How do I stop despising black people

Here’s a little background information.
I’m currently a senior in HS and I’m black myself. But here is my problem. I really dislike black people. Mostly because of the way most of them conduct themselves. From being loud and obnoxious to barely being able to construct a sentence without the words “nigga” or “bruh”, and because of this I mostly tend to hang out with other races besides blacks and have minimal conversations with them. I feel like my mentality at the moment might not lead to good things later on in my life. How do I stop this way of thinking?

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>How do I stop this way of thinking?
I dunno, kill yourself maybe?

Stop associating those mannerisms with skin color and learn to love yourself. Plenty of people won’t expect you to act a certain way just because you’re black.
Once you strip the appearance from someone all you have is their personality and those guys are likely shitheads, black or not. Tons of white people talk like that too. Mostly depends where you’re from, your education, interests, etc. They just aren’t your type of people.

>How do I stop this way of thinking?
Realize that white people can act just as retarded. When you encouunter that, actively reflect on it.

When you see black people acting in an honorable way, reflect on how good this person really is, not "despite being black", but just in itself. You dont need to reaffirm any ideology or fight it in any way. Just try to have an open mind and reflect on the things I told you.

For example: Michael Jackson, Then theres this black astrophysics guy, then you have Obama who was (arguably) american president, etc

>How do I stop this way of thinking?
You need to get around high class black people, or black people that grew up around a non-black culture.
After you graduate, go to college in a mostly white area. There will still be a lot of black people there, but they won't have that ghetto attitude.

You don't. Act respectable and separate yourself from them. Hygiene, grammar, pronunciation, and fashion will be your be your best friends. You won't be associated witb the rest of the AA's. Good luck, OP.

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Ok, real advice guy coming the fuck in.

Understand that their behavior and mannerisms are encouraged by "black culture" and it's inherently self-destructive and harmful to others. See: Thug/hip-hop culture.

The solution really is to leave those types behind and focus more on meeting people (black, white, whatever) more on your level with mannerisms, aspirations, goals etc etc similar to yours.

Realize all the shitheads that don't want to put in the effort for themselves need to be left behind.

Suggested reading: "Black man's guide out of poverty" by Aaron Clarey.

Hangout with more black people? Jeez, don’t you have a family or church something? Self-hate isn’t something you can change overnight

t. Ghanaian

My family and I are not church-goers and most of my family is very hard working. That’s why my parents are able to afford to live in a reletively big house in the surburbs and pay for our college. I love my family, so my they aren’t a problem.

Kill me, Pete

You can judge a person by their speech and behavior and decide whether or not you like them, that's fine. But it's fucked-up to make it all about race, if you open your eyes and look around you will see people of other races acting the same way even if they don't say "nigga."

Certain aspects of "black culture" are self-defeating and destructive, it is true. But this "culture" is not universal to black people. There are many exceptions, you seem to count yourself as one of them, and it is naive to think you're the only one.

And not only that, but some of these guys you're judging by their surface-level behavior might not really be that bad. I am not black, but I could sometimes act like a bit of a "bro" jackass when I was with my group of friends in high school. There's a competitive thing among guys in some social circles that encourages this kind of behavior, but if you get to know those people as individuals, some of them are probably all right.

>How do I stop this way of thinking?
Perhaps read some works by upstanding intellectual black authors. Not being sarcastic. It doesn't have to be "black intellectual" either.

Or just some milk-snortin' afrofuturism for shits and giggles.

Just for reference, I partly grew up in rural New Jersey (dad needed to be nearer sick grandpa), and blacks were not totally unusual. Some mixed race too. I had black friends, the social circles were not segregated or exclusive. Most were pretty normal, nearly as redneck as everyone else desu, and I always had the feeling racial tensions were somewhat relaxed. This was in the late 90s though...

>inb4 hurrr new jersey

Go to university.

Study culture, study art, languages, colonialism, history, expression.

Learn about performative identity.

Look up books by african american authors, they've probably written about this kind of thing.

Self hate is pathetic, you're not a special snowflake. You despise shit, lowbrow behavior. Fine. Blithely attributing it to an entire swath of people simply because of skin color isn't very smart, especially if you share a similar skin tone!

Leave the US.

You're going to get responses from posters that:

A. Hate you're a black male period
B. Are those separate but equal types who think that you're "one of the good ones" but want you to waste your time chaining yourself to black women and "saving da community" because you're a threat to their white women or whatever

Look dude black Americans are a problem race. Sorry but it's true. They're vindictive and collectively fucked in the head. Caribbean blacks, South American blacks and African immigrant blacks actually know how to behave properly. They got problems sure but very very few are as backwards as shaniqua and ray ray.

"black culture" is non-existent no matter how many black panther and Tumblr shit you seem. It's diverse and honestly fragmented, much like "white culture'

You've got African American culture (ew) , you've got Dominican culture, you've got brazillian culture. Just like you've got German culture and Russians culture. Similarities are BARELY there but they're the same race (most Africans Americans are like 40% white anyway)

African Americans try and fuck shit up for everyone and *think* they have a monopoly on what being black is for God knows why.

Get out of America, at least for a year. See what it's like to be black, smart and have cash in South America or Costa Rica or something.

When you realize that the shit you see on a daily basis is NOT Normal, you'll have a much easier time plotting your course in life.

Either you're not balck American yourself or you're one of the few to recognize how fucked shit is. Either way...

Get Out

>Caribbean blacks
Fuck man I've never met a person from the Caribbean who wasn't chill as fuck. It's like warm Canada or something.

>I mostly tend to hang out with other races besides blacks and have minimal conversations with them.

If you're coming from the Caribbean or Sa you're gonna have more in common with other races than black Americans they truly are in a special league of their own.

Racial groups have had internal conflicts and hatred since literally the dawn of man. Labeling every criticism on black people as "self hate'" is some lazy hotep shit that actually doesn't make any fucking sense. It's just a shaming tactic you butthurt American negros use to smash any thinking black men into compliance with your black matriarchy agenda.

Take your skinfolk kinfolk bullshit and shove it bitch nigga pull up

Just keep living out your life as you wish, keep hanging out with whoever you feel comfortable around, and try to be open minded. Everything will work it's way out eventually. At least you're aware of how you want to change. I too was once like you, but I got over it and now I see that anyone, from any walk of life, can end up either being badass or awful.

You're really the worst kind of black person. You're so weak and intellectually bankrupt you take a perfectly good opportunity to empathize and connect with your culture and act like a shitty white dude. Seriously, you're such a fucking joke you side with the people that wouldn't bat an eye to see you dead or shipped back to Africa.

Do you know where "black culture" comes from? Violence. Suffering. Destruction. Black Americans were raised in a country that brought them nothing but rape, murder, pain and suffering for centuries until, just recently, they were dumped into impoverished ghettos and forced to fend for themselves. The U.S. government, pre-civil war, specifically created financial and social conditions in which the black race could never, EVER gain any kind of dominion over whites. Blacks in low income areas have been living with the shittiest infrastructure, shittiest education, shittiest community researches and a state of the art, custom built school-to-prison pipeline. Is it any wonder that impoverished blacks with no generational wealth, reliable education system, credit, property or investments are rough and uneducated? They are what the system made them. Is it possible to make it out of those conditions? Yes. Is personal responsibility a factor? Of course. It is, however, completely morally and intellectually bankrupt to ignore the conditions in which they were brought up in. You separate yourself from these people and look down on them when it could of easily been your black ass waiting in the bread line with the rest of them. Instead of helping your people you insult them. Take a perfectly good chance to be a positive force of change for the less fortunate people around you and act like a pretentious cunt. You fucking suck, OP.

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>It is, however, completely morally and intellectually bankrupt to ignore the conditions in which they were brought up in. You separate yourself from these people and look down on them when it could of easily been your black ass waiting in the bread line with the rest of them. Instead of helping your people you insult them.


Your whole post is filled with appeal to emotion that shit works on women and faggots but good luck peddling that shit here.


Ya'll were fucked with by American white people. Cool yeah that sucks bro. That does NOT give you ANY sort of authority to police any other black groups thought at all.

Why the fuck would I, or any other group of black folk help your poor asses? What do you have to offer us besides "DA BROTHERHOOD"

Ya'll are victims of poverty but you do some dumbass shit I don't blame rich blacks, immigrants, mixed people and thinking blacks for not wanting anything to do with you all.

Better shape up calling every black that doesn't want to clean your drool and shit "weak coon" is just gonna make that wall higher. Better shut the fuck up and take whatever help you can get with a smile believe me and countless others (blacks and Non-black alike) have no problem leaving you out to die in the streets.

Black immigrant growth is the only reason blacks in America are still on the map. You all lost and no one gives a fuck about your ghettos so if I were you I'd quit your AA policing and watch after your own ass bitch nigga

> It is, however, completely morally and intellectually bankrupt to ignore the conditions in which they were brought up in.

>this guy is going to rape me
>he probably grew up in a poor home with abusive parental figures
>it was just the environment he grew up in
>I'll let him fuck my ass so I'm not morally bankrupt

Black American logic

If you aren't black then I'm not interested in your "help" or your perspective. Wholly irrelevant to me. Sorry.

>I don't care ur irrelevant I only listen to mah people

>you side with the people that wouldn't bat an eye to see you dead or shipped back to Africa.
Ah yes, the good old "all white people are racists" meme.

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>Labeling every criticism on black people as "self hate"
I already said the problem wasn't that he hated the behavior, brainlet. The problem is that he acts as though he's a one of a kind out of millions of people.

100% accurate. You're exactly the kind of incendiary moron that tries to instigate the same type of violence and aggression that you claim to despise. Your perspective from the outside looking in is entirely useless. Me and every other black person like me isn't interested in fighting non-blacks. I'm only interested in helping blacks and OP needs a giant fucking wake up call. Your opinion means precisely 0 to me and, despite your weak efforts, I won't be baited into an argument with someone so simple-minded.

>Do you know where "black culture" comes from? Violence. Suffering. Destruction.



>Ah yes, the good old "all white people are racists" meme.
Either your reading comprehension is garbage or you aren't intelligent enough to put together an even half believable strawman. Mediocre, user.

>I'm only interested in helping blacks and OP needs a giant fucking wake up call.

Which blacks? Poor solipsistic African Americans? What if OP isn't African American and doesn't identify with their culture? Is he forced to assimilate under your banner?

Plenty of blacks are doing just fine the only who needs a Negro wake up call is you. Black America is a sinking ship if you want to jerk off to your wakanda fantasy then Get Out and roll with some Nigerians or Dominicans or something if they'd even take bummy fauxwoke niggas like you

Are you black?

I honestly stopped reading there. Care to give me a tldr?

Are you darkskin black or one of those delusional light skins who barks pro-black talking points to compensate for their whiteness?

That isn't an answer to my question.

Fuck your question and fuck you

OP says he despises black people therefore I made the statement that he is siding with other people that also despise black people. Nowhere in that statement does it even remotely imply that all white people are racist. You made that leap all on your own. As I said, it was a very poor strawman.

I'm assuming the answer is no. Thanks, that's all I needed to know.

You're interpreting OPs dislike for black people literally like an autist.

The dude is a senior in HS and is more than likely talking about African Americans acting like retards like they always do because he hasn't been intimately exposed to black people with sense from other cultures or non-blacks who aren't hostile to him.

Your reading comprehension is shit

>Your reading comprehension is shit
Is it? Or is the title of the thread literally "How do I stop despising black people?"? In what universe is basing your response off of the literal words that someone says autistic?. Just leave it alone, m8. You threw out a shit strawman and now that I called you on it you're frantically back pedaling and making no sense.


>In what universe is basing your response off of the literal words that someone says autistic?


I understood the context just fine. I'm still not sure what any of this has to do with what spurned this whole back and fourth; your shitty strawman.

He clearly doesn't despise black people, just the ones he went to school with. He's a fucking emotional high schooler. He's already posted about his parents being good, working and affording a nice home in the suburbs.

Instead of reading between the lines of what OP was ACTUALLY trying to communicate you went straight for the literal interpretation like a fucking moron.

Then you get triggered spout the typical "give back to da community you uppity Negro" bullshit that AAs love to pedal.

But nah keep misusing strawman to make yourself feel smart

>He clearly doesn't despise black people, just the ones he went to school with.
Yes. He's making the mistake of falsely characterizing the behavior of a few people he goes to school with for the behavior of an entire cross section of people and I gave him my personal opinion on the importance of making positive attempts to engage with these people and understanding the genesis of their culture. The fact that he isn't literally talking about every single black person on the planet is irrelevant to my point. My point was that he should raise people up, not disparage them. My point was also that taking on the ideology or mannerisms of a racist is terrible whether you're imposing those ideals on a handful of people at your school or every dark skinned person you meet. Like I said, I understood the context just fine, this is just your shitty attempt at trying to turn the argument back towards me to distract from your shitty strawman.

>But nah keep misusing strawman to make yourself feel smart
Your strawman has nothing to do with my perceived intelligence. You created a false argument that I never said or implied in an attempt to disregard my statement. You put words in my mouth and dismissed those instead of using the words I actually said. Its the definition of strawman and I suggest Googling it and practicing a bit of forethought before you think about using it again. Strawmen can actually appear compelling if you put a little bit of brain power into it, user. If you're going to argue like an idiot at least don't sound like one.

>You put words in my mouth and dismissed those instead of using the words I actually said.

Yeah no. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

OPs case isn't an isolated one and the trend is the behavior of AAs uniquely, and are especially vindictive when "one of their own" steps out of line.

Nothing will change unless they change, and they refuse to listen to anyone from the outside, black or not.

"Lifting them up" is a waste of someone like OPs time. They don't deserve to be lifted up by him at all.

He's better off leaving them behind and doing his own thing. Whether that's finding blacks like him already or disassociating with blacks altogether is his choice.

When you think of a white person being retarded, it isn't because they're white. So why do you believe that for black people?

>it isn't because they're white

Lol wut yes it is whites chimp out all the time

But not because they're white, it's because 90% of people act retarded occasionally.
Human nature

>In what universe is basing your response off of the literal words that someone says autistic?
High functioning autists have the capacity to communicate but have difficulty differentiating between subtext/context and what is explicitly stated. In reality basic human speech is multi-faceted, and words can mean wildly different things depending on the circumstance in which they're used.

If I call a poorly made movie a scam, for example, doesn't necessarily mean I'm accusing the director of committing fraud. The context being that it would actually need to be proven in court for that to be literally true, and that I'm using it in an informal setting.

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I have a friend like you OP. Maybe to a slightly lesser extent.
Hes black. Has a fair dislike for most black people / black culture in America. Feels many of them have a victim complex and thinks that often they are the bringers of their own misfortune.

That said, while I tend to share his and your views on many of these aspects, you just need to do your best to treat people as an individual. Maybe dislike the "collective" group, but when meeting individuals, treat them as such. Give people a chance to show you that they aren't necessarily like the group you might associate them with. Obviously you aren't like you picture other black people. My friend is similar as well.

Honestly your preconceptions most likely will not leave you easily if at all. Which is why I just try my best to treat people individually as I meet them.

This is bait.

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He's as much a product of his environment and system as the worthless cunts he's complaining about.
why exactly do they get a pass and he doesn't?

Your point is gonna fly way over his head and he's gonna shit post "YOUR SHITTY STRAWMAN" like a retarded 15 year old so leave it be

>why exactly do they get a pass and he doesn't?

Cause they're all real niggas who need fathers and guidance and OP is a self hating blerd coon whos gonna leave his strong black queen behind for a becky

Black tumblrtards actually think like this

Jesus dude, nobody in this thread actually knows shit about black people
this is like watching aliens try to guess the culture of earthlings based on cars

Black Americans think they're the only black people in the world and don't know shit about the rest of the world and get triggered when they see someone act different
Its like watching aliens trying to guess the culture of earthlings based on cars

Well what can I say OP? Multi-culturalism sucks ass and you are part of the collateral damage of (((their))) plans.

Again with the generalization. This is like when black people say that all whites are racist. It's just a bunch of select group of people who are very loud and stupid. Stop judging everybody based on the loud and stupid Jesus fucking Christ

Alternatively stop being loud and stupid

Dude you are literally racist. Not all blacks are like that. My black friends would use nigger-culture as a joke and otherwise spoke eloquently and intelligently. Don't be ignorant. HS is kind of the time where that sort of behaviour will be maxed out. Most will drop the nigger attitude around non-blacks once they are over 25. Those who don't are ~80IQ and are comparable in culture to white trailer trash types.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell. Should give you some insight on the origins of this behaviour, and also may make you realize that categorizing such behaviour by race is ignorant.

Most blacks are.

I hope you're also aware Thomas Sowell is the uncle tom laughingstock of mainstream black America. Hes a highly intelligent man but he calls out bullshit on all sides and for that he's a "coon and a self hater". You might trigger some folks with that recommendation :)

OP's bigger problem as he ages is going to be the Tumblr-tier BLM "season your food and don't touch my hair!" blacks, mostly women, who are into "keeping it real".

They're smart enough to not act like complete niggers, but they're also smart enough to try and emotionally manipulate thinking black men like OP into being "woke" and being an apologetic blackity blackity black male feminist. Young black men who recognize black fuckery are inevitably filled with self doubt and are particularly vulnerable to this poisonous rhetoric.

>Thomas Sowell
I'm not reading a book by a black man.

There's always going to be loud and stupid people user. You are on Jow Forums, you should know this. That is humanity, not specific to any race

Op here. Should’ve made it more clear that I was talking about African-Americans. The “despise black people” was worded poorly. I’ve met blacks outside of the US and African- Americans don’t hold a candle to them.

Hey fuck face

Called it.

OP, good on you for recognizing the fuckery. You're not doing a single thing wrong.

>ITT: non-black people telling black people how they should feel about other black people

Nice impression of a Twitter SJW

Yeah, knowing and acknowledging objective history is a real SJW move.

Op here again. This post is nonsense. I firmly believe the whole “we were once slaves and the government is purposefully keeping us down” argument that you “woke” African-Americans use is nothing more than an excuse for the majority of the African- American community to keep acting in the deplorable manner that they do. My father who grew up in literal dirt poor conditions in the Caribbean and had an abusive childhood, was eventually was able to fly to the US at the age of 18. He came to America with nothing. He eventually started work in the construction industry (he was also homeless at the time) and was able to move up the ranks through sheer hard work. All of his hardwork eventually payed off in the long run, which consists of having a 6-figure and able to afford to live in a beautiful house in a quite neighborhood with his kids and his wife. Now you are telling me that these “oppressed” African-Americans who have had access to more opportunities in life than my father did, couldn’t and can’t do the same thing?


6-figure job*. How did I miss that?

Americans in general like to think that only America and the American view matters.
When I hear them talking about Korea (my country) I want to scream. They know nothing about what happened to us for the past 100 years. And yet they think that only their opinion matters. Trump and Obama hardly even discussed South Korea when talking about "the North Korea issue". It was always just about them and the Norks. I have never met a nation so little understanding of the world around them like the USA before. They don't understand how we're the result of a massive colonial misunderstanding that THEY caused, and the Soviets played their asses like a fiddle. Knowing that Americans wouldn't take the time to understand Korea.

Anyways, my advice to OP. Visit Trinidad.

Get a load of this pseudo-intellectual fag. Guess what? You're an insufferable cunt.

Funny enough, my parents are from there. Travelled there many times

>This post is nonsense

It doesn't matter what you believe. The statistics are what they are. Its a simple matter of economics, really. The popular right-wing talking point that "poor people are poor because they chose to be" is as inflammatory and illogical as talking points come. Its been statistically debunked and displayed dozens of times throughout the years but the heart of the issue is an inability to understand generational wealth and basic infrastructure.

Additionally, its great that your father made something of himself but anybody who knows anything about mathematics knows that your anecdotal experiences have nothing to do with the statistics. Knowing someone who has been struck by lightning doesn't change the odds of being struck.

>Now you are telling me that these “oppressed” African-Americans who have had access to more opportunities in life than my father did, couldn’t and can’t do the same thing?
They can absolutely do the same thing. They do that same thing all the time. It is, however, an objective fact that they have less opportunity to do so. Its a simple matter of economics. African-Americans had less of an opportunity to invest in the economy post-Civil War. They have less generational wealth, less property ownership and were victims of 19th and 20th century gentrification that systematically pushed them out of economically booming areas and forced them into what are essentially slums. To say that the sole difference between being successful and being unsuccessful is conscious choice is in complete contradiction to everything we understand about economics. Predatory loaning practices, lack of access to business/home loans and a host of other factors have contributed to the chronic poverty of African Americans and the reason why pulling themselves out of that poverty is exponentially harder for them than other populations. If you want to talk about black communities and their real issues these facts are unavoidable.

The problem with American blacks is largely that they have been prevented from building functional communities that can effectively engage in commerce with the outside world. That's because as it turns out, former slaves suck at building communities and economic growth, especially when the whites around them aren't keen on dealing with uneducated, illiterate, former cotton pickers.
That's why "lone wolf" blacks do well, but ghetto blacks become more ghetto. These kind of ghetto communities have existed since the civil war ended, and become largely dependent on crime. Things go in a circle from there.
It's a bit like natives in Canada. If they leave the reserve and strike out on their own, things go pretty well for them. But if they stay in their economically desolate relics of colonialism, they turn to crime and other less savoury ways of getting along. Hip hop is a bit like "cope" as people like to call it. Trying to glorify a toxic community that they really should be leaving in the past.
One of the big issues preventing blacks from moving on from the ghetto communities is low housing value. Makes moving hard. That's why we have to encourage young people to strike out on their own
Ghetto blacks who make excuses for their positions are the ones who don't want to leave these corrupt, antiquated, ghetto communities. But again, much like Natives in Canada, sacrifices must be made, and community might just be one of them.

In Trinidad, even poor blacks were able to engage decently with the community around them, since they weren't trying to build communities in the wake of a war, when many whites were not ready to accept their freedom.

The solution for American blacks is very much, accept your past, and move into the future. The moving of youth out of historically black communities is the best way to achieve this.

It doesn't matter if you're right about this or not. What matters is what the solution might be.

As I just state in
If they want to pull themselves up, then they have to dissolve those communities. But that's tough. Treating those communities like they're able to be helped is insane. But that's what most people do.

That is one thing that I HATE about black americans very much. My parents and most of my friend’s parents believe in “Do as the Romans do” so we speak like normal midwestern americans.

It used to trigger me when these american slave half-white bastards (no offense) would accuse us of not being black because we didn’t speak like cavemen like they do. Like dude, almost everything is about you is bootleg european. You don’t speak any black languages, you don’t dress like black africans, you’ve probably never eaten goat meat for christmas before, you don’t carry yourselves like black africans do, and everything about you is obnoxious.

Don’t get me wrong I have a few black american friends, but damn. I get along great with afro-caribbeans, I’ve gotten along with the odd black brits I’ve run into, and the black arabs. But african-americans are oftentimes proud of being annoying assholes. Not most, but a very uncomfortably loud minority.

>Like dude, almost everything is about you is bootleg european

Hahahahahaha top kek

>an objective fact that they have less opportunity to do so.
Affirmative action would like word with you.

Knowing and revising history is at least, so you're half right.

Why would you want to?
Around blacks never relax. You’ll regret it one day