What’s the fastest way to differentiate between someone who has free love and someone who uses sex to manipulate people?

What’s the fastest way to differentiate between someone who has free love and someone who uses sex to manipulate people?

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What are you even asking ? I give free love only !

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those are not binary.
And besides, just to be sure, define free love please

Well if at the end of the day they free shit out of it.

sex that is less constrained than normal and doesn’t fall into the category of anything nefarious such as predatory or manipulative sexual behavior.

if sex is being used to hurt or manipulate someone, then it’s not free.

You do realize that the explanation of "free love" from someone for their actions is automatically the latter, right? This is the simplest form of sexual manipulation
>I didn't mean anything by it/ I don't love them

sry, wat?

What you should be asking is, "should you believe that 'free love' as an explanation is anything other than sexual manipulation", because the answer is no

You're asking a very complicated question in a very oversimplified, binary manner. The two things you're asking about aren't mutually exclusive nor are they the only two possibilities when discussing peoples' sexual motivations. You're either going to have to rephrase your question or abandon thread because as it is right now you're not making much sense.

I mean ‘sexual manipulation’ like the manipulator was using dishonest methods to look for money or attention

I know. What would "free love" be done for other than the purpose of manipulating pleasure and attention out of the person they're having sex with?

sometimes people want sex because they have sinsiter ulterior motives, and other times they don’t. that’s binary. why are you being like this?

‘free love’ like in hippie communes where everyone had sex with each other mainly for the enjoyment of it. sexual liberation, arguably.

Yes, but you phrased the question in a manner that implied "free love" and "manipulation" were the only two options and that the two were mutually exclusive. Anecdotally speaking "love" is never free. There are always conditions and motivations whether they be benevolent or nefarious. If you're asking us to paint you a picture of what a manipulator may look or behave like you're shit out of luck because people manipulate all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. Hypotheticals are wholly useless here. Its up to you to decide whether or not the conditions set fourth by someone you're physically involved with are worth adhering to. What may be manipulation to you is a good deal to someone else. Your questioned is too nuanced for a simplistic answer.

>sometimes people want sex because they have sinsiter ulterior motives, and other times they don’t. that’s binary.
No. It isn't binary. What constitutes "sinister"? Selfishness? Vanity? What about loneliness? What if the person knows they are being manipulated but willingly participates because they have motives of their own? Where are you drawing the line between sex for the right reasons and sex for the wrong reason? You're attempting to lump a gigantic cross section of people underneath an umbrella that you haven't even bothered to define. I'm being like this because you're asking a stupid, vague question and when asked to be more specific about your stupid, vague question you become defensive.

What's confusing you here? Consider the possibility that there is no separation of the two. As someone just said, they aren't mutually exclusive. Sex isn't like breathing, where you have no choice over what's in the air and "free breathe" all the time; you have to decide who you want to have sex with and then you also have to persuade them to have sex with you as well, which is a form of manipulation. What do you think would happen, guys just slid right up into girls in the middle of conversation or girls would just sit and ride some guys lap out of nowhere?

sometimes it seems like one party sets out with the intention of disguising the true nature of their “deal”. maybe this kind of deception is in our nature, and it takes a truly civilized person to go against their nature. some argue that people who identify as sexually liberated aren’t civilized.

I’m not sure what I think, so I made this thread.

sinister is when it knowingly and unjustifiably hurts someone. you seem too cagey to have been born yesterday.

>every interaction is manipulation
>what, do you think (crazy thing)?

dude, one of you is enough.

I think you just have a personal gripe or black and white outlook on the word, "manipulation"
>comedian manipulates you into laughing, he's a bad man

I’d say “that’s interesting”, but it’s not.

do they use condoms?

When is it justifiable to hurt someone with sex?

when I want payback I loosed the bolts on my sex swing

>What’s the fastest way to differentiate between someone who has free love and someone who uses sex to manipulate people?


thats literally just bullshit people say to justify fucking more than one person at a time while they try to make people ashamed of not being comfortable with the dynamics.

what you dont believe in free love?
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free love, because if you pay for dinner then she's a whore. you might as well just give the money right to her

When you’re on a secret mission to stop an evil dictator and must pretend to be his girlfriend.

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Right? This fucking kid, trying to talk about "what's civilized"
>Obviously not abandoning the morals that created civilized society and reventing to barbarian ideas of "free sex"

barbarians didn't have free sex, the pillaging was the cost of rape

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if they share their drugs first then it's free love. for everyone else anyways