I've finally given into the no fap meme. Any advice to keep myself from falling into temptation?

I've finally given into the no fap meme. Any advice to keep myself from falling into temptation?

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You already said you did.

For it to work, you have to put yourself above porn. Don't see it as a temptation, as if you're 'abstaining' from it. You have to see it as something you don't even want to do - it has to really get to who you are. If you see it as a challenge, sooner or later you'll fail. But when it just becomes a resolve, of somethung that's just not part of who you are now, then you'll go through with it.

Lol what a retard

I'm sick of being tired and weak, I need that testosterone. I might actually improve myself and my life if I do.

Im in my first day and already feeling like a drug adict. Started since i can ONLY get hard watching porn. It feels like preassure in my head for not masturbathibg

Try r9k or pol
They are more up to speed with what to do or not do with their Willies in their free time

Just stop lol. After a week or two its no longer difficult .

I don't know about the testosterone stuff but I feel better in the sense that when I talk to people I don't have some secret dick stroking habit that I need to hide.

im a recovered drug addict and i actually used the same mantra for porn addiction. "Just for today" don't worry about keeping up a streak, or whats gonna happen tomorrow, or if you had a relapse yesterday or even an hour ago. Just for today, don't fap. And then tomorrow, say the same thing. Repeat as needed, clean for almost a year

you cannot do nofap and still post on Jow Forums.

this is the cardinal flaw most people overlook.

you can't disprove this

every fucking board you will see giant anime titys or some type of trigger

if you really are committed to nofap you must leave

i am speaking from experience, don't listen to these faggot half wits

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no fap is stupid, it's not like doing "no shitting". You're gonna shit sooner or later, and you're gonna cum sooner or later.

Notice how "wet dreams" stopped being a thing like a generation and a half ago? That's because people stopped giving into the fear of the church and started jerking off. Before that in the 1940s people would just be busting in their sheets while thinking about a dame's gams.

Porn is bad for you, but you can actually jerk off without porn. Most people did that just fine prior to like 2003.

Anime tiddies don't even do that much for me anymore anyway, we'll see what I find more important at that hurdle

>no fap is stupid
While I agree I think anyone that doesn't have willpower to go a month without jerking it really has an issue.

Unless you have a sexual partner you fuck regularly (which the vast majority of nofap people don't have) you cannot do nofap and not be a fucking moron either.

I find your claim that people didn't have porn prior to 2003 very dubious. In fact its bullshit. Playboy, video girls etc. At least if I start having wet dreams again I'll know i'm not completely depleted.

I'm doing it to add a bit of turgor to my life

If you're single and have give yourself no sexual release besides a girls sloppy cunt you can bet you'll be motivated to go out and approach women

Unlike most people here, I was alive before 2003 and actually no most people (kids and teens and young adults) didn't have porn because most people didn't have the internet at home.

Most people didn't want to face the embarrassment of going out to a corner store to buy a magazine of Hairy Pussy Monthly, or to go to the back section of a video club or inside of a sex store and be seen by someone they know or worse yet be served at the cash register by someone they know. or later be caught with any of that shit in their bedroom by their parents or wife or whatever.

We live in the future now and you can stream 1080p porn on your phone while taking a shit and no one knows about it. Kids spent the last 10-15 years growing up watching endless hours of unlimited free porn before their balls even dropped.

That's a bit of a pointless exercise of willpower. it'd be like going a month without sneezing.

Good point, but I imagine your standards will be lowered. Don't you want to fall in love? It's more complicated than just desperately needing to fuck someone.

I do want to fall in love, But I can hardly do that if my standards are too high either.

>That's a bit of a pointless exercise of willpower.
Oh I agree, but it's a pointless exercise of willpower that you should be capable of.

I will, this is my last day on Jow Forums till i break and fap to traps agains

So you think beating your dick will give you higher standards?

You think not beating your dick won't give you lower standards?

Yes. Porn is known to do that

Nofap is definitely a meme that won't fix your life, but it does have it merits I suppose.

Masturbation has helped keep men in line for ages, so to quit doing it entirely would lead to utter social chaos. We just live in a society that is so absurdly competitive that young people are resorting to drastic methods of self-control to gain some sense of power over their lives.

The only really beneficial aspect of nofap is that it helps practice becoming more disciplined which is really the main issue at hand here. People who cultivate discipline are far less likely to become distracted by stupid shit and are more likely to be capable of going through the motions necessary to become successful, healthy individuals (i.e. precisely what women are looking for in a mate).

If you are hoping that by quitting jacking off you a woman is going to miraculously fall into your lap, then you are sorely mistaken. However, if your aim is to improve your self-control and increase your self-discipline, then this may work for you.

You're better off just working out, though.

I was circumcised 2 weeks ago and doc said no fapping or sex for a month because of stitches and stuff, so wew lads Im on a forced medical nofap. And I have to say that I have no difficulty whatsoever.
I don't know if its because Im terrified of the wound healing in a wrong way or stitches fucking up if I fap, but I just in no way feel tempted to wank, even thou I have erotic dreams(with no finish because stitched dick wakes me up) and incidental erections when I think of naughty things, but still I dont feel the want to fap.
I'll probably wank to test my new cut dick as soon as doc moishe gives me the greenlight.
I definately dont want to quit fapping forever(since there is nothing wrong with masturbation), but this period of nofap shows me that I am able to reduce frequency of wanks, which Im willing to do

I lack the energy/motivation to get much out of working out. I'm hoping nofap will help with that a bit.

I don't know. It's more about motivation for me than standards. If i'm jerking it then why am I going to risk rejection and embarrassment to meet women?

Not in a healthy way. It's not like all these porn addicts on Jow Forums are meeting tons of women. Better to approach and hone your social skills than sit in a dark basement stroking yourself.

It won't. Exercising is extremely intimidating and painful if you haven't done it in a long time, but once you get started and stick to your regiment, then it becomes much easier and significantly improves your mood and energy levels overall.

Don't sit around waiting for nofap to do the work for you, bro. You have to do it yourself.

I tried sticking to an exercising regiment. I never felt an boost in my energy, At this point the workout isn't even that challenging, it just hurts a bit.

this is 1000000000% true. You seriously need to get off the fucking internet if you're gonna do nofap. Which is fine. More often than not, porn/fap addiction is merely a byproduct of a greater addiction to the internet.

So yea, OP, think about it like this. You don't "lose" when you give in to the urge to fap, you "lose" when you expose yourself to something that CAUSES the urge to fap. Avoiding erotic imagery all together is the true metagame of nofap.

Just fap but using imagination

That at least sounds somewhat sustainable. I was expecting it to be hard.

That fixes nothing.

If quitting the Internet is an easy task for you, I envy your willpower. This imageboard shit might as well be a hard drug addiction as far as my brain is concerned.

>That fixes nothing.
That fixes the porn thing, which is the only thing nofap fixes.

You can still be on Jow Forums's blue boards.

cause I mean if just the kind of things that get posted on a SFW board is enough to get your dick hard then you're gonna get a hard dick while seeing ads on a bus stop and then run home and masturbate to pictures of a woman that's on the back of a cereal box or something cause she's riding a bike or whatever

that's why nofap is fucking stupid


Done. Next challenge.