Have you ever lied to your significant other?

Have you ever lied to your significant other?

Be honest

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Oh hell yeah.
>I'm not masturbating to porn anymore
>I'll take out the trash as soon as I get home
>I can't fucking afford to buy that

I identify with this way too much

>I'm not masturbating to porn anymore
This is the worst lie I've ever told.
I had an autistic attachment to the truth before I had a gf, but now I'm learning how to lie.

Honestly it's shit that doesn't even matter dude. Girls are retarded if they can't handle that you masturbate.

It's not the masturbation, it's the idea of you getting off to fucking someone other than her that's stupid and hurtful to the intimacy of your relationship overall.

I appreciate that, but she'll never have a big black cock or giant anime titties, so it doesn't matter.

>she'll never have a big black cock
With a cuck like you as her boyfriend, it's only a matter of time.

So basically your girlfriend doesn't matter and is only a replacement for your hand when the mood suits you. Kill yourself or just leave her and let her find someone who actually loves her.

Ive never lied to her but I enjoy telling the truth, hate faggots who lie

Yes. Told her I was single while actually being married. Still haven't told the truth.

about not quitting vaping of all things
we basically broke up over it
kind of a dumb thing to break up over
but i lied
lying is dumb kids don't do it

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I don't lie but I know he's lying about a lot of things. I don't have the courage to confront him about it and just let things as they are. I'm stupid.

Yeah, told her that i loved her.

>Oh hell yeah.
>>I'm not masturbating to porn anymore
>>I'll take out the trash as soon as I get home
>>I can't fucking afford to buy that

>I still find you attractive

Yes, I've lied so much and got caught half as many times when I wanted to - he accuses me of being a compulsive liar, and I think it's true.

I've had to lie to my parents and my siblings all my life. I don't think I can do anything else, and honestly my bf feels more like my dad than a friend. Forbidden from doing so much and when I want to do it, and am able to conceal it, I just do it.

Do I just keep up the lie about porn? I've tried talking to her about it but it never goes well. I also loved being truthful but it seems it doesn't work.

Why do you need the porn so much

I try and live lying to friends and people I love, never, but I believe it's acceptable to lie to employers and law enforcement whenever.

Ivebeen married like 15 years, and the last clear lie I remember telling was when I secretly watched an episode of HBOs Rome, and said I didn't. I later confessed.

I do hide how much I drink, and fudge logistical details for general comfort. I have feelings idontalways express, but I expect this is universal.
I don't believe you should ever have to lie to people you love, except maybe in the most extreme cases. I even despise The Santa Lie when it comes to my kids. But I won't ever hesitate to tell them to stonewall cops, or lie to teachers if they have to physically defend themselves.

I'm the dude in this case and I am the same way as you. Years of hiding from family just makes everyone seem like they could be trouble for you. It's not a healthy coping mechanism but I feel you big time.

>I'm not masturbating to porn anymore

I wonder how many man tell this exact same lie everyday in the world? I'm guessing at least half.

Most girls wouldn't understand. It's a hobby you've been into since you were 13. You can't just let it go.

It's called growing up. You still studying how the sky is blue, or you graduated to learn it's actually black and the blue comes from the way the sun's light bends in our atmosphere? You put away the paid screen wo/men with manipulated predictable bodies and the illusion of desire as they look at a camera, and learn to develop real intimacy with another human being, and you don't go backwards.

Porn is not a hobby.
t. Porn consumer

Told my boyfriend I quit smoking weed and got busted, nearly broke up over it. Had some kind of “pact of truth” since then, don’t know about him but I’m honest about everything.

Aside from obviously white lie stuff
>no I haven’t eaten lunch bring something home

>Of course im doing well in all of my classes mom
> Yes, I made a lot of friends in the first week of college.
> Of course I have a girlfriend mom, she just goes to another school.
all the time

That's not even the problem for me.

I was with my ex-girlfriend for 2,5 years and she always told me she would leave me if she found out i was still jacking off to porn.

Thing is, i have a fairly high sex drive. I need to bust a nut at least 5-6 times per week in order to feel sexually satisfied. My ex-girlfriend only wanted to have sex with me once per week (twice in a good week). Which means i would still take care of my own business 3-4 times per week.

She never accepted this, so eventually i just told her i didn't watch porn anymore. Even though i still did it a couple times per week. It's not that i can't do without porn, it's that my ex-girlfriend didn't provide me with enough sex. If she had sex with me 4-5 times per week i could have gone without porn no problem whatsoever. Girls have this weird idea that if i'm used to jacking off almost dail,y i should give that up because i'm in a relationship now and settle for sex once per week. Fuck that, i don't want to walk around with blue balls for the majority of the week.

I lied to my absolute best friend, my brother, about not being a virgin for the first 10 years of our friendship. I made up all these wild stories about girls I fucked and shit I did. Guess I’m just convincing, because he actually believed it. I feel horrible about it but hey I’m not a virgin anymore.

I felt like I had to keep up with him and his crazy stories back in 7th grade when we first met cause I didn’t want to be “lame”. But oh well, I’m too deep in it to go back. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and I’ll just keep I like that.

Lying about small shit doesn't matter lying about things you know would have a big impact on your SO and what they think of you matters .. if you do this, just break up

Literally everything. Every single girl i've had sexually would be amazed if they realized how empty my life really is.
Tinder is a godsend. You can pretend to be a mysterious charming guy and she'll fill in the details with good things. You get laid, but then it becomes apparent all you do is hang out with your 2 friends and make lets plays nobody records, and she won't be interested much longer.

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