Trying to find work

I live in the buttfuck suburbs of vegas where theres very little opportunity. No drivers license and live with mom. I despise working with food and catering/tray passing. What can i do?
I just want to start saving up for my own place.
What is the best action I can take? In a year I plan on going back to school hopefully but until then I want to do something instead of jacking off to doujins.

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> a minimum wage job is a minimum wage job, get any
> study for your permit and pass the test
> practice driving with your mom around the neighborhood
> pass the driving test
> get your license
> get your own car and maybe beg your mom to help buy a cheap one
> get a gf
> move in with together and split the bills
I'm in a similar predicament too OP and I just got my license at 21. I don't have a gf yet though, but I don't jack off to anime so there's that. Good luck

How old are you? Ever had a job? Best options if not food, try a grocery store, retail (target, Walmart, fucking big lots) ask friends and family for work

im 20. Right now I work catering very sporadically because my mom is an event planner at the company. I really fucking hate that scene. Ive applied to grocers near me and they never replied. i could always reapply i guess.

You need work. Do you have a HS Diploma or GED? Keep working catering whenever you can, as shitty as it is, money is money. Plus you having some kind of income puts less stress on your family, especially your mom. If you apply for a job, go in person and ask for the hiring manager. Introduce yourself and tell them you applied. I’m life is hard as shit OP. Get a license, and then maybe a scooter, cheap to buy, maintain, insure. Ninja 250 are cheap.

You’re in Vegas, you can become a dealer, good dealers make great money

What do you want to go to school for OP

>HS Diploma or GED
>Keep working catering whenever you can
yep i have an event for tomorrow though its the first in months. My plan is to get a more stable/enjoyable job maybe make a friend or two doing it (maybe even gf)
>get a scooter
Sounds cool. what im seeing is a full blown bike though.
ikr i fucking hate this city. its just full of scummy people and schmoozers.
Man I really want to get an engineering degree of some sort but mentally im not there yet. I want to see if i can become indepentant.
this is my overarching timeline.
independent->getting hungry for knowledge/desire for more in my life-> get an education

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>having children is a literal and metaphorical city of human filth
You should hate your parents.

>>having children is a literal and metaphorical city of human filth

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I meant in not is. I realize that typo kinda ruins the post.

Oh you typoed. No we moved here. My mom and dad split up in the east coast when i was like 14 or so and she took me and drove us cross country and plopped us down in vegas. i do hate certain aspects of them both though. I never grew up needy other than better parenting. I never really had much of a dad. only shadows and values of his. My dad did what he could for me with the job he had.

I’m gonna be real w you OP. You can’t afford a nice motorcycle with a catering job, or really any job with your skill set. You have to snap out of this illusion my man. You want independence, as any young man should - completely natural. If you want an education, stay at home, get educated. The world is very expensive. Sure you could get roommates and move out but you’ll find that will only lead to problems. Do you do any drugs? I’m not judging you OP I have my own problems and fuck ups. Make a list of what you need to do and then do it. Failure is right around the corner. Shits scary man

No i dont do drugs. I have 2 years of college already but I did shitty in it and i dont feel like wasting more of my parents money. I dont expect to really afford anything too big right off the bat but I need to start somewhere.

When you can move to the midwest.
Places like kcmo have a fuck ton of jobs if youre not lazy.

Source: finally self sufficient with no school past hs diploma, yay gr8 job market

You’re in Vegas and you don’t do drugs. That’s something to be proud of, well done OP. You have 2 years so an associates? In arts or sciences? Can you not transfer to a uni? Well so far you need a drivers license, stupid easy to obtain. Do you have any skills? If you have a degree that tells employers you can accomplish something. You could get a better job than you realize

what kind of jobs? Like metal working, assembly etc? I heard something similar not too long ago from this same board

no its an unfinished bachelors. I am taking a break from college because I did shit and am not sure if its for me.

**forgot to add. As far as skills i am able to work my way around computers and stuff. Ive never had an issue with learning something that I wanted to learn so im not a retard. I was aiming for a BS aswell

Finish the degree OP. You can still obtain it! It may take you a little longer but so what? Time goes by either way. If you have to find a job to pay for it do that. You could become certified in something, computing, EMT, wielding. Those schools are cheap compared to uni and take about 6 months. Research jobs that are in demand in Vegas. Fuck man sooo many options out there. Start small, and go from there. You can 100% do this shit. Find god maybe

yeah i still want to get a degree. Im just tired of failing and stuff and i am just starting to realize that all im doing is compromising because i think school is hard. I dont know. I guess its easy to blame people for not teaching you things you expect from them.

Ill go back to school but I do want a part time/full time job for in the meanwhile. It will be a full year until the next fall semester starts so I need to save up for some of the expense.
one way or another life gets their pound of flesh.

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