If introverts don’t enjoy small talks because they’re often insincere...

If introverts don’t enjoy small talks because they’re often insincere, does that mean extroverts enjoy meaningless things?

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I'm an introvert and I still enjoy the shit out of meaningless things.

Good for you user, I wish I could be more comfortable with myself when I’m casually socializing with others.

myers briggs is fake

also i am entj so its my place to decide such things. also to tell you that small talk is a tool that lets you help autistic people feel comfortable in social situations.

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So if I don’t enjoy small talk, I’m not autistic? I probably am though.

small talk is a tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver. The purpose of the tool is what matters. In the case of small talk, the purpose is to help some kinds of people feel more comfortable in social situations. The degree to which you enjoy using a hammer is irrelevant, the real measure is how effectively you wield the hammer.

I think it's more like for introverts, small talk is too much of an effort given the fact that it's meaningless. Whereas for extrovert people, since it's less of an effort, they don't mind doing small talk even if it's meaningless.

Myers Briggs is not fake, people just don't know how to use it. Jungian archetypes are just that : archetypes. People are not archetypes. What the Myers Briggs test is supposed to determine is where you stand in regards to the archetypes that they determined. For instance, you may be way closer to ENTJ than your are to ISFP. But you could also be half-way between ENTJ and ENTP, or ENFJ. But the point is : you're not supposed to embody an archetype.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

I don't do a lot of small talks because I am bad at it.
Being introverted or extroverted is about gaining or spending energy when you are around people.
Obviously if you get exhausted talking to someone, you don't do it as much but you can still do it and you can still enjoy it.
Small talk is not meaningless, or at least not supposed to be.
It is a form of conversation that is really cool to be good at when you meet new people and you want to learn more about them.

>people just don't know how to use it.
How are you supposed to use it?
Because most people just say what type they are and treat it like a zodiac sign or something.
I have seen some interesting material about study patterns and how to convince different types of people, but it never seemed to fit.

But I see that people enjoy small banters so much, like they can respond to each other comfortably and like it’s so much fun to them.

Idk, maybe it’s just me that is too low self esteemed and socially anxious.

>How are you supposed to use it?
Read the rest of my message.

It's not meaningless, it helps you bond with the other person. That's how you make relationships with people.

I wish this whole thing was easy for me. I could be ugly and short and crippled, but not having low self esteem and not facing difficulties in socializimh would make my life a LOT easier and worth living.

Small talk isn't even insincere

Introverts don't like small talk because it makes them uncomfortable, a very normal activity others can do easily makes them uncomfortable, so it feels like a weakness

They attempt to cover that weakness by pretending to be above it all when realistically it just means that they'd rather talk about Rick and Morty in great detail than exchange pleasantries when the situation calls for it

This. I'm an introvert and I hate this "too intelligent to enjoy normal things" meme. It's just coping with our deficiencies.

What should we do then?

There are just those conversation where we feel stimulated and genuinely interested. Do you think that’s a lie? I’m not interested in shallow banters because I mostly feel like I’m really not funny and I’m always worried about what others think of me.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone. It’s the opposite, actually. I always feel inferior to everyone, I always feel like I’m not good enough and that my existence makes the social dynamics awkward and uncomfortable, that’s why I always avoid ppl because I don’t want them to relate my existence with bad social dynamics.

But loneliness is a bitch and it’s starting to hurt.

I don't hate it because it's meaningless, I enjoy all sorts of meaningless things.
I hate it because it's painfully uninteresting

This. I mean, friendly banter are funny and I enjoy laughing at them, but that’s it, I’m just a listener. I can’t participate, I can’t throw banters like they do, and mostly I just don’t want to.

But idk, maybe I do. Like, I always fantasize responding to their jokes, but I’m too shy to express it. I’m a 25 year old guy.

Extroverts feel more stimulated by in-depth conversations too. That's not a feature exclusive to introverts

It's like the other user said, it's the above it all attitude of introverts that always bothers people.

The "things I like best" aren't always the number one topic for discussion. Sometimes you talk about boring things. Because you're doing it for someone other than yourself

Take my co workers. Some of them are shy. I small talk with them because I see it being them out of their shells and they feel more comfy talking with me. It passes the time. They feel friendlier with me. It serves a purpose

Not every conversation can be discussing the mysteries of creation and the universe otherwise those conversations wouldn't be interesting at all

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Why do you do that to ppl? What incentives are you after? How do I grow the need for the incentives as well?

>h-heh, I'm just TOO SMART to enjoy such trivial, meaningless things like basic social interactions
>everyone else is an NPC, I'm the only REAL human around and that's why I can't relate to other people
This is the literal definition of cope, I can't believe faggots have their heads up their own asses enough to actually buy into this horseshit

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Ok just tell me, if I can’t feel comfortable in participating in small talk, is that a weakness? Am I inferior to you because of that?

Everything's a deal man. Everything's an exchange. You reap what you sew etc.

What does that mean? So when you do that, do you sincerely care about their comfort and wellbeing? Like, when you do that to them, do you actually enjoy it, or is there another motive?

Depends on the person. If it's someone I like then yeah I genuinely do care for their wellbeing

But I do see everyone and everything as an extension of what I can get out of them.
Like, I like this girl. If I treat her nicely, and I make her feel loved, she'll love me back and give me affection, companionship and sex etc.
But then that's a bit different coz I think with relationships even if you have this sociopathic esque view like me you end up caring about your partner more than yourself. It's the hormones I reckon. Some deeper instinct to protecc

But with say, co workers, I think "This is a cool dude. If I'm nice and pleasant to him, he could be back, we can talk about stuff. I could learn from him, he could give me attention. We could go do stuff together. It'll be fun"

I don't think there's ever much of a selfless act.
I'm always driven by the reward. Even if it's autonomous.

I love my best friends, I treat em well because of it. But I wouldn't if they didn't improve my life with their friendship because then they wouldn't be my friends for

>This is a cool dude. If I'm nice and pleasant to him, he could be back, we can talk about stuff. I could learn from him, he could give me attention. We could go do stuff together. It'll be fun
Now I understand why ppl don’t initiate stuffs with me much. I don’t even know where to begin, I guess I’ll just begin with “I’m too overthinking when dealing with interpersonal relationships.”

Idk, I can’t be too weird that I can’t find a compatible friend.

Thats not what what introvert/extravert means


introverts dont like talking because everything you say can and will be used against you

also like 90% of the population are barely functioning retards

Nice Kaiji picture

Like what?

social skills =/= social anxiety =/= introversion/extraversion

Care to explain?

yes you fucking dipshit. why the fuck do the thing normiebook and normiegram are fucking filled with. hi bb hru? wyd? lol k bb luv u. and fucking emoticons instead of actual conversations? just be glad these fuck for brains are easy to deceive and manipulate

social skills = knowing how to behave in social situations
social anxiety = fear and distress in social situations
introversion/extraversion = whether you enjoy being solitary or social more
you can be extraverted and socially anxious at the same time, or introverted and socially skilled

Anyone else hate the fact he's an introvert?
I have so many fucking controversial opinions that most of the time I feel like I am arguing about my death sentence.
It's not racist or any other insulting way, either.
I am just an autistic shite with no shame.

I wish I was born a boring extrovert who could socialize using boring slang.
Life is hell.

That's not introversion, that's paranoia

you're not maing any sense

Yeah, I am never making any sense.
just end it all

Friendly reminder that those are slides of grays, not black-white options.

In fact you might enjoy some of those pairs equally. Personally in my daily life I'm a thinker but in vidya I am a feeler unless forced otherwise.

This thread can’t die because I’m still not satisfied.