Best place to find gf material?

Enjoyed the single life for a few months but it's time to find a new gf. I absolutely despise dates so I want to make this process as efficient as possible by dodging the thots and boring couchpotatos.

What are your go-to spots to find gf-tier girls?

previously I've just dated girls from social circle or school but i don't know any good available options from those pools. Thinking of joining some co-ed sports groups.

> inb4 bars
i said no thots and also "going out" sucks I'd rather get a 6er with the crew

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You can meet the girls you are looking for almost everywhere and yes even in bars.
>but only thots go out to bars
Thats not true and you know it
Go and put some effort into it man

>I absolutely despise dates so I want to make this process as efficient as possible
How do you expect to get a GF without dating? I mean, that's a standard part of the process as far as i know.

School would probably be the best route honestly, there’s plenty of girls there and you’ll most likely find one a good one in the bunch, my gf is pretty introverted and doesn’t have a lot of friends so we hang out at home a lot, occasionally going out to dinner or with friends. If you’re not having luck with girls in your classes/social circles you can try joining clubs or something you can find girls who are more likely to share similar interests

>in your classes/social circles you can try joining clubs
I'm not a little schoolboy

His point (and I agree with it) is that bars are a crapshoot. Sure you're right, not literally every girl that goes out to bars is a thot, but a ton of them sure as shit are and you have no way of really knowing whether you struck it lucky without putting time into it.

>I absolutely despise dates
>dodging the thots and boring couchpotatos
>i said no thots and also "going out" sucks
>I'm not a little schoolboy

No one this crotchety and negative is appealing to interact with, man or woman.


I am not joking, the kind of young women that go to the church tend to actually be really kinky and settling down with someone in the way is rooted on them.

>old monuments or monumental graveyards

They are usually goth hot spots due to the aesthetic. Usually you have to join their clique by being a metal head or if you look like a basedboy makeup and some dark clothes do it. Plus points if you are also a /x/tard

Technically bars. But mind you that the women that go there are already expecting
some male attention.

What if you were never baptized, have never been to a religious service, and have no idea about the social conventions of a church service? Anyway, from what I've heard churches are all old people.


>I want a gf but I'm not willing to go out to meet them or go on dates

Get a hooker or enjoy your hand


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Okay so what I’ve gathered is you don’t want to put the effort in by going on dates but also don’t want to pick up sleazy whores? Are you really that delusional that you think the perfect specimen is gonna fall into your lap while you’re eating leftover takeout over a folding table in front of your couch? Here’s my advice, get a grip on reality, realize you’re a piece of shit, get your life together, work on your self confindence by hitting the gym eating better etc. and leave the comfort of your self pity stained couch. Once you find a woman worth being in a relationship, actually put forth effort and go on dates because I pray any girl worthy of someone’s time would stay as far away from you as possible in your current state

But I didn't choose to not be religious

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Let me tell you whats got me laid plenty and a few serious relationships including my now wife, in the form of how this conversation has gone on adv for 12 years now.

>Get an active social life in things that interest and empower you. There will be women there who think like you, and some will fall for you. Thats the fastest way to a woman who matches you.

Adv reaction

>OUTRAGEOUS. OP listen to this PUA bullshit i heard on the internet and swear by because im a virgin and have a bleak and hive mind view of women.

This OP.. Holy shit.

What interests did you personally do, as examples? I'm not OP but I've also kind of exhausted my social circle and coworkers, and most of my hobbies are solitary or masculine.

My book details 42 places to meet and pick up women. Here's the list (will take me multiple posts as it's long):

>Whether you're ready for it or not, life will direct you to love. Keep your mind and heart open for that hottie and make her yours. She is out there, you only need to get outside and put yourself in situations to increase your odds of finding her. You will likely find your true love in one of the following 42 places to meet and pick up women.

>1. Airplane or airport. When traveling by plane and you have a hottie seated next to you or in your immediate row you need to take advantage of the “coincidence.” I believe most things happen for a reason and there are few random accidents or occurrences in life. Even if you are not destined to be with her, she may have a friend who is perfect for you.
>On the return trip home, scope out women in the terminal area who are taking the same plane. If there is a layover at the next leg of the flight, ask her if she wants to get a bite to eat with you and kill some time together.
>You can also hit up the airport lounge or restaurant bars and talk up honeys as they sip on their apple martinis to erase pre-flight jitters.

>2. Bars. Restaurant bars are always the best choice and my personal favorite as there is no pressure. Franchise places like TGI Fridays and Texas Roadhouse are perfect to meet and pick up women. Go right after work or when a game is on.
>Beer gardens and tasting events are great for discovering new varieties and also meeting like-minded beer-swilling ladies.
>Of course your neighborhood dive bar is the most effective for when you are looking to hook up and not seeking quality girlfriend material.

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Divorce courts

>3. Beach. The beach is like a nightclub in blinding daylight except you get to scope out femenina bodies on the down low with sunglasses on. Women are basically gallivanting about in their bras and panties. No Spanx, corsets, push up bras, or carefully positioned clothes hiding fat rolls of reality.
>Set yourself apart from other guys who wear their gym clothes to the beach and get in surfer dude mode. Invest in a cool pair of sunglasses, brightly-colored swim shorts, and sandals– something an Alpha surfer would wear. By looking the part you become the person, at least in her eyes.
>The beach sand itself is not as effective a place to pick up as the snack bar area is. Baking in the sun works up an appetite, thirst, and major horniness. Hang around the snack bar area, sip on a soda, and be ready to do your thing. Be careful you don't pick up a secret psycho.

>4. Book reading. Poetry, book readings, and annual book sales are hottie conventions. A lot of low mileage beauties with few previous owners. Even if you don't like the author, or ever read his stuff before, these events are more than standing in line for a quick autograph. Typically, the author will read passages from his book and answer questions from the audience. If you don't meet a Book Girl, I guarantee you will learn something new and expand your boundaries.

>5. Bookstore. Mega bookstores are best for the sheer number of customers and employees. I was lucky to experience Powell's Books and Bookmans– gigantor used book stores.

>I picked up a fascinating book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki, one day in Bookmans. The pink-haired cashier tells me she personally put the book on the “Recommended by Staff” shelf less than an hour ago. She thought about reading it herself as liked the book cover with the butterflies and catchy title. Sounded magical, she says.
>I tell her Kawasaki was one of Apple's founders and thank her for putting the book out there for me. Her first computer was a Macintosh. Mine was a Commodore 64, I say. She laughs– her older brother had one.
>This is one of those moments life gives you a brief opening to ask a woman out and I am considering it. I have ten seconds to make a decision. I do the ring check and take a deep look into her eyes and see all sorts of hippie chick razzle dazzle craziness. The eyes tell no lies.
>She definitely owned a snake or two, possibly a Capuchin monkey like Marcel from her favorite show Friends, or a red-eyed white ferret. She's also likely nursing an orphaned baby bird.
>Maybe I'll pass for now. I can always come back if I want to hook up. Screw it, I like crazy. Am into it big time. Crazy is fun. Besides, she obviously likes me. Might as well see what happens.
>I ask to borrow a pen and write my name and number down on the back of the sales receipt and slide it to her. Tanya texts me later that evening. Doesn't own any pets but does have nipple and genital piercings.

>6. Career fairs. You don't even have to be looking for a new job. Sometimes it is a good idea to see what is out there and check out companies on the up and up. Plus, there are oodles of hot women that attend these.
>I went to a mega job fair at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum that had tens of thousands of attendees and got two numbers, one from a job seeker like me and the other from a corporate rep.

>Even smaller events draw a thousand or several hundred people and will provide pick up opportunities for you. Figure at least half the people there will be women.
>Put on a sharp suit, bring plenty of personal business cards, and keep your résumé in a professional-looking folder or binder. Don't bring a briefcase unless you are there to market your own enterprise. You don't want to look like a try hard.

>7. Church. You don't have to be religious to visit a church with the aim to meet women. A lot of secret hotties. Bring a few dollars for the donation pot, smile, nod, shake a few hands, find a nice place to sit, and go on the hunt for Jesus-loving honey bunnies.
>Many churchgoers participate simply for the community aspect and to feel part of something larger than themselves. If you want to find a potential wife with minimal mileage on her fun bits, find a large church in your area and give it a try.
>Churches offer special events throughout the year that draw huge crowds and women who may not attend services on a regular basis. Harvest Festivals, Greekfests, craft fairs, musical productions, fun runs, and Christmas plays are ample times to pick up a wifey.

>8. Coffee shop. Baristas and the clientèle are mostly women. Since there are so many, try every Starbucks or independent coffee shop in your area and scope out baristas, women who hang out there, siphon off the WIFI, and find a favorite location for a first date spot.

>9. Concert. Women are in full party mode at concerts. The packed quarters make for a lot of incidental body contact. Certain bands have more female fans than others. If you want to hook up, concerts where the attendees will likely be dancing (electronic dance music, for example) draw the most women.

>10. Convenience store. Service workers are the easiest women to talk to, get to know a little, then ask out.

>Unlike randomly meeting a woman out and about with the strong chance you will never see her again, a woman who works in service is always there.
>You want to strike quick once you see a cutie you like as she won't be available long with all the dudes she comes across. Find a reason to visit repeatedly, like every day for three days straight. See if she remembers you. If she does recall you out of the hundreds of people she interacts with in a work day there is real opportunity there for you. Inquire if she's seeing anyone. If not, ask her if she would like to go out some time.

>11. Conventions. Marketing, health, consumer, electronic, technology, science, and comic conventions are as ripe with women as career fairs. It's a less serious atmosphere as well.
>These events sometimes need volunteers but the best way to meet hot women is either as an attendee or by having a booth. Some conventions are small and informal while others are huge with tens of thousands of attendees like the American Academy of Audiology's yearly event. Attend the lectures conventions offer and sit next to hotties that catch your eye.
>During the lunch break, join a partially full table and strike up conversations. Ask, “Mind if I join you?” No one ever says, “No, get lost” unless they are saving the seat for someone.
>Like you would do at a career fair, have plenty of personal business cards (or calling cards) with you and hand them out to every interesting woman you talk to.

>12. Cosmetology school. Also known as beauty schools, this is hot chick central. The students need practice cutting and styling real hair and the schools offer discount haircuts for men. You are not guaranteed to have a hottie cut your hair but the odds are good, plus it is trippy being in an environment where women are learning beautification techniques.

>13. Craft fair. The majority of vendors at craft fairs will be women. Also, most of the attendees will be women who, by nature, love to shop and always find places to make it happen.
>Women who make and sell jewelry, stained glass, ceramics, and homemade foods love to talk about their craft. If you see a beauty you like, wait until her booth is quiet then spring into action.

>14. Dog park. Borrow a friend's dog and notice how every woman you happen across will want to pet the dog. A dog is a hottie magnet. A puppy is even stronger in the magnetism. Women who would never stop to talk to you will gladly strike up conversation when you have a dog in tow. There is commonality. It can be the ugliest and smelliest mutt and she will still think it's cute.
>I have a hunch that guys who own dogs get more dates than those who don't. Part of it is they are forced to go outside more often, walk Bowser around, and take the poop machine to places like the dog park and interact with other dog owners.
>If you know a woman has a dog and you are about to meet it for the first time, dab some uncooked bacon on your shoes and lower pant legs. The dog will wildly sniff and lick your feet and pants. She will think the dog loves you.

>15. Family, friends, co-workers. The classic blind date. Except blind dates aren't so blind anymore with social media, are they? Once you have your life together enough to procure a blind date from a family member, friend, or co-worker this can be a huge way to meet an interesting woman.
>I've been set up a few times and nothing much came out of it. The main reason is it's difficult to be as aggressive as you'd like. For example, my mom once set me up with a co-worker from her bank. It was a good match as the co-worker was an ultra hottie but I felt like I had to be careful with anything I did or said as it could be reported back to the parental unit.

>16. Farmer's market. Hot women love getting their fruits and veggies from these places. Pick up a honey along with some fresh rhubarb. Like craft fairs, a majority of vendors will be women.
>There is always a super chill vibe at a farmer's market and a way to ask her out is to talk about food and cooking. Women who buy and sell there tend to be accomplished cooks so definite wifey material for sure.

>17. Fast food. You can see how she works under pressure and interacts with her team of co-workers. You also see her looking her least polished. If she's attractive in her work uniform imagine how hot she will look dressed up for a night out with you.
>It is not an easy pick up situation since she will rarely be alone and out of earshot of management and co-workers.
>Like service workers, if you see a smiley fox working at a fast food joint you have temporary opportunity staring you in the face. Always keep in mind, you have a lot hidden competition as you aren't the only dude interested in her. She's got at least a few — if not several dozens — customers and co-workers with a genuine crush. Once you assess she is potentially available (no wedding or engagement ring) let your honed instincts take over.

>18. Flea market. More permanent than craft fairs that only pop up periodically, flea markets are typically indoors and open all year round. The vendors are self-sufficient small business owners, subsisting on the sales of their wares, and not tied into normal work hours. You start dating her and you will benefit from not hearing the same tired out Groundhog Day work stories over and over again.

>If you are not able to work your mojo the first time you see her at the table or booth go another day or week and be a little more prepared for next time. Use preparation to your advantage and mentally practice what you plan to say to her. Do research about the stuff she sells. This is a huge commonality because if you show knowledge and curiosity in what she makes and sells she will potentially be more interested in you in return.

>19. Grocery store. Endless numbers of hotties plus the grocery store is a great place to practice flirting with women who you have no intention of picking up. It is a controlled situation where people adhere to a set routine and state of normalcy. Some of my best impromptu comedy has been shared with patrons and cashiers while waiting in the grocery line.
>The grocery store line is interesting on a couple levels. First, it is an environment with little chance of cock blocking. You also get to see what she is buying and can get a tiny window into her personality. She's looking at what you're buying too so hide the toe fungus cream. If the hottie is in front of me in line I will put all the healthy stuff — fruits, veggies, orange juice — up front first and create a little wall to hide my more nefarious food choices, toilet paper, and Trojan Magnum XLs. I'll do the reverse if she is standing behind me.
>I'm not much of a wine drinker but if you want to take it up a notch, pick up a decent bottle of white or red wine. Her eyes will be drawn to the label as women tend to love wine. By having the bottle there it is a conversation igniter.
>I have a wingman in the cashier. He is my ally and co-host for the little Late Night with Brett Hunter special. I have two minutes to entertain and cement an impression. Work on your banter material if you do not get at least a smile and bright eyes from the cashier and your lady of interest.

>The gossip rag section with its glorious tabloids and eye-grabbing outlandish headlines are conversation starters staring you in the face and a way to showcase your sense of humor and produce easy laughs.
>“Oh my God! Brad Pitt is an alien?”
>Then all you need to do is point at the cartoonish cover and let the laughs and conversation begin. If you have her laughing, see if you can't talk to her on the way out of the store or in the parking lot and get her number.

>20. Gym. There is a lot of male competition at the gym but few dudes have the balls to walk up to a strong honey and strike up a conversation with her. Most guys are content to stare at her from afar and add her to their masturbatory repertoire. Guys are often intimidated by women who work out, especially ladies who lift weights. These hard bodies tend to be amazing in bed as they are in touch and have complete athletic control of their bodies and nether regions.
>The best areas to chat up a gym chick is the treadmill area, the squat rack/Smith machine, and before the start of specialized classes like cycling, cardio, athletic dance (Zumba), and bootcamp-style group classes. The numbers will work in your favor in one of these cardio classes as it is mostly women who take them– and the hottest, fittest women at that.

>21. Laundromat. When living in an apartment building or complex you are typically forced to use a community laundry or laundromat. It's a hot spot to pick up women and scope out a lace bra or two.

>22. Library. A quiet space like this gives you ample opportunity and time to do your Alpha pick up women thing in a space where people are a bit different and intellectually refined than usual. You'll find focused kittens reading, studying, writing, and using their computers.

>You will be amazed at the sheer number of hotties working or hanging out in the public or college library. They are everywhere. Find somewhere to sit with a vantage point of the entrance and book check out area and watch an educated honey walk right into your life.

>23. Mall. Take a walk through your local mall and you will see hot women everywhere. They work in the stores, the food court, and they of course shop there.
>The kiosks are a perfect place for one-on-one pick up machinations as the women working the perfume/cologne counters are flirty and rarely busy. Even if they have a boyfriend, you likely can bang them out on the side.
>Don't let female-centric stores like Bebe, Bath and Body Works, or Victoria's Secret deter you. These are the honey pots as few guys dare to enter. You can pretend you need to buy a gift (or gift card) for your sister or mom. Play a little dumb and ask for gift idea help. She gets to play expert while you work your mojo.
>If you are motivated enough you can walk into a mall, talk up a few women and walk out the door in less than an hour with at least one phone number.

>24. Meetups. Every city has Meetup groups. They are an easy way to meet eager women at low stress singles events. I participated in Meetup events in New York and later in Portland and got numbers from women every time out.
>Think about it. These are women who have tried all the other traditional outlets. They are desperate to meet a guy. Plus, it doesn't take much to be one of the top dogs in the Meetup events you participate in as the guys don't have much of a pick up game.

>25. Nightclubs. Women can spend hours getting ready for a night out at the club. Perfect makeup and styled hair, outfit short and tight. They will face subzero temperatures to not have to check a sweater or coat.

>The typical club going hottie is looking for a male unicorn she will never find but will settle for a guy with a smooth rap when closing time comes. You can score at a nightclub if you are Alpha acting and dressed well. Learn how to dance and increase your chances to hook up.
>Have your place in hotel mode because if you hit it off with a nightclub chick there is a strong chance she will be coming home with you to squeak your futon frame.

>26. Nonprofit fundraising events. Supreme hottie pick up opportunities as these activities always have a lot more women involved, especially at the huge fundraising Walks. These are the organization's biggest money makers.
>See what events are coming up at nonprofits in your area. Take it to the next level and send an email or call to see if they need volunteers for upcoming events. Trust me, they always do and never turn down an extra body– even if you have no skills, technical, social, or otherwise. I helped manage several Walks and simple stuff like taping up signs, acting as human guideposts, disseminating shirts and name tags, and doing after event clean up spreads the core staff thin.

>27. Open mic night. This is a perfect place to meet a woman not afraid to break out of her shell. Creative women make great conversation, are mentally energetic, and actively live life. Women like this are strong wifey material. You watch her do her set, some non sequitur spoken word ramble. Buy her a drink and talk to her about it afterward. She will appreciate the company.

>28. Pet store. There are numerous low maintenance secret hotties working in pet stores. You won't ever find an overly made up sorority girl there. I met a fun Bambi who worked in the fish department of Petsmart and dated her for several months until I could no longer handle the mental age gap.

>29. Political rally or protest. In today's politically-charged environment there seems to be a protest happening on an almost daily basis. They were sometimes downright comical in Portland as the outrage was spread so wide.
>What I noticed was the huge number of women, some vocal most not, who would attend these gatherings. I think some of the ladies only went because their friends were going so it became a thing to do.
>Whenever I saw a cutie I'd sidle up to her and ask, “What's going on?” This would ignite the spark of conversation and if she was into me I would take things from there.

>30. Public transportation. The daily morning and evening commute provides opportunity to make small talk with all sorts of women. Scope out hotties you like and be in their vicinity at least a few days a a week. Doesn't have to be every single day but repetition breeds familiarity and comfort.
>If she looks over at you more than once she is giving you an invitation to strike up conversation. The best place is the actual station or stop.

>31. Shared hobby. By doing activities you enjoy you will eventually happen across a lady who not only shares similar interests but also makes your willie tingle.
>A specialized hobby, like a writer's group, can give a future couple the glue to make a relationship last for the long term.
>Participatory sports is a great way to meet a honey. Look into volleyball, kickball, and other sports with a large female to male ratio. Check the newspaper for co-ed sports in your area or hang around the local park to find games in action and see if they are looking for additional players.

>32. Sporting event. Women will go to a football, basketball, or baseball game exclusively to meet guys. They will attend in groups for the safety factor.
>Next time you see a game with a friend or two use the power of the wingman to not only hook yourself up but your buddy too.

>If he sees someone he likes and she has a friend go up to the one he likes and say, “Hey, my friend Brian over there thinks you're cute. Want to meet him?”
>Say something funny to put the hook in her, even if it's not true. It can be something like, “Brian's still a virgin but don't tell him I told you.”
>If Brian looks like he has his act together, she will say “Sure!” and drag the group with her. This is when you chat up the honey you like and see if she clicks with you.
>Another move is to approach the group and ask one of them to take your picture. You hand over your phone, she takes a few shots, then you say, “While you have my phone, can you put your number into my contacts?”

>33. Theatre group. Every town has a community theatre group trying to survive on a minimal budget. They are always looking for people and many acting roles you don't even have to speak. They need people to play sentient trees and help with stage set ups and break downs. You will have an advantage in that large numbers of guys in the theatre scene do not date women.

>34. Tourist areas. Women on vacation are looking for fun with a guy and, even if it's only a day or two fling, sometimes it can turn into actual romance. Hang out near a famous landmark, offer to take her photo. Selfies can only do so much. If you are a local, you can offer to give an insider tour of the sites and, later on, the layout of your apartment.

>35. Training class. Look at the local newspaper and your community college website for off-the-grid educational classes. If you're smart, you will pick something women will more likely be interested in like gardening and cooking. You want the numbers to skew in your favor and not have to compete much with other dudes.

>36. Universities. You don't even need to go to the college to pick up women there. Walk around the campus. During lunch is a perfect time. Look up the class schedules as obviously a lot of foot traffic before and after classes.
>Choose to live in a city with a monster-sized university, like the University of Arizona with its 45,000 students, and you will be allotted an endless supply of young hot women to choose from.
>You can score hot Bambis at bars close to a college. It's easy to hook up at these college bars– especially if it is a night with a home basketball or football game. By wearing the colors and bad ass team shirt you will fit in and increase your chances of connecting with a sport-loving bunny.

>37. Vacation. An excellent way to meet women from a different state or country. Who knows, maybe your true love doesn't even live on the same continent as you. Sign up with a tour group. The single people tend to conjugate (and hook up with each other) and let the couples do their own thing.
>If you want to hook up with multiple women, go on a single's boat cruise. There is a cruise to fit all themes. Even your favorite band may have their own cruise.

>38. Volunteer opportunities. Most cities have annual community events like trash clean up at the beach, river, lake shore, and park. Help out with a food drive or soup kitchen on a holiday. Single women volunteer not only to do good for society but also to meet kind-hearted guys.

>39. Waiting in line. Life sets you up for success by having you stand in front of a honey waiting in line at the post office. This is no accident. You are being offered a chance at love and all you have to do is open your mouth and speak a few sentences. To get started, talk about the obvious situation at hand. “Long line huh?”

>40. Wedding. Women will be looking their absolute best at a wedding. The alcohol is flowing, romance is in the air. There will always be at least a few friends and relatives of the bride and groom who are single and looking hard for a new guy.

>41. Weight Watchers. You are not the only one looking to reinvent their self. You don't even have to be that heavy to join a weight loss program. Fifteen pounds overweight and you are good to go. Mostly women join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem but there are small numbers of guys who also participate. You think many of these dudes are there to learn healthy eating habits and drop a few pounds? Nope. They are there to score a scrotum sorceress.
>Most towns have multiple meeting locations so you can try different ones in your area and see if you can't score a BBW. Weight Watchers also has a strong online community where you can connect with women outside your regional meeting group.

>42. Workplace. Never shit where you eat and never date someone from work. It's irresistible, though, when sharing the same space with an attractive woman for eight hours and you develop an inescapable attraction to her. You just have to be a little careful how you proceed.
>Depending on the size of the company and how much of your reputation you want to risk, dating women from work is the golden ticket for many guys. The bigger the company the more opportunities for you and much easier to date undetected. It's seemingly a no lose situation.
>Some workplace environments offer a lot more hook up and dating opportunities. You work as a waiter, busser, host, manager, or bartender at a restaurant, especially a major corporate chain, your sniper rifle will never be cold.
>The workplace is perfect for forced interactions with hot women who in normal circumstances may never give you the time of day. Here, you get to work closely with her on a project and smell her perfume all day. Utilize these opportunities in a proactive manner. Stay away from gossip and talking badly about anyone. If she does, let her vent but give neutral replies. Until you can trust her, keep your cards close to your chest.
>She may bait you: “Isn't our boss like totally an asshole?”
>“Uhhh, he's okay,” you say. “Maybe he's stressed out.”
>I've had success and epic disaster dating co-workers. You can lose your focus at work when sexual feelings and actions get involved– barriers are blurred, worlds collide. Work gossip, or fake rumors, can bury you and derail your career. If things go sour, and they usually do, you don't want her sharing secrets you told her during pillow talk.
>There are many plates to spin if you get with a co-worker, even if she's in another department. The sexual tension and drama can add hotness and intensity to the situation but also cloud your mind and judgement abilities.

>It is exciting and empowering, however, especially in a larger company and she is a huge catch. Every guy who works there wants her attention. Knowing you are getting with one of the hottest women in the company is an intoxicating ego boost. Have your fun but be prepared for if and when it implodes.

Hope you liked what I shared. I'll post more sections from Pickup Artist Bible in the future.

Here's the description and contents. If you see something you really want I will post it for you:

>Divided into three powerful sections, the 210-page Pickup Artist Bible contains no fluff, no BS- just all the information you need to learn how to meet, pick up, and successfully date the woman of your dreams.

>Section 1: How to Create a New You

> - Never be yourself >>> page 2
> - 38 ways to create a new you >>> page 5
> - 6 ways to make a perfect first impression >>> page 41
> - 6 secrets of a goldilocks handshake >>> page 47
> - 9 communication tips >>> page 51

>Section 2: How to Meet and Pick Up Women

> - Know what women want and need >>> page 65
> - 10 ways to know she is attracted to you >>> page 67
> - Recognize when she doesn't like you >>> page 70
> - 17 keys to picking up women >>> page 71
> - 11 types of women you will meet >>> page 88
> - How to pick up women online >>> page 94
> - 42 places to meet and pick up women >>> page 108

>Section 3: Dating, Relationship, Sex Secrets

> - 66 kick ass date ideas >>> page 133
> - 13 steps to first date magic >>> page 146
> - 8 ways to make her yours >>> page 165
> - 9 ways to make a relationship last >>> page 174
> - 7 expert sex tips and tricks >>> page 186
> - 9 stages of foreplay >>> page 190

Last but not least, I made a trip so you'll always know when I'm posting. And hey, if you like the Pickup Artist Bible then you'll love my second book when it comes out: How To Go Gay. Unfortunately I don't have a bookcover to post yet since it's still in the works, but I'll post it when I get one. This book essentially takes up where my last book left off. Once you've mastered the art of opening a woman's legs, I'll teach you how to open a man's ass (or in my case, how to get him to open your ass!). Like in my first book, Pickup Artist Bible, How To Go Gay draws upon my own personal experiences extensively. I'll walk you through all of the different strategies, tips, and tricks that I personally have employed and found to be extremely useful in my travels across the world. With these little secrets, I've turned hundreds of everyday encounters with different men into hot, steamy man-on-man penetration (or should I say, man-on-Brett penetration). I've taken miles and miles of hard wood right into my bum, and with my help you can too!