Pregnancy advice

Guys please help me cope.
Im not even 1 months pregnant, ( my start date was 23 august), and im feeling headaches, CRAMPS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME, tummy aches, overall just feeling tired.
My boyfriend is a cuck who doesnt want to get married 'cause marriage is a jewish scam' sendjng my stress levels skyhigh. I dont wanna give birth to a bastard born out of wedlock. Currently not talking to him even though he is in the other room 3 metres aaay from me.

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What a nice retarded dad your child's gonna have

Nice bait.

What the fuck do i do,how do i turn him around. We broke up around 30th august, just to find out im pregnant.

Not a bait. Need real advice

Why get back with him when you guys broke up? Also, it's not the end of the world if the kid is born out of wedlock. It's becoming more common these days.

oh boy its hard to know where to begin

If you broke up before the child was discovered then GTFO of the relationship honestly. Being a single mom is hard but this is just going to serve to get the kid to have some daddy and mommy issues
First off that i can say, man up and gtfo of the relationship w the retarded dad to-be

Abort or live the shitty life of the single mom

Get abortion

get an abortion tomorrow

this will not end well for you and your kid will be back here in 15 years asking for advice about why his parents were shitty and how he can kill himself because he hates living.

Abortion is extremely selfish. Why would you ever murder your own kid?

>Why would you ever murder your own kid?
because people have been doing it since forever and it actually helps create a more stable society after you've already achieved optimum population density.

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abort you're still early on right? im not sure what the cut off time is but save yourself the misery. you will always be connected to this man for the rest of your life. even after the kid is an adult you will always be reminded of him or even see him because of your child.

my friend is going through this and his daughter is only 2 years old and he cant stand her mother who he only sees a couple times a week when he picks up his daughter. hes financially fucked until shes 18 and hes become an alcoholic now.

take it from me who's seen it firsthand, dont do it. abort.

If that’s the case, then people shouldn’t be having sex right?

Nah sex is fun.

>people shouldn’t be having sex right?
there are two kinds of people:
those that are having sex
and those that wish they were having sex

trying to make people stop having sex is, for all intents and purposes, effectively impossible.

But abortions profit the jew

So do tax payments, or buying protection. You cannot best the Jew. Not the Jew.

Dont abort, do break up with your boyfriend OP.

You made a mistake getting together with this guy. You made a mistake having sex with a guy like this. Dont let men who you couldnt happily marry in the event of pregnancy stick their fucking dick in you, its that simple.

You realized you fucked up, realized it was going nowhere, so you rightly left.

None of the reasons why you left go away just because youre pregnant. He's not a suitable husband or father. Being a single mother is a terrible thing to do to a kid, but having the kid grow up in a non loving household with a crap dad is arguably worse.

There's no turning around this kind of mistake, but that doesnt mean there isnt a way forward, it doesnt mean its the baby's fault, it doesnt mean you cant do your best to raise this child and be a good mom. It also doesnt mean its impossible for you to find someone you really love.

Find support, reach out to whoever you can trust, do your fucking best. Right now in life your duty is to that baby you made, who needs you, and will love you. That kid will make your life worth living.

Just draft a generous prenup for him. I guarantee he's worried about getting fucked in divorce court and that kind of shit. If you show him all you want is to be married to your child's father he'll probably be pretty reasonable.

>break up with your boyfriend
Plenty of dudes are really intimidated/stressed out by the concept of marriage, if the relationship isn't otherwise broken this is a horrible idea.

>is selfish to stop the development of a thing, not yet human, that is comming just to suffer

put the kid up for adoption and at least give him a chance at life

get an abortion, I had a single mother and everyday I wish she aborted me because I’m too much of a pussy to commit suicide thanks to having no father. Also marriage is a shit deal for men these days you would get bored and leave him and have 5 diff baby daddy’s and still be a single mom in section 8.