Femanons, Rate my OKC Bio Please?


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>MBTI horseshit
Hard pass. Try using something that isn't as scientifically debunked as flat earth theory.


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terrible bait


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6 final

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Heres what i got from this
>mechanically minded
>weak introspection skills
>read a book once
>probably jobless

guess it could be bait. mostly just want criticism though
Yeah, pretty much

I'm curious where you got the last one from?

>talks about being violent in the opening paragraph
>very mature but approach everything childishly
>on the introverted side of the spectrum
Definitely on a spectrum

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Pussy detected.

Gay picture of a bridge

You never say what you do or aspirations related to a field, and your interest in mechanics seems more theoretical which implies you dont have huge ammounts of money to throw around. Unless you're stuck in a dead end job and you dont want to mention it?

Sum up your bio in 2-3 sentences. Most people will say"I ain't readin' all that" and swipe left.
Leave out videogzmes and anime.
Shoryen the last one down to 2-3 sentences, leave out the "random info" shit.
It's like you have no idea that 1st world women are drowning in suitors. Holy shit.

Currently a college student, so you're mostly right.
I do only work as a power tool repair technician though, so I wouldn't say I'm exactly in my intended career. I'll revise to mention I am a student.

You come across as insecure, jealous, uptight, judgmental, and a complete buzzkill.

Your idea of a good time is to do work?
No woman wants that.

Why do you even want to date? Sounds like you love your tools more anyway.

I refuse to even consider liking someone with less than a paragraph in their bio. Seriously, I might as well just keep hitting up bars. I'd feel like a hypocrite if I didn't write a book of a bio.

Can you just delete like ninety percent of it? We read it to be nice, but no chick is going to read that. Also you must be dumb because you should never admit to a hoe that you're a pushover.

Thats a good one to add. It shows you have aspirations and a direction in life. It also makes you sound younger so the contradictions in your self description actually go some way towards describing your character. I guess you'd want someone who doesnt evaluate you based on material sucess like a piece of meat, but they also say actions speak louder than words.

Itt: virgins pretending to be girls to sabotage other virgins

You won’t escape this bucket if I can help it, crab.

You should have started trying two and a half years ago then

You my friend, are here forever.

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Fuck, you got me there...

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It says "I am desperate for acceptance and love."

Don't say so much, you are supposed to get to know someone through conversation. This isn't a job interview.

One sentence is enough.

>1. You
needs a winky face at the end

Why is "Yank" capitalized? It makes it sound sexual.

Im going to rewrite it for you OP. Obviously dont copy paste this, just look at it and see how I made it into something that would attract me. I'll say this, you sound like a total faggot. Instead of just describing yourself in a casual confident way, youre way too wordy. You say a bunch of shit in a repetitive manner, and its very obvious youre trying hard to seem desirable. Listing off stuff in a way you think girls like and then also saying how you'll bend to their whims has given me an affect similar to holding a fucking blow dryer to my genitals.

Im a laid back person, not much gets under my skin. I dont like to start conflict but if it did start wouldnt be afraid to follow through. Im introverted, so I dont want to be going places all the time and talking to a bunch of people frequently, Id rather stay inside or do something just us two. Im not too stuck up, I enjoy having fun and playing around.

I like to build and fix things. Problem solving and puzzles are a hobby of mine. Im a bit artistic too, I [paint/draw/etc.]
Sometimes I do risky shit or I'll be head strong about doing what I want, but Im not going to completely ignore common sense or logic if you spell it out to me.

Looking for [what youre looking for]
I dont have time for girls who [things you wont accept]

Remove the 'You.' Makes you seem desperate and needy before we even talk.

>I sometimes write third rate poetry. Example:
>I write amateur poetry. Example:

Remove the "See? Third rate."
Also remove the "Im always down for a random adventure." No, youre not. This lie makes you seem like some basic bitch trying to seem like a special person. Youre not an adventurer, you dont want to go do random dumb shit at any time. Be legit.

DO NOT be self deprecating.

does anyone even use OKC anymore?

>scientifically debunked
>implying it is possible for such vague psychanalytic notions to be scientifically debunked

Lmfao I love how on Jow Forums people take a pedantic tone to speak about all sorts of things they don't know the first thing about.
MBTI is not horseshit, people just don't know what it means and how you're supposed to use it.
Basically, MBTI-types are a variation on the Jungian notion of archetypes. You're not supposed to identify yourself completely with an archetype, because people are not archetypes. So saying "I'm ENTP" or "I'm ISFJ " is completely retarded and doesn't mean anyting, and I get it why you'd think it's all bullshit but you have to think of it as landmarks on a map that help you locate yourself on this map.

Carl Jung is one of the brightest minds humanity has had to offer. If you looked into him even the tiniest bit you would see the absurdity of your stance.

To be fair, MBTI is a total mockery of Jung's functions

Based and redpilled.

I swipe left when I see MBTI because mentally disordered people can be hard to deal with

This. Though Jung’s functions are trash as well.

in my area more women than men do.

This. I learned this the hard way. My ex was WAY into that shit, and later went on to claim to have PTSD from being made to do non-contact sports as a teen.