Should I get the McDouble or the McChicken today?

Should I get the McDouble or the McChicken today?

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Both and shove all the fries inside



get a happy meal with the girl toy

McGangbang. Extra large fries. 2 apple pies. An Oreo McFlurry. And a large diet Coke.

You know what you should get OP

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It's JUNIOR fucking chicken you absolute knuckle dragging monkey brained dummy. McChickens are the biggest fucking rip off of an item on the menu. you can get 3 juniors for the price of 1 mc, and the mcChicken is barely even more food.

Know the difference, fuck face. Junior chicken, great value sandwich, McChicken, horrible disappointing overpriced sham. it just might save your life, faggot.

mcchicken. put your dick in it

3 cheeseburgers or a big mac.

For me it's the Stick Dickin.

You should get 15 cheeseburgers

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Both, my amerimutt friend.

McChicken is like 60¢ cheaper. It’s not even a question. Get extra lettuce though.

The thing you call the junior chicken is the mcchicken in the us, and is $1. I don’t know what the hell your mcchicken is.

For me it’s the McChicken

Should I get two BK burgers or a taco and cheesy beef burrito on taco bell

Get four BK tacos.

Lol I feel bad for you and your overpriced mclards


Only burger worth a shit at bk is the whopper so unless it’s that get taco bell

Rodeo Cheeseburger

BK tacos are my go-to at BK. Just make sure you get one or two taco sauce packs per taco. And make sure it’s the taco sauce, NOT salsa.

sausage mcmuffin

Do burgers actually sell tacos at BK????

Hot n spicy.

We just got the McChicken here in south Texas and it's literally a Hot N Spicy without the spiciness. Wtf why?