How do i get a goth gf? they’re so gorgeous and i have no idea where to look

how do i get a goth gf? they’re so gorgeous and i have no idea where to look.

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the 90s

They're not as hot as you think. Sure, the makeup, the black clothes, the fishnets, and all that is nice. But most of the time, they're actually not that attractive without it. The best you can hope for is that she's not a landwhale.

they have obscenely high standards and only like rockstars with huge dicks. they get off on making fun of most people. very immature cunts most of the time.

do you know from experience? i’ve honestly never talked to a goth chick, i’ve jusy seen them around. are most of them that way?

>are most of them that way?
different user; no, they are not. most of them are either superficially goth and therefore, just normies in different clothes. or really into it and have emotional/psychological problems, the latter can be worked on but you can't fix people- you can only give them the tools, they can only fix themselves. talking from experience dating crazy goth girl(s).

secondly and most disappointingly, they have been destroyed by feminism and social justice warriors. those pretentious hypocritical busy bodies have appropriated alternative and goth fashion/culture while being more square and close-minded than ever.
First, you must filter out the insane feminists, or fuck the feminism out of them (have known a of girl that worked on, kinda did it to my ex as well).

I've only ever dated goth/alt girls. helps if you are a freak yourself. how do you dress? got long hair? piercings? tats? they help, but the most important thing is; don't be someone you're not just to get a girl. if you're not a goth, don't force yourself to be one just to get goth pussy. it's deceitful and will only lead to disaster.

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You and me and gorillian other people want a hot 10/10 goth gf too and they know it.

They can basically pick and choose whoever the fuck they want from the gang of thirstlords gushing over her pics.

So you basically need to be the chaddest of the chads in order to have an even semi-permanent spot in her circle.

Just know they are huge pains in the ass and because they have as much choice as they want as long as their looks hold up you'll have to pretty much worship the ground they walk on and savor their farts like a fine wine or else you'll be replaced.

Go for the 6/10 moderately attractive goth GF instead.

uh I've been with loads of goth chicks and I have an acceptable dick at most and was for the most part a fucking loser who only managed to fit in with the whole goth/metal/punk/alternative fashion.

it's true that goth pretty much all but died off at the end of the millenium but you can still find small pockets of them here and there, just nowhere near as much as back in the day.

>they have been destroyed by feminism and social justice warriors.

lol there's always one guy who shoehorns his own ironic SJW manifesto in unrelated threads

>lol there's always one guy
firstly you don't know what irony is
secondly, it's absolutely related, i've seen my sub-culture go from badass freaks to pathetic square pussies who are indoctrinated into an ideology and come out like pod people, afraid to offend anyone or say any forbidden words but hostile to anyone who doesn't conform to them... FUCK. ten years ago the goths were the non-conformists, the people BEING offensive, that was the whole shtick! fuck normal people and their hurt feelings, don't pander to them!

What is it with the losers always wanting goth girls? I noticed it when I was a teen goth. Incels just don't fit in, believe me, don't bother. We have social skills.

Many women can handle makeup pretty well. What do you want a full goth for?

>firstly you don't know what irony is

irony is complaining about SJWs while 100% absolutely behaving like one as your crash the party and derail the thread to blog about identity politics and what you think about it.

>FUCK. ten years ago the goths were the non-conformists, the people BEING offensive, that was the whole shtick!

That has nothing to do with goths or goth culture

>ten years ago

especially not myspace scene kids listening to MCR

you got to goth bars, goth/ebm/metal/... concerts, goth picnics (yeah, they exist), etc and get to know them ?
i mean, is it seriously so hard to figure that you ? seems pretty obvious to me

You're gonna have to wait until after the MeToo era, after women see that big guys are abusive again. This happens over and over;
> big guys become the in-thing until it gets heard that they physically beat their girlfriends(or in this case, rayp)
> sensitive guys becomes attractive again (see hippies, emo boys, scene kids, hipsters)
>women get tired of hearing sad boys cry all the time
>big men become attractive again

what an amazing scizophrenic sandwich this is that you're trying to tie the non-existing goth culture to a twitter hashtag of women who called out Hollywood rapists

If you don't even know where goth's hang out, you have no chance of getting one.

Goth's were always pathetic pussies, and they were never badass. They weren't ever offensive, they were just trying to be dark and edgy. I think you may be confusing goths with punks, and punk rock died long ago.

punk rock was also never badass or really all that offensive.

>I have no idea what scizo means but I'll use it anyway
It's about understanding trends and seeing how goth girls are going to come back in style, as rockers or as emos, in about 2-3 years. Just give it time
>Already saw girls starting it by wearing neckbands again

yeah that all seems easy but i don’t know where that happens at lol. i’ll start looking thi

understood. thank you :-)

What are you talking about? They got in huge brawls all the time like the mods and rockers from 60s Britain.

when i’m not at work or working out, i usually just wear a black hoodie and some jeans or shorts. i have long hair but i’m also mixed and have a septum piercing. i don’t want to try and force myself in the goth scene, i jusy think goth girls are hot lol. i joined a facebook page and hopefully that will help. alt girls are cute too, but a lot of them are crazy.

i’m not an incel ya simp. i just have a preference

the modern internet killed off mainstream alternative subcultures and they're never coming back in style.

>>Already saw girls starting it by wearing neckbands again

So what? You can also see basic bitches wearing band shirts from The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, that doesn't that they're playing dad rock at clubs and it's making a comeback. They're just appropriating fashion accessories.

I had a goth gf once, it was pretty cool but it was 10 years ago, long before normal people were thirsting after them like mad.

I'd recommend it if you can find one who is actually a creepy edgy goth, and not just a girl chasing the look cuz she knows its what the boys like

You want to bet on it, since you're so sure it won't?

>normal people were thirsting after them like mad
>its what the boys like

no one in normal mainstream society wants a goth girlfriend

stop looking and Jow Forums threads and thinking that it reflects the world as a whole

>no one in normal mainstream society wants a goth girlfriend
this is very wrong

>stop looking and Jow Forums threads and thinking that it reflects the world as a whole
you're making it sound like I do that now, which is wrong.

>this is very wrong

so where the fuck are all the goth clubs from 2003 that have long since shut down?

you look in the makeup aisle you dumb fuck.

honestly, fuck these types of girls

they’re all narcissistic stuck up bitches who make identity traits out of purposefully not dealt with problems that literally every human have

they’re a fucking waste

This. My sister is into goth shit and it's completely insufferable. As much as I like the big tiddy goth gf memes that's all they should ever be

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be 6'7 ft tall and hear metal wear black and drive a pick up

>Type O Negative live
>Dress in all black. Lookin sharp
>Standing next to goth girls. They dig me
>Get a hotel room after show and get drunk.
>Have 4some with 3 goth chicks
>Shoot huge load
>Fuck more
>Shoot ankther huge load
>Fuck more
>Shoot nothing but air

it's kinda popular bc it's a meme now actually

Do hobbies that goths do

>narcissistic stuck up bitches

This desu. Most goths now also call themselves "models" even though they're fat and have unremarkable faces. They think they're special and have youtube videos about being "asperger's". This one goth girl started crying when her aunt told her to put her phone away at the table because apparently her "asperger's" meant she needed it kek.

>pic related
I don't know how this guy can date her, when she's 20, calls herself a model, and poses nude/in latex, admits to DDLG and "pet play" on her instagram.

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