Men what does your ideal girl look like & what type of characteristics/personality...

Men what does your ideal girl look like & what type of characteristics/personality? And no bashing anyone by their personal choices (:

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Man these bait threads are just nonstop eh? I'll start.
>mixed race (preferably Jewish and ametican black)
>dresses provocatively
>a little on the chubby side
>nice tattoos
>I kinda have a thing for mtf girls but I don't care either way

shorter than me
knows when to be sweet
challenging (not slutty)
not boring
red head or brown/black hair
wavy hair
if red, pale, if black, tanned/brown

Physically :
>cute face
>pale skin
>no tatts or piercings
>either having a "girl next door" kinda look or fashionable/classy (but like in a discrete, elegant sense). Both 1950s and XIXth century style stuff look good too though.

Personality :
>not lunatic/bipolar
>traditional values but not in a caricatural way
>virgin (if we're really talking about ideals) but out of wanting to preserve herself for the man of her life(me) rather than out of disinterest for sex

>has a vagina
>not fat
>not old
>will leave promptly once I finish

I've been in a relationship for 1 year and 4 months so this is basically why for me because she is my ideal girl..
>she takes care of herself
>open to new things
>loves to travel and see new places
>actually has a plan for her own life like a career n such
>lets me pay but isn't afraid to pay for her self if funds on my end are short
>doesn't care where she is as long as shes with me
>isn't afraid to stay and work shit out if we ever fight (we haven't yet really)
>is understanding and empathetic, and sympathetic if she can be
>likes to have sex, passionately
>will brag about me even when I'm not in the room
>understands that work and school should always come first
>cuddles. plenty of cuddles.

>Is a complete dick
>retarded (figuratively and literally)
>Really Large ego

>short, dark hair
>likes dresses
>physically clingy but not emotionally codependant

Why are you asking OP?

I don't wanna tell...

>cute face as opposed to "hot"
>big eyes
>very light skin (white only)
>taller than 5'2 and shorter than 5'9
>small frame but still filled out
>redhead, brunette, blonde, whatever

>Very loving and praising
>interested in me and things in general
>Likes music, movies or just passionate about art
>Not a social justice warrior
>Not thotty

1. She has a pretty face
2. She has integrity
3. When we date she gives me a fair shot and doesn't date like 5 guys at a time.

It's been years since I've encountered this unicorn.

I'm asking because I am curious (:

What do you think of the answers so far? :c

I like all answers! None are wrong.

> short and younger than I am, but not by much
> objectively pretty
> straight, long nose
> even face proportions
> nice set of teeth and smile
> college educated
> small breasts and butt
> has vastly different hobbies & interests than I do
> likes to initiate most things
I feel like that's not too much to ask for. Just be pretty, petite and, outgoing. And my idea of "pretty" is not that high honestly.

~5'4" height
Iranian or Middle Eastern
7/10 face
Dark, wavy hair
Big, light eyes
Sharp-ish facial features
~20% bodyfat
"Standard" body shape
Size C perky boobs
Average butt
Dresses nicely

115-125 IQ
Trustworthy; gentleness character traits
100% Western culture
Centre-Right politics/philosophy
Christian (i.e. non-Muslim) family background
High Agreeableness (Big 5)
Interested in ideas; can hold intellectual conversations
Likes and wants kids
Willing to consider being a housewife while kids are young
No major psychological disorders (minor ones are fine)
Wants lifelong marriage

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I dont have one.

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I love a woman that breathes occasionally

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I'm your ideal user. We should wed asap.

who keeps making these threads and why

>a woman that breathes
if she breathes, SHE'S A THOT!

Go back to tumblr, faggot.

>slim and tallish (5'5" and up, taller than me is fine)
>small boobs (A preferred, B is fine)
>either long, dark hair or blonde, medium hair
>intelligent and can carry a conversation
>can banter and take banter
>doesn't have retarded, reasonless dietary restrictions, like "red meat is unhealthy so I never eat it in any quantity"
>willing and able to have multiple children
>supports me in becoming a better man

>Good looking
>Isn’t a bitch
>Has good taste in music

Doubt I’ll ever find a girl like that.

>occasionally breathes
that means she's disabled has an artificial lung
Idk I feel like you've been with 5 other guys before me

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>replying to obvious bait


Yes, this is actually very good.

This has my vote to go in the time capsule.


Shorter than me
Black hair (dyed is fine)
White or asian or half
Cool hobby/interest like art/music

>not fat
>not crazy

>black hair
>blood red lipstick
>piercings/artistic tattoos welcome
Sounds just like the last girl that rejected me.

not fat.......... and thats about it...... a winning personality would help

shorter than me, cute and thin(ish, I give me natural D's and an ass on a petite frame and I will be in bliss), no piercings, no kids/no desire to have any

>tfw might have met that unicorn
We will see. If yes I'll ride her till the end.

If she's giving you a fair shot then treat her good lad. Lord knows she is treating you good. After the emergence of these dating apps that's a rarity now and a conscious choice. Those things have changed things more then people are willing to admit.

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>>cute face as opposed to "hot"
This is such an underrated opinion thank you for allowing me to know someone else shares my opinion

Well said although I am not the original user

I don't think it's that underrated actually. I also prefer cute and pretty over "hot".

I mean, cute is hot for me. I never got into the whole sexy slut face thing.

16 year old blonde blue eyed conservative model who wants to have 8 kids.
Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

short, petite, shoulder long hair, cute face, ass and tits fits my hands
works, cooks, speaks softly, no swearing, no drinking, wants my babies, no jewelry, no tatoos and piercings, no golddigging, no tantrums, no fake smiles

What if I’m 5’9?

I will do my best and try not to fuck it up by being a typical Jow Forums autist. I also met her on tinder so there are decent girls on there. Only took me 5 months.

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>met her on tinder

So is she dating other guys then? Because that means shes just another thot and you're going to have to run the gauntlet to win the pussywhipped trophy.

Personality is all that matters.

Nah she didn't meet anyone else since we met. She is pretty traditional and a bit religious.

That's good user then seeI'm envious

>long to medium length hair
>not cake in make up and reserve it for dates or simple outings
>language is not mired in vulgarity
>not a smoker but don't mind a drink here and there

Looks don't matter much to me. There are a few things I don't like such as facial piercings, plucking eyebrows, too much makeup and dying hair. Pretty much just look how you naturally look and don't be an unhealthy weight.

As for personality intelligent, kind, faithful, family oriented and introversion is a plus.


That's a totally ok height. That guy is just an insecure manlet.

>dark blonde hair
>cute nose
>shorter than me
>small pretty face
>big boobers
>big bum
>slightly chubby (for cuddles)
>kind and caring
>a little shy
>little to no makeup
>high libido
>likes to cook
>likes to cuddle
but most importantly
>loves children and wants to have many many babies

I really really like mousy/nerdy girls. Thick glasses, messy hair covering face with or without bangs, dark colors, loose fit clothes etc. and I'm not talking about hipster mousy nerdy with carefully coordinated nerd chic look, but comfy clothes that she wears because they're cheap and comfy and chooses dark colors to blend in the background.

Mousy/nerdy is not just superficial, it also comes from personality. She's shy and spends lots of time alone, but is polite and attempts to socialize when she needs to. The kind of girl who spends her weekends drawing, reading, and playing video games.

Sweet, shy, caring girl who has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind if we never leave the house to do normie stuff.

Think of it something like outcast goth girl from those 80s and 90s movies but who doesn't bother or care to actually be a goth.