How do i get in contact with the mafia?

I need something that only the mafia can provide. Black market shit. But where and how can i get in contact with them?

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why do you think they would even help you?

because i would pay a good price

just forget it. they won't do business with you, doesn't matter how much money you have

They don't exist.


also know they may fuck with you after taking your money, because you're trying to do something illegal you won't go to the police/fbi/etc. don't bother.

The Mafia is a glorified geriatric real estate club now. The days of smuggling cars and breaking legs is over. My grandfather didn’t even “leave” this thing of ours, everyone just got old or died and drifted apart. And nobody’s kids wanted to continue the life.

Don’t waste your time.

Ten bucks its something a streetwalking nigger could find him. Five bucks he wants someone deded because they made fun of his smol weewee.

everything you guys wrote sounds hypothetical. does anybody have real experience he can speak of?

of course nobody here has dealt with mafia. they barely even exist anymore and are mostly legit. you won't get in contact without an in, they're not recklessly selling cigarettes off of trucks anymore

to clarify, the mafia you're referring to got abolished in the early 2000s

Every time I see people like you, I don't know why I keep coming back to this site. We're not the people you should be asking, and it shows you aren't ready to deal with these people(if they still exist)

The mafia doesnt do work for random people. Thats how you get caught by a sting.

Jesus OP what the fuck do you want. I'm not saying I'm a mobster, but I know where most things can be purchased because I use the internet too fucking much. Just say what it is, and unless you need a body disposed of in a volcano (which the mafia has been doing lately for some reason) ill tell you where to get one

>go to brooklyn
>eat at goomba meatball joints
>yell FEDS!

I cant tell you on this website

Sure you fucking can't. We get people coming through asking for drugs and how to get away with murder all the time.

i live in europe. i thought about the armenian, russian or italian mafia. not some gangster wannabes

People on this Taiwanese crossbow painting forum openly discuss selling children. Quit larping or tell us what the fuck you want

The italians have no teeth anymore and the russians are all about cybercrime these days. Armenians... fuck if I know but they probably still traffic guns like ex-yugos.

untracable gun and explosives. sorry that i made a big fuss about it.

Is that it? Dude, just find your local ex-yugo Serb and get a Tokarev. Explosives you can make yourself.

Google it you stupid fuck

You can 3D print guns or buy them off the dark web.
I'm legitimately making gunpowder in my room right now using one of the HUNDREDS of tutorials on the internet. The United States military also has an improvised munitions handbook floating around online that is almost entirely items you can find in a hardware store. Just Google the PDF of it.

Its like you aren't even trying to kill whoever pissed you off.

This. OP should just go to a ghetto.

I win ten bucks.

>Someone at the FBI gets paid to post this bait on the chins

What a time to be alive.

>untraceable gun
2 peices of pipe for a shotgun. collect the cartiridges. most important in any shooting with any gun is that the expelled rounds are collected, which is why hitman will put the gun into a bag and fire it through that, the rounds get collected in the bag and bullet blows through still. also provides some protection against having gunpowder residue (which they test for if suspected) but dont think it stops.
100s of ways to make explosives yourself if you look online.


Theres a specific italian restaurant somewhere in LA the supposedly a mob meeting place (grandfather was a part of it).
Don't know the name though...
Also you'd likely end up getting punked out of your money depending on what your asking for.