Found out I have herpes a little over a month ago. Slept with a chick off tinder. I wore a condom too, but since acquiring this I’ve found that doesn’t fully prevent it from spreading. I haven’t talked with the girl about it since it was just a one night stand. I also have learned that 85% of people who have HSV2 are unaware, so she probably didn’t even know she had it.

Anyway, obviously this fucking sucks. The virus itself isn’t really that bad, just a couple small almost unnoticeable red bumps on my dick. The mental aspect of this, however, is fucking terrible. I’m doing better now but at first I was getting bad anxiety, having trouble sleeping for a bit, and lost my appetite. Luckily the sleep and my appetite have returned to normal but I still am feeling anxious at times.

Anyone have any advice for living with this? Success stories?

For everyone else, hook ups and one night stands are not worth it. I went through a bad break up and thought having sex with a lot of girls would make it better but it didn’t and now I have a lifelong virus. If you are on tinder, delete it. Just look for a good girl. Or at the very least get to know someone before sleeping with them and talk to them about the last time they were tested for STDs and if herpes was included in their test. Please learn from my mistakes.

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My advice... is to let time take it’s course. You will learn it’s not a big deal at all. The only people that really care about herpes are either not infected or undiagnosed, and all it is is a skin condition.

You should be able to find a woman just fine. The moral issue is whether or not you choose to mention it with her, but you could always play dumb and act surprised when she contracts it since that’s what everybody does these days.

But anyway, it’s a skin condition. That’s all. Not a big deal.

Thanks man, I appreciate the support. I definitely plan to disclose to any girl I get involved with in the future. I wish I was given the choice. I have read that with antivirals, condoms, and avoiding sex during outbreaks the likelihood of transmission is less than 2% per year which is reassuring

Ain't cool if you're having kids.

As long as the woman isn’t having an active outbreak at the time of pregnancy it’s very unlikely to happen

“To give you an idea of how uncommon this type of transmission is, we’re looking at odds of less than .1%”


>Anyone have any advice for living with this? Success stories?



This is a uniquely American thing I swear nobody gives about herpes it's just some scary shit public school teachers and Republicans tell their daughters so they don't fuck around.

Fucking insecure dickhead you're like the people who virtue signal on social media "I HAVE HERPES AND I'M. PROUD" everyone wants to be special now lmao if you told me you had the G or chlamydia or something that be different

Fucking herpes? It's like two dots if your immune system isn't shit and barely at that. Everyone's got herpes mate.

Stop worrying

Yeah, herpes is incredibly common. I think around 80% of the UK population has it. I'm guessing the other 20% are religious people. And most people who have it don't experience any symptoms, so don't even know they have it, and therefore they don't tell need to tell their partners.

>STD collectors get mad ppl dont like them
kek, inb4 virgin blabla
i have a gf who is clean and im clean, tough luck suckers
a sucksess story would be you stop being a manwhore and have sex responsibly without spreading it further, but you are not capable of it obviously

I don’t have herpes and neither does my girlfriend. Neither of us slept around in our past.

lol at all of the cucks in this thread trying to say herpes is cool

> A condom is a magic pill that prevents 100% of STDs
Is this the peak of american sex education?

no, it was taught that you can still get STDs even with protection.. but young Americans are terrible at making good choices.

Don't like 90% of people have herpes?

Not OP and not American, but you'd fucking think condoms were magic the way they're bandied about.
As far as I understand, proper condom use prevents everything but herpes and crabs, is that correct or have I been lied to?

>check google
>fucking SYPHILIS
oh for fucks sake

>Everyone's got (genital) herpes

Maybe in Woodridge or whatever shithole you live in

They're national statistics. Most strains of HPV don't have any symptoms but are still contagious. My lecturer managed to contract oral HPV (cold cores) when someone used his lip balm. My dad, who got married to my mum at age 18 (religious reasons) has cold sores, too.

HPV is incredibly common and mostly harmless.

I've had cold sores since I was a child. Does that mean that one of the many bitches who kissed me around the mouth and cheek in the kindergarten gave it to me or something? REEEEEE

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I appreciate the reality check. It is a big deal though to my fellow Americans because like you say most are just unaware of what it really is. I mean if you google herpes you get these horrific images and shit. But you’re right it’s not that bad.

Read up, I said I plan to disclose to future partners and use antivirals and condoms.

Actually peak American sex Ed is abstinence education. But like I said in my original post I learned a lesson from this. I wish someone would have given me that advice. Instead most of my friends were just encouraging my reckless behavior

It's very common to contract it via one of your parents, actually.

I see, but that means that anyone who kisses me, contracts it too if they didn't have it before, right?


>tfw got a real superpower

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>tfw got a real super power.

It’s a gift but also a curse. Because that means you will also infect those you love