Last one is about to die. GIOYC

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I am proud of myself. My mind grows sharper every day, and my god am I a great cook. The pancakes I made for my husband today were absolutely perfect.

I wish I died with the last one.

My best friend(Let's call him A) got married this past weekend. We've known each other for about 10 years. He has a big family and I have always been very close with them. We live on opposite sides of the country now so it had been a pretty long time since I had seen any of them. The first night, despite having not seen her in several years, I started to have vivid dreams about A's younger sister(Let's call her B) which continued for the next three nights. When I saw her the next morning I felt a rush of new feelings. As the weekend progressed the thoughts and feelings just kept getting stronger. I'd find myself looking at her from across a table or a room and every time she'd look back at me and smile. I was the best man and she was the maid of honor, so I was escorting her through many of the events. Every time, she'd give my (non-muscular) bicep a seemingly loving squeeze and I'd get chills. I had a few extra days after all of the wedding festivities so I had made plans to visit some other people in the area I hadn't seen in a long time. B offered to let me stay at her place a few nights but I already had that covered so instead she just gave me a ride to where I was staying. The drive seemed to just fly by. She told me about her field and it was fascinating. She's brilliant and passionate and truly cares about people. She deals with heavy issues but is still such a light-hearted person.

I can't stop thinking about her. I feel so guilty. She's my best friend's kid sister. She used to be the cute girl who tagged along with A and me because she "liked the smell of our cigarette smoke" and now she's this brilliant, confident woman. She could easily see me like an older brother and if I ever told her how I feel it might blindside her and freak her out. And even if something did happen, we live so far away. I just don't want to hurt her in any way. I think I'm just going to try to forget her for now. And I'm definitely not telling A.

Ha! I protected you and there is nothing you can do about it! Go enjoy that life to the fullest. You don't need me in it, that's for damn sure.

Betas play games.
Chads run game.

I've got several art projects I'm starting to make good progress on, but at this point it's all very fine details, and I'm looking over at one right now just mad at myself for giving myself so much work. It will be one of my best works yet though.

Unrelated, a guy who's been howling at my ass a few years has offered me a couple thousand for some kind of sexual experience and I'm... not totally opposed to the idea.

I second that one guy's rant about making a radio show about here.
Problem is I can't voice act for shit.

I keep having variations of a dream where somehow I lose my boyfriend to another woman and I am sad about it but move on to amazing things I had never thought were possible. Why is my brain doing this? Being at the top is great and all but I want him with me.

give me my fucking medications you dumb ass mother fuckers.

I’m interested. Would you like to elaborate?

I’m losing weight, feels good

I've been in a relationship for 4 years.

I've recently met a girl I went on a date with. I've never felt this excited or nervous in years about a girl.

Like Jesus banging at the door to tell the humble residents inside they need him, you never did anything respectful or friendly in this interaction at all. You are one human in a sea of humans who thrive on changing connections - to know your failures and disconnect from another because of said failures is not humility. Another woman might choke on your erection but she's no different than the first.
Blessed are the meek.

Thank you. That was lovely.

Why thank you? It's basically saying you're a cocky slugperson and she's no better nor worse for having known you. If anything your ghosting her made her worse off. If you understand human nature like I think you think you do, you set her off on a dangerous mission with no where to go for help. And you won't know or be there to swoop in when she's most in danger. Get over yourself.

Yeah, I'm killing myself. I'm already past the point of being normal by missing out on everything with no one helping me despite me trying. I'm going out burning though.

What the fuck does my post have to do with this?

All I did was protect them from myself. I am a dangerous toxic person, so it is best to be a ghost.

I wish you cared about me.

I wish you cared more about me, ghost.

I lost my job, the girl I was seeing has turned into a flake and I've moved back to my parents. Only thing that keeps me sane is the gym and I've recently started to get breathing problems every time I train which the doctor thinks might be asthma.

I know it's pretty pathetic to complain when I have a roof over my head and food on my plate but I just feel sad all the time now. And it sucks.

That radio show would make Joe Rogan seem tame

What you mean is there was someone else. The whole world is toxic and dangerous. Your false humility will come back to bite you in the ass, friend.

Super Chad Todd Howard here, I've built a new game called Fallout 76. It can really help your step up your game. I've also ported Skyrim to the Iphone to try and help the beta cucks.

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Seems your cooking must not be as great as you think.

i love you chae

My gf is extremely religious and a virgin (basically broke up with me when I said I have a hard time believing her) and I cant wait for marriage.

I am going to Vegas in a month and I dont think I can not go on Tinder.

I hate myself.

Yeah, I wasn't interested in her pancakes.

You didn't protect me, you ruined me. I'm tired of going back and forth on this, I'm killing myself.


Just told some girl I had issues with that she's going to die sad and alone because of her shitty personality. God, I've wanted to say that for so long, and was finally able to do so without endangering other friendships. I'm feeling so good right now, such a relief to let that shit out. Fuck that bitch.

He invited me to go out tonight. He said he didn't know what he would be doing. I said I would call when I'm free.

>no answer
>no answer
>see that he's been online, figure he might not have signal but might have wifi
>call over messenger
>no answer
>send a message

Feels pretty shitty.

My message is hanging in the air like a strong fart.

"shitty personality" = she saw through you and called you on your shit and you didn't like it.

Should I send a message, to at least let him know I'm pissed off?

Does dubs mean its ok to double message?

What the actual fuck are you going on about anymore? I suggest taking your meds.

You don't even know me, so what would you know? But I will let you larp. If you ain't larpin' you ain't livin'!

Dubs confirm, user. Good luck.

I wish that I didn't.

Nah man, she was really annoying and bitchy from the get-go. Not a likeable person at all, not sure why my friends were so okay with her for so long. After a while, everyone else started to figure out that she was a crazy bitch and dropped her as well. So glad none of us have to deal with her anymore, she was really ruining the vibe.

What the idiot is saying is that he doesn’t like pancakes. Pretty fucking dumb if you ask me.

I cared enough to remove my shitty ass from society. Why are you hung up over trash? Move on. I did all of you a favor. I will be an asocial antisocial NEET and you will learn it is better this way. I'm afraid I am more monster than man, sorry you refuse to see me for who I am.


Shameful but audible kek

Thank you. Let's see what happens.

Well that is retarded because pancakes are top teir along side some bacon and baked beans. I wasn't making them for him anyways, he can take his pancake hating ass and go! Go! fuck himself.

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>iinb4 a nothing burger with a side of dissapointment fries and a depression shake

It bothers me that I get girls to fall for me easily, but I don't the feel same way. It's like I'm playing a role. It's a role I know how to play well, but just once I want to fall madly in love for real. I wonder if I'm broken


>It's basically saying you're a cocky slugperson and she's no better nor worse for having known you
So I did the right thing and even a stranger on fuckitchan can see I am a terrible person. :)

My first and last noble deed to them!

I would kill myself too if I couldn't enjoy pancakes desu.

Got a reply, telling me where he is now, but said he might not be there for much longer.

Do I head over and risk missing them?

Is it a pity invite?

Does it matter?

These are rhetorical questions, I think I will go.

Go go go!

It's bumming me out to think that, by any measure, women simply aren't as sexual as men. That men and women partake of sex with different motivations, and that any pleasure either of them gets from it is asymmetric at best. It's something one party will always hold over the other party in some respect.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Get over meeeee~
Your life will get better when I am gooooooone~

Tbh this is the answer to all the "how do I stop wanting a gf" threads.

After a text and a call you should just let it go. Anything beyond that is going to come off extremely clingy. He might have been busy before but now he'll definitely be avoiding you.

t. we've all done it at least once. It's a painful lesson that will someday make you cringe for a very long time.

You're wrong though.

Am I? Be 100% realistic about it, consider all the variables.

This emotional blackmail won't work on strangers. I have 0 pity for you.

Starting my second year of university this weekend, still haven't pulled on a night out clubbing.
I'm decent looking, have quite a lot of friends, and go out regularly. I just have no idea how to pull. If I see a girl I'm attracted to (whether it's on a dance floor where you can't really talk to anyone or outside where you can) I don't know what to do so I stay away. If a girl says she finds me attractive I don't know how to react so I'm usually awkward and just get myself out of the situation. If a girl says her friend finds me attractive I don't know what to do so I'm usually awkward and get myself out of the situation.
People tell me all the time I'm really good looking and should be able to pull like it's nothing but my anxiety, awkwardness, and complete lack of knowledge about pulling is fucking me up which is only making those issues worse.
It's not something I think about all the time but I just want to cross it off the list already and not have to worry about it. I want to be able to see a girl I like and make a move, whatever the fuck that actually means because fuck if I know.

Is life worth living without homemade pancakes? I think not.

the only thing that I enjoy is cooking but I'm not skilled enough to work in a professional kitchen. I have no applicable skills that qualify me for anything other than a wage slave position.

I keep dreaming about death, but I'm not that concerned.

Not the same person you fucking idiot. No one cares if you care or not, you psychopathic waste of a body.

I lied about liking your pancakes

waffles are better in every way

chicken and waffles beat out chicken and pancakes

Who dates someone they're not physically/attracted to? I get looks fade but in my experience, when you really fall in love with someone, you could care less what they look like.

You didn't eat them you faggot larper. Fuck off.

Why would looks matter over compatibility? They dont. Looks can help strengthen compatibility but it simply isn't everything and it really comes down to the individual on how important it is to them. I would rather spend my life with someone who clicks with me in every reasonable way personality wise than someone I find sexy and the chemistry ends at that.

it's a good thing I already prepared the divorce papers

Doesn't matter, it still applies. Take your emotional manipulation and actually go kill yourself.

What a boring and predictable larp. 0/10, larp harder next time.

What emotional manipulation retard?

You didn't notice everyone was user, how dumb are you? I feel sorry for your parents...what a disappointment you turned out to be.

I hurt real bad inside
And I got bad thoughts
I don't know what I want
I don't know what could help
I don't like crying this much

talk about manipulation

you stole my life from me|

Just let me go already. What why are you doing this?

what a fucking faggot

>I will kill myself!
>still posting here
You won't kill yourself because you say these things for attention and it's a shame you won't do the world a favor by removing your pathetic ass.

Why is that user so mad about pancakes? Go enjoy them with your husband instead of being here.

boredom, mostly

what you did wasn't noble. you're retarded.

That user posted that hours ago, chances are they already did. Now I must ask you;
Why are you bothered enough about pancake posting to make your post about it?

Why dont you just leave their life yourself?

I'm saddened by the lack of intelligence I possess

Maybe because I haven'd had them for a while or something.

it's actually my mom. I live in her basement because I'm a loser

I've been severely depressed since I was around ten, I was officially diagnosed around the age of fifteen, and I'm 27 now.
I was finally beginning to think that I had made some actual friends, that I was opening up to people, that things were getting better. They weren't. My friends have been leaving me, purposefully ignoring me, insulting me in public to the point where it's no longer 'banter' and is genuine dickheadedness.
Anything I say I enjoy, they insult to the point where I no longer want to deal with it, anything I try doing they instantly say I did a shit job with, and all my efforts to please or even be mildly accepted by the, continue, again and again, to fail.
I don't want to make friends anymore. I don't want to be friends with anyone anymore. I'm sick of trying, I just want to be alone.

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tl;dr thin skin beta

It's far worse than it seems.

I'm going to die here. No one is going to help me. No one cares. No one will ever care. They are the reason I am here in the first place.. They didn't care then and they aren't going to care now.

They are going to torture me to death and no one cares.

Sort of in a similar situation myself though my friends aren't really being dicks to me. They're just busy with work and moving in with girlfriends and getting all these things started. I spent a lot of time this summer being a shut-in while battling depression but didn't mean any harm by it or ignored anyone, We just kinda grew a bit more distant while the group itself grew closer without me and its a pretty big bummer, but I at least understand why. It sucks, but its just the way it can be sometimes.

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welcome to life in the real world dumbass

come home, love. i will make you many pancakes and many bacons and many perfectly poached eggs. ...unless you want them scrambled in which case i'll jew you into doing the eggs since yours come out a gorillion times better than mine do. js.

Unless you're planning to move, which would be retarded if you did just for her, drop it. LDRs are not worth it.

poached eggs are for nancy englishmen

i bet you're the sort of faggot who'd try to peel soft boiled eggs

it's baked or nothing

>dude eggs lmao