I'm done

This is my last post.

You judged me harshly from day one. Everything I did, you hated. You treated me like shit, you insulted everything you could think of; my looks, my personality. You follow me to degrade everything I do. I am now so depressed all I can think of is suicide every day.

All I ever tried to do is love and spread that to everyone I met. Who doesn't want love? What do you have against me caring about people? Is that not edgy and angst ridden enough?

All you ever tried to do is get me to hate myself and others. You spread your vile hatred all over and influenced other people to also hate. The more they hated, the more others hated them, the more depressed they were. Now you have this empire of dirt, even you admit to, that you stand so stubbornly behind.

I'm done. I can't put people that I love through my tears and struggles. I'm checking out and it's because what you have done. You and your hateful buddies can now celebrate.

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You what?

Low quality bait

my gawd, look what he has done to you all.

apathetic.no empathy.

How sad that you think that.

I guess you can call me sire hatred.
Not a bad name, honestly.
I just need to buy a nice little samurai suit.

You're obviously the mistress of love.

>You judged me harshly from day one.
Who put a facebook post here?
Jow Forums is the one place were no one ever judges me harshly.
There's another thread with cut up dead chicks in it and guys are discussing which hole they would fuck.
How possibly fucked up could you be that they "insult everything you could think of"

link thread pls

I was even considering offering to talk to some of these depressed, lonely guys on here for a while even though you (pretending you're my you) turned me off 'men' forever.

You would be proud of your hatred.

Damn thats sucks

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that's so sad, Alexa play despacito

This place is run by CIA that torture people and fuck with minds so that doesn't surprise me that those psychopaths are into necrophilia.

My mentor warned me about them long ago.

Let me guess...
you are into women's feet and can't get off any other way.

Memes are the only language you are capable of?


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8 years of this. You even made me a meme, you represented me with a fucking meme to the fucking world. I hate you.No more.


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You are very kind to acknowledge me.
Still my job is to breed hatred. I shall just be in the shadows admiring you from the distance.

I know hatred isn't supposed to love, but sometimes I just can't help but gaze at my counterpart.

Please go away.

Should've lurked more, you might have realized how not to post.

I am going away you idiot. Can you not read?

I'm not interested in fitting into Jow Forums and learning how to be part of the echo chamber here. I've never liked it here. I'm only here to deliver my message and what anyone else says means nada.

Cool. Can you get on with it already?

You don't have to participate in the cancerous culture that permeates this place, I've been here 12 years and I never have. You just decided to stick your neck out so you could complain when people can tell you don't belong.

What you so butthurt about hateful one?

I guess my message applied to you perfectly.

Stop fucking posting, dumbass. Im sick of your self pity and unwarranted sense of self importance. I am sick of you thinking your circumstances are special and deserving of our time and effore more so than anyone else.

You are pathetic, you are lazy, and all of the bad things that “have happened” in your life are the direct result of your actions.

If you are serious about leaving by all means go away. Please dont even bother to respond to me or anyone else here and leave.

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Who would want to belong to a hate subculture? Not I.

I just happen to know someone who influences you all and that is who this message is for.

Please go away.

Oh whatever, get out of your own ass.

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Are you proud of being a hateful troll? Do you feel really cool?

Does it make you feel good that you are a cancer of the earth?

You're simply a hateful clone.

that was for you 300

No psychopath

I've kept evidence and with my death, there will a massive investigation into what you have done here.

rorchach will help. I made my life count. I will bring you down.

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Go away.

Only if you promise to go back to hell, demonic cunt.

A person who isn't willing to help themselves deserves no help from others.

I never asked for your help you narcissist. You really think you could help anyone!?

Dude stfu

Want to know how it's so easy to tell you're just bumping your own thread?

And what exactly do you want to achieve by posting this?

If you're a cute girl then please don't die.

Don't do it bruh.

Bye Brandon.

Can you leave yet? Fuck off already!

Fucking brandon...

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Go away, bitch.

Fuck you, Brandon, you asshole NAZI!!!!

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Hey, fuckpack, I’m glad to see you go.
Nice post, faggot.

is this that fat guy who takes webcam photos of himself crying?

Haha, you again. It’s cute how you keep making “the last post” posts.

You remind me of my ex wives first ex husband. Always leaving messages on here telerecord about how this will be the last timw you will ever hear feom him! Haha! It never was!