How do you know that you're ugly or not?

How do you know that you're ugly or not?

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it’s subjective. I can give you some looks advice.

1. try not to have deformities, even minor ones

2. don’t become psychotic ocd if you do have a deformity. when someone loves you, the flaws become endearing to them.

3. take care of your appearance. this means not buying goof products for pharmacy plebs.

Do you get attention from girls? Does your gf say that your body turns her on, or that you are hot as fuck? Do girls laugh at your jokes even when they are shit?

never had one and never want to, but usually females laughed at my jokes

I now that looks are absolutely subjective, but whatever i do is either received as very negative or very positive and that's a bit confusing yet interesting

“whatever you do”? can you be more specific about your meaning?

> Does your gf say that your body turns her on, or that you are hot as fuck? Do girls laugh at your jokes even when they are shit?

Girls do a lot of shit that don't reflect reality

Do people make fun of you in public?

tell opinion on anything, make joke whether bad or good, ask someone to do something, do the work whether properly or not etc.

Not at all



You are probably just average if no one really comments on your looks. If you are overweight you can instantly be +2 in attractiveness if you lose weight though.

It literally doesnt matter op.
If we as men were less concerned with the cards we were dealt and more about playing them right, the world would be a much better place. Girls don’t care if you’re ugly they care about what kind of person you are.

I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but that’s the best advice I can give. I’m guilty of the same thing though and working to improve it.

Does being underweight count as a deformity? I’m a man and I shit you not I can only date girls in the winter when my freakishly thin arms aren’t exposed

Never say never, user. You might simply be smart enough to know you aren’t currently in a good position to have one, which might not be the case a few years down the road.

>Girls don’t care if you’re ugly they care about what kind of person you are
That’s a pretty massive generalization and I’d say almost every girl that fits that description has something wrong with her that has kept her alone for enough years to become desperate. Or she’s a gold digger. Like she really cares about what a man does and not his salary.

I think education and income have a lot to do with what kind of person someone is.

Not like i am discarding your advice, but as i said earlier i'm not interested in relationship with opposite sex

Okay that’s true, I could have done without the gold digger part. They exist but they may not be as common as I think.
Aside from that, the point is I really think that girls won’t settle for my personality because I’m pretty average and I haven’t seen a girl take interest in me in a couple years, and every time one has it’s been based on my appearance alone. No girl has ever gotten to know me, but several have expressed their desire to fuck me. I think that says something.

How would you describe your personality?

I don't want a gf ever, because most of females have annoying personality, want kids at some point, want to marry, never make first move, constantly say how bad they have, don't want to pay for themselves, never will accept they ever were wrong and i also hate makeup unless it's for artistic reasons

Confusing. Whether for others or myself, mostly because i don't follow any pattern of thinking or behaviour, i'm sometimes also very contradicting. It could also be described as what if bipolar, shizoid and parts of antisocial spectrum were put together.


What's wrong? Are my reasons too bizarre for you?

I'm OP not

Oh jeez, i made it even worse, i by mistake replied to wrong posts

introverted, accepting, articulate, laid-back, open minded, also i tend to make jokes without realizing it but they’re often a bit sarcastic which makes people laugh but also might reveal to them that i am suffering from major depression. despite this i can be very positive around others and love to make people feel good.
from first impressions girls probably see me as a nervous wreck or boring, rarely do people see the good side of me
So basically, nerdy trash, and it does nothing but prove to me that a girl taking interest in me before getting to know me is shallow. So I guess it kinda filters out the girls I don’t like anyway. I don’t know if I’d be any happier being a chad with an active sex life because the girls would be that way too.
fuck this entire response i just gave i hate talking about myself and i hate giving people a bunch of my garbage to read, i considered deleting it but i’m gonna click post and see what happens. i already know i’m an autist so hold back on that specific insult.

Take a picture of your self, flip it and every deformity becomes visable

Did everyone just left?

Then you’re not ugly.

That's good to know

A long time ago, I saw an OP ask this question and the first response was “if you have to ask”. That’s how I know

Go on /soc/ and have a stranger online tell you
The actual answer is that you can tell by how people react to you. If people excuse autistic qualities such as general awkwardness or a on off-color joke, then that means you're somewhat attractive. If people rarely respond to you or basically never comment on your appearance, that means you aren't.

No, it just means you're lazy

using a phone camera is a bad idea because the focal length will make anyone look bad

post height and weight and i can tell you how bad it is

Do girls regularly flirt/hit on you/try to get to know you/be with you? If yes, you're not ugly. If no, you're ugly.

>girls never approach you

>girls approach you sometime
Average to above average.

>girls approach you (semi)frequently
Very attractive.