Give me 1 reason why I shouldn't put a bullet in my brain, just 1

Give me 1 reason why I shouldn't put a bullet in my brain, just 1

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You can't eat food and play video games if you're dead.

It's possible things might get better in the future so cashing out at a low point is a bad move.

>Eat food
I hate food.
>Video games
Can't enjoy them no more

Oh well then, see you in the afterlife OP


Have you tried an antidepressant or therapist?

If not, rushing to suicide is a poor choice. It's like quitting too early in a potentially good game. You should download some patches so your simulation runs smoother.

One more question, do you live at home with your parents still?

you aren't live streaming it. now if you live stream it then go right ahead

I live in a second world shithole, I don't think antidepressants will help with that matter

Move countries

because that would be boring

ok but it may take a few millennia. those things are heavy

Did you get bullied? How about using that gun against them, then use it on your own cranium.

Smoke marijuana and do drugs and get high on whippits instead.

Pimax 5K+

I don’t know what the fuck that is, but you should take my advice and get high on nitrous oxide instead of killing yourself

Okay, here's one reason..
you'll be ending every possible chance for you to be who you always dreamed of being and living the life you've always wanted for your self.
You just like everyone else that is living right now is completely clueless about what is on the other side of death. No religion, faith, belief, or believed to be "divine" figure knows what happens after we die.

So essentially you're dying for the 1 in 5734598222984520439570 chance that you'll be able to live again and succeed in your dreams that you want for your self right now as we speak. In my opinion, not worth the risk. Live it up bud. Good luck user

I guess you've never tried drugs at all then? Okay, that's good. If you can possibly find antidepressants in your 2nd world shithole, if you take enough, you will not care at all that you live there. It's worth a try. Taking antidepressants could take away your suffering enough for you to focus on escaping the shithole country. They helped me escape my abusive home, find a place to live, and maintain a job all while having ptsd, so I think you can do this.

>Give me 1 reason why I shouldn't put a bullet in my brain, just 1
Because you wouldn't die from it and it would make your life fucking worse.
Now get up and start a new life somewhere.

Fuck antidepressants. Just get high on marijuana or whippits.

Your death will add to the statistics that the left uses to push gun control.

Don't forget about LSD and shrooms.

Fuck off. Only cops should have guns.

You mean braindead GED idiots most people wouldn't trust with a fucking chew toy, let alone a firearm? Nice bait fuckatron.

This is one of my favorite lines of the left because it's often preceded by how we can't trust Trump's government and his police force.

the entire government doesn’t belong to trumf. cops aren’t going to shoot you.

What I meant to say was that everyone in the United States should be required by law to own a gun.

That's more fucking like it.

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>1 in 5734598222984520439570
i like those odds. and 5734598222984520439570 just happens thi be my lucky number

Hope of tomorrow.

>facebook picture
jesus fuck, the absolute state of this board

because I say so

Sounds stupid but if you flinch or fuck up you might survive
Imagine being in a position worse off than now because of a failed suicide attempt
I don't know maybe you could end up in a vegetative state, call it a shit reason but its a reason

Another reason is thats the easy way out, be a fighter and don't pussy out user
The reason you wanna kill yourself is partly because you made shit life choices
Now do you wanna curl up and cry in self pity about that only focusing on how you've been served bullshit or are you gonna take some responsibility get yourself out this mess

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at least I'll have a hot nurse taking care of me

Funny how you don't say anything about the second half of my reply because you know its true

I don't argue with morons

>OP cries about wanting to kill himself
>Gets given advice and told not to
>"I don't argue with morons"


they're not OP I am
and you are a moron

There isn't a reason user, there is only the choice. You can choose to give up existence or you can choose to continue it. If you want to continue you need to find a way to set goals that you want to achieve. If you want to end it its still an ambition of yours its just the last one you will ever choose to have.
No one here can choose for you, there is only 1 person you can have this conversation with that matters.

>quotation marks in greentext

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Smash bros ultimate

I mean, if you have a family that you don’t want to ruin you shouldn’t kill yourself.

But if not I can’t give you a reason buddy. Its your life, make the decision. The fact that you are looking for a reason to not kill yourself should be reason enough to hold out for awhile.

If you fail youre permanently paralyzed for the rest of your life and the life on Earth you no longer want will become the hell you dont believe in.