time.
>catch the girl "mirin"
>she starts looking away and picking her nails
>starts looking at other guys
>I ignore her at that point because it looks like she's a mare in heat
>time goes on and she keeps on doing this kind of shit every single time to the point where it annoys me so I hit on them to settle this shit
>turns out YEP, she was actually into me and we hook up/date

Is this some game women play or is it insecurity?
Because this shit never happened when I wasn't Jow Forums. It used to be a clear thing.

No, women are not like men and don't look at men for sexual compatibility. They look for social intelligence and also just fucking look around because it's awkward to stare at people you don't know, stop oversexualizing women.

Girls: What are some red flags when you meet a guy? What are some things that catch your interest?

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>every weekend go to coffee place
>few qts, one in particular I share smiles with and have mad small talk
>she touched my arm last time while saying hello. Was not waiting to be served

Plz send help. Do i need to meet girls out of the customer service environment or have I got an in here

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Femanons, if big dicks don't actually feel much better for sex, then what's the appeal?

Same reason men want variety in women. Faggot.

IS there an appeal? I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a woman complaining about small dicks, it just seems to be men.

Variety would imply a preference for many different sizes, not a preference for a particular end of the spectrum.



>Wake up at 5am every day for work
>Fell asleep at 7
>Wake up to 9 missed calls, a voice mail, and a string of texts from GF

Should I be concerned about this? It seems like early warning signs of clinginess.

... was there an emergency overnight?

No, we're just going dancing tomorrow night, I called her when I woke up (half an hour ago) and she started talking about how she was frustrated I don't use Facebook because she can't see if I'm using my devices and sort of hinted she wanted my parent's phone number so she could ask them what I'm doing (which seems... really weird? I do live on their second floor for rent so this is basically the equivalent of calling someone's landlord to find out if they're in)

>2 dates in, both went well, she seems super into me
>text and snap most of the day, every day
>respond to a text from Monday afternoon, ask her a couple of questions
>no response
>later that evening she checked a snap I sent her earlier that afternoon. didn't respond
>still heard nothing

Time to move on? I don't want to text her a follow-up because I think that would make me come off as desperate.

Oh ffs, yeah, she's ridiculously clingy. You need to nip that shit in the bud. Tell her literally that you were asleep and your parents were asleep, and that it'd be inappropriate for her to wake any of you up unless it's an emergency.

>I don't want to text her a follow-up because I think that would make me come off as desperate.
This is bro logic my dude. A follow-up is fine, multiple follow-ups are not fine. Shit honest to goodness can happen.

Other guy is right, also sending snaps is really low pressure because it doesn't necessarily require you to respond. Like, you can just send snaps of beautiful sunrises or funny shit you see in your day and it's way of letting her reply if she wants to but no pressure if she doesn't

There was an old PUA tech that's basically this with texting, you can send her funny shit that doesn't end in a question, let her reply if she wants to but show no neediness FOR a reply

Idk. I'm in a doctorate program at one of the top schools in the country for my field, so I like to think I'm a fairly rational and intelligent person.

That said, I think her lack of response is pretty damn rude. She checked my snap on Monday, and I can tell she snapped a bit today. So she's clearly using her phone. She's just not responding to the texts I sent Monday afternoon.

On one hand I really liked this girl and thought we clicked well, but on the other fuck this behavior.

>There was an old PUA tech that's basically this with texting, you can send her funny shit that doesn't end in a question, let her reply if she wants to but show no neediness FOR a reply
Yeah this actually is awesome. I picked this up from my ex, oddly enough. There are two tricks here: First, and one of my favorite, using filler responses is not only okay, but can really fuck with a girl's head. At least when doing IM-style conversation (texting can vary between girls, but if she's more IM-style it's usually okay). Leaving a girl on "Haha" is like an advanced version of leaving her on read, especially because it's so ambiguous.

Another trick my ex taught me, especially on FB messenger, is the use of stickers. Like literally just sending a sticker of something cute or funny, but not meaningful like hearts or something. It's not demanding a reply, but it's ambiguous enough that it pretty much requires one, whether it's "Lol what's that about?" or "That's cute, what's up?" (and your response would be something along the lines of "I thought you'd get a kick out of that.").

In the worst case, if something you send backfires, which has happened to me, you can always plead innocence; "I meant to send that to my brother" was my response when I sent a girl a COD griefing video (she'd mentioned she played COD with her brother so, genius me thought it made sense; little did I know it was pure casual play once or twice, and she was such a normie that she didn't know what "noob" meant.).

Lel dude relax. Remember that no matter how rational you think you are, you are firmly in the domain of feels at the moment. You literally just used the phrasing "come off as" which is totally subjective. The real thing that makes you seem desperate is if you freak out over the lack of one reply.

Is it important to assess whether she's interested? Yeah. But don't get so invested in a girl that you get angry if she replies. Until you've met up she's worthless to you.

>Idk. I'm in a doctorate program at one of the top schools in the country for my field, so I like to think I'm a fairly rational and intelligent person.
It's bro logic plain and simple. Go wave your dick elsewhere if you think being in school makes you somehow better at dating.

I mean holy fuck you're on snapchat. You have NO place acting like you're above it all. It's guys like you that fail the worst.

Yeah I like it. I like to spank and dominate my girl. All in moderation though. Sometimes I just want some slow passionate sex while looking into her eyes.

>women are not like men and don't look at men for sexual compatibility

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>But don't get so invested in a girl that you get angry if she replies. Until you've met up she's worthless to you.

We've been on two dates and fucked. Gauging interest is an on-going process, so of course I see this as relevant.

I didn't raise that to brag; rather, that my concerns extended beyond "bro logic." Idk why you're being pretentiously aggressive as that should have been readily apparent given the context.

Big dicks is a porn thing. Size queens exist but it's not as common as you think.

Oh man. Don't give her your parents phone number, she'll be calling them constantly to find out where you are.

No mind readers here dude. If you're interested in her, take a chance. Handing someone who's working a note with your number is a bit lower key than asking her out in front of her coworkers and may be easier for you. If she doesn't call, just ignore it and be friendly as usual.

I assume that it's kind of a new relationship or she would already have your parents' number (it's a safety/wellbeing thing, at some point you should really give her an emergency contact for you).

I think it's pretty normal for people to be anxious until they get to feeling more comfortable and secure. Unless she's accusing you of cheating on her and threatening to chop your dick off, I'd let it go. Tell her no, she can't have their number for the purpose of checking up on you, that communicating with her is a priority to you, and that you won't deliberately ignore her. (Assuming that all these things are true.)

And let her know that you like her (assuming this is true), and that she needs to be able to trust you. And if this is a committed relationship, tell her you take that seriously (again, assuming this is true).

I don't really bother to get angry or upset when someone decide to stop talking because, eh, shit happens. People change their minds about me, an ex pops back up, some other dude comes by that seems even better, whatever. It's a little disappointing, but better sooner than later. I'd probably give it another day then ask what's up.

I really don't give a fuck if someone thinks I'm desperate. Why would I? Especially why would I give a fuck about what someone thinks of me if she's about to be out of my life?

Yeesh, and I worry about coming off as clingy for being a bit miffed that my boyfriend forgot about our routine, same-day confirmed Skype call last night (and he didn’t even fall asleep, which I would have understood).

This sounds ultra clingy.

>I didn't raise that to brag; rather, that my concerns extended beyond "bro logic."
You're literally engaged in dickwaving if you think education puts you above picking up stupid shit like that. Is your graduate program in dating? No? Then drop the pretentiousness and listen to your elders, you fucking whelp.

Thanks user. I knew that was going to be the answer and asked it anyway. Time to man up.

would you fellas date a girl who's into vidya?

Sure, as long as I found the girl attractive (i.e. not overweight or heavier)