Is it possible to avoid a girl with a slutty past...

is it possible to avoid a girl with a slutty past? like I dont care if a girl has had sex in a few relationships or something but I dont really want a girl thats fucked and done tons of stuff with strangers or flashed their tits on spring break or uploaded nudes on the internet or something?

or is that impossible and should i just be a slut myself and die alone?

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Stop watching porn user.
Believe it or not, most women won't just jump on a cock because it's whipped out, or flash their tits for a beer.

>uploaded nudes on the internet
That's usually the dude so you would need to find a girl who doesn't send naked pictures to their bfs.
You can usually find someone < 22 who has had minimal sex but once anyone starts putting out they usually want to keep having sex when they move to a new relationship.

>is it possible to avoid a girl with a slutty past?
The fact that you felt the need to ask this question says to me that you're not a normal person with adequate social skills.

or I have standards

I mean like on soc and gonewild on reddit type shit

>or I have standards
That is irrelevant to my statement. Everybody has standards. The fact that you, for some reason, find "slutty" women completely unavoidable is abnormal. You see, normal people know how to develop social circles and surround themselves with like minded people with similar values. If you are unable to do that you are, by definition, abnormal. This has nothing to do with your standards.

ive talked to girls from Asian countries and stuff and they wouldn't even dream of doing the stuff that most other girls do whats wrong with wanting something like that?

ive pretty much only had sex with girls that im in a relationship with for awhile so i want a girl whos done the same. if you think that's wrong you are clearly retarded now leave

Your reading comprehension is horrendous. Unbunch your panties for a brief moment and read the words I'm saying very carefully; this isn't about your standards. I could give a fuck less what your standards are and nowhere in either of my posts did I say anything even remotely critical of what your exact standards are. What is more concerning than your standards are your inability to socialize and create relationships with like-minded people. The Amish have standards that are a hundred times more stringent than yours but the key is that they live in Amish communities. They live and socialize with other people with the same standards because they're not autistic retards and understand that living in a giant, liberal west coast city is not where they're going to find a lot of like-minded people. Its not your standards that are the issue its this delusion you have that avoiding people who don't share your standards is impossible. Your issue is also, apparently, your inability to read and understand basic fucking sentences.

not that guy but are you ESL? he's not criticizing your standards, he's criticizing your inability to find people with similar values

its not about not being to find people its the fuck do you know. I find shy girls or girls from Asian countries to seem to fit but I cant really ask "hey did you go to spring break and..." it seems like mostly girls straight from asia are like this but hard to find especially where I live online

its better to have a good conversation with someone and get to know them then just go home and slam some slut and then end up in a relationship and go "oh its all in the past"

except online*

So you fuck girls before getting to know them?

im saying thats 90% of relationships ive seen

you know terrible people then.

You shoild probably forget checklists and meet a girl you connect well with..

and if the girl is willing to do that you have no way of knowing without doing it so you could be trying to do something innocent but they're just a hoe

You can’t. The biggest whore from my dorm got married to this really straightlaced traditional christian conservative guy. Chick completely reinvented herself as a nicegirl catholic virgin to snag him after school. All of her girlfriends never breathed a word of it to him or anyone in their circle. Shit is fucked.

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yeah thats what I wanna avoid. so find a girl whos shy and doesn't do anything degenerate and mostly hangs out with family and stuff? or try to find an Asian girl not born in an American suburb or something?

All women are the same dude

Then leave Burgerland it's easy

its bad everywhere but asia

most Asian girls I see are just like geeky and kinda innocent and fun but I see blacks Latina and white girls just running around posting pics in no bra doing all sorts of crazy slut things I dont ever really see an Asian girl doing it unless shes obviously born in America or Europe