Morning adv

Morning adv
I'm a femanon and there is this guy I like and try to get closer to but the problem is that he is very busy and sometimes when we text I can tell he is tired and has a lot on his mind.. so I need advice with deciding if I should keep trying to get closer or drift away. He seems to like talking with me but often his messages are rushed and he is like ''you have to call me 5 times to get thru me" so is this turning me down do you think?

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If he doesn't have time to text, he won't have time for more.

Trying to turn you down without being rude.

Sometimes that ends up being the most rude way!
I would recommend moving on.

tell him you want to come over to his place after he gets off work and cook him diner and that your idea for desert is to give him a blowjob.

if he turns that down then he is gay, in a relationship already, or doesnt find you attractive enough.

I'm going through the same OP but with a girl. She keeps telling me that she's extremely busy but that she hasn't forgotten about me.

I'm not sure what to think. She still likes everything I post on social media. You'd think they wouldn't to show you they don't care but I always have to initiate convo with her.

Sometimes girls just want to have you around, ready to date when they're ready. If you are ok with that and really like her, stick around. If you feel that's being "led on" then no sweat, just move on and stay friends if you want.

I dont have time for much more right now either. Small progress is what I want at the moment

I see. I will wait for other anons to share their views

Not very possible with out schedules and I'm not blowing guys who I'm not dating

>Small progress is what I want at the moment

What? What do you expect to get? A text-based relationship?

Honestly I don't mind. I'm not ready to date I still have a few lbs to lose. She told me she wants to hang out but whenever we make plans she says work came up or something. I think the idea of a girl giving me some slight attention is good for me right now to continue my weight loss. I just don't want to constantly bug her to the point she loses the small interest she has in me.

>Not very possible with out schedules and I'm not blowing guys who I'm not dating

what i hear from that is
>im not willing to put in the effort to make this happen
>im not willing to tell the guy whats in it for him for accepting my offer

i think you're not trying hard enough and so you have no right to complain about him not taking you seriously.

I just want to keep him interested ,build emotional connection. In our situation its only this way for now

>In our situation its only this way for now

Start dating when you can actually date. He is not interested, don't bother him.

If he is so busy then why he gave me his second number and told to keep calling until he picks up? Is this him letting me down ?

That sounds like a very healthy and realistic approach. I caution you to not become silently attached to the point that you'll feel betrayed if she starts dating something. People almost never make choices to intentionally hurt someone, regardless of what the MGTOW brainlets would have you believe about modern women. So just keep that in mind, if that happens, and otherwise I really congratulate you on decided to address what YOU deem inadequate. You are definitely gonna make it, seem like a good guy from your writing. Keep at it!

I don't know him, so I don't know. All I can say is that if you feel this is superc hard for him, it probably is. The more you just talk without an endgoal in mind, the harder and harder it will be. Why waste your time and energy in this?

It is hard for him so I will probably cut the contact. It sucs because he is a great guy who seems to like me for real reasons and if it weren't for my and his current life situation I would definitely try harder

>if it weren't for my and his current life situation I would definitely try harde

Let's hope that's true. You can text him again nce yousort yourself out, this is not about burning bridges. BUt expecting a text-commitment when there's no future in sight is pretty demanding, you know?

>when there's no future in sight
There is future but in a few months and not right now but I get what you're saying

Thank you. I always figured if I'm not happy with myself why would someone else be? I've improved myself a lot this year, dropped weight, cleaned up, different job, back to school. So I'm pretty busy myself and understand the busy part. She actually did go on a date with someone after me but he ended up physically assaulting her. She's younger than me and very attractive so I understood she was going to be dating. I'm cool with it, if it doesn't work out and she finds someone else, cool gave me huge confidence boost since she asked me out. If it does then great, she seems like a great girl I'd like to get to know better.

Maybe make your own thread?

Either meet up and actually, you know get to know eachother or just give up. I can't speak for all men, but many think it's just frustrating having to text someone all day long, it's a shitty way to socialize for men. Endless shittests without even being able to touch a girl or see her smile, fuck that.

Sorry, that's pretty much it. Didn't want to clog the board up with another thread about dating/relationship stuff.