Dealing with a mentally ill girl

Ok so first let me sum up the story real quick :

>Be me, male, 22yo
>Feel lonely after a break up about a year ago so I start going to /soc/
>About two months ago I come upon a girl through a kink/fetish thread and we hit it off pretty well
>She's constantly joking about how we have so many stuff in common it's almost freaking her out
>At that time we're both constantly horny and pretty much sexting all the time
>Which is great because she's pretty cute and we definitely match well on a lot of stuff
>When we're not sexting she tells me about how she's got mental illness and how everyone finds her creepy and she doesn't know why
>She's making weird claims that all sorts of random people who don't know her say she's creepy without her doing anything
>I don't really make much of it because I don't know what to make of it
Fast forward to a little while later when I witness her first "episode":
>One day, out the blue, she removes me from some of the social media we're talking on
>I ask her what's going on on some other messaging thing she didn't delete me from
>She makes some vague statement about being overall sad and removing anyone she doesn't know IRL from her other social media
>Ok, whatever, I ask her if she wants to talk about other stuff to take her mind of what's making her sad, she says yes
>I try and make her laugh talking about random crap, and she starts teasing me (we would often tease each other) in a playful way so I tease her back and then she gets fucking mad out of nowhere and starts insulting me
>I call her out on her bullshit, tell her she's fucking insane and that if that's how she's gonna treat me when I'm trying to cheer her up she can go fuck herself
>After that she switches completely and tells me she likes me and that she really wants to come here (we're not in the same country) and have sex, and that she's serious about it. On the same day she was insulting me a few hours before that, for no reason


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>Anyway, after that it was all fine
>She starts being a little more distant but I assume it's because of her exams that are coming soon and she is very anxious about
>I'm gone on holidays so I don't mind anyway
>I notice that whenever we talk now she doesn't sext anymore and she'll stop replying if I do
>I still assume it's linked to exams anxiety
But now
>Today, she texts me saying she delets this social media account and to add her back on one she add removed me from
>She adds "But stop asking for creepy shit"
>I have literally no clue as to what she is talking about. Last conversation we had before that was completely normal stuff with me asking her how she was doing with her exams stuff.
>I add her back on that other social media and ask her what the fuck she meant by this
>She leaves me on read
>I ask her again, in a more pissed off way
>She answers "If you don't stop being a faggot ill just remove you"
>I'm a pretty straight forward and stubborn guy so I just went on with a long-ass message to explain to her that her attitude is fucking insane and that it's probably due to her mental illness so I'm just letting her know it makes absolutely no sense to treat me like I'm some creep orbiter she's only not removing out of pity when we've had long, mutual, in depth sexting sessions and she allegedly wants to jump my bone.

She hasn't read it yet. Usually I would have gotten out of here as soon as she pulls that kind of crap on me, but apart from these "episodes" she's a very sweet, relatable qt so I don't want to just drop her like that when I told her I'd handle the mental issues. I really have no clue how to deal with this kind of crap because I've only been dealing with relatively sane women in my life so far. What should I expect and how should I handle her sudden mood swings?

tl;dr there's this cute chick who wants the d but once in a while she's got these episodes where she becomes a total shit stick, how do I deal with that?

>how do I deal with that?
Well, the straight-forward answer is you don't.
She's some chick you met off the internet, who turns out to be a total trainwreck. The smart thing is not to get involved.
Now ask yourself the question; do you have any interest in doing the smart thing here?

I'm not sure. I was mostly counting on having sex with her, not really involved emotionally like, although she is pretty sweet in general I knew from the start she was in no way relationship material.

So my question was more like " what is my strategy to make her back to normal when she gets mad just long enough for the sex part to happen at some point ? "

But yeah what you say makes sense.

Well she said she's so horny she would go to tinder but doesn't want to because she doesn't want to have sex with a total stranger. I live in a pretty touristic town so she wants to visit here anyway and I offered to pay for her stay.
But yeah you're probably right, even though she said she really meant it.

You can find a new thot to trade nudes with, that's not that hard.
Also, you'll probably understand it's a pretty dumb idea to travel to a different country to dick down some crazy, mentally ill chick, that you have no interest in pursuing a relationship with. I'd personally focus on a different person entirely.

She told me she didn't read my message (she usually does that but I'm pretty sure she read it) and that I was making her uncomfortable and acting like a creep (I told her again she was mentally ill and to seek help in the middle of that). Now I'm going at it again asking for when specifically have I ever been a creep.

Yeah I suppose you're right.

Bump, need more insight, perhaps from guys with experience with this type of bipolar chick?

Are you bored or desperate or something OP?

>we're not in the same country
You are stressing yourself and worrying about a lunatic that you will never see irl?Why are you wasting your god damned time for a random insane chick while you could chase others? Helper complex?

In short: block her, don't waste your time. Those people can't be saved by you.

There are lots and lots and lots of more-or-less sane girls out there. Why are you messing with this problem-in-the-making?

I'm obviously gonna go look elsewhere if she keeps up with her bullshit but apart from these very episodic crises she's pretty cool so I'd rather keep her as an option.

Obviously you can't be bothered. Fine. I'm outta here, have fun with your psycho.

Dude don't be like that, it's not like you're personally involved, chill out.

I'm just saying I might aswell keep her an option.

>She's making weird claims that all sorts of random people who don't know her say she's creepy without her doing anything

looks like it wasn't a weird claim at all

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What do you mean?

Bump. Are there some guys with actual experience specifically with this type of bipolar mess?

yeah. abandon ship. you are lucky she is the one who wants to break it off and that she doesn't know where you live.

Why? You got anecdotes to share?

Just avoid these psycho bitches like hell

This. They're just not normal human beings and there's no way to deal with them.

Nice touhou pic.

Thx, the flandre pic seemed fitting.