Finally got tinder, how do i get my cherrie popped?

/WHY IS IT THAT WHENEVER I GET MATCHED ON TINDER, I DONT MATCH WITH ANYONE THAT WANTS TO FUCK? all the fat bitches that match with me want "something serious" or "no hookups" well then what the fuck are you on tinder for you bitch!?!


You're probably ugly...

> something serious or no hookups
Honestly, they're just doing that to filter out normal looking guys until chad comes along. Don't worry though because it's just a numbers game. You'll eventually meet a decent looking girl who just wants to have sex.
Also, maybe you're a bit uglier than you think you are. My brother is a 7/10 and gets a lot of matches with average and ugly looking girls. The stacies or tinder are basically off limits if you're not good looking, but pussy is pussy I guess.

Chill dude.
Chicks won't bang you if you are this edgy about it.

I know I'm like a 3/10, but the people I match with are fucking sending me suggestive pics that hints that there dtf, but aren't into it when I ask. Pic related it's one from last spring that I use on tinder

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And this is the kind of shit i get

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I wouldn't say that you're objectively ugly, since you are pretty normal looking for a mexican guy. And I'm pretty autistic myself so I have no idea why they keep teasing you. Good luck though.

Some more pics I get from people my matches

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Fuk that's nasty

If I could offer some advice it would be to not lose your cherry with a ONS. It's awkward and weird and that's only made worse by not really knowing the person. Get yourself a practice gf.

I think my dick just inverted itself.

I've seen this exact thread before. Why are you reposting it?

Practice gf 100%, first couple times are awful, you need to master your craft. I just assume anyone whose never had a long term gf must suck at sex

how are you getting matches? iv matches a couple times but they dident respond...
why does nobody love me

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I know what you mean, but I'll take what I can get with my fugly ass. Not to mention you can't find much in potsdam, NY

He probably has a good bio since he's only average looking.

What about someone with no gf?

I guarantee it absolutely in no way has anything to do with your personality

as I understand it you can't actually be open about mutually using each other bodies until you have
>carried out a conversation long enough to get the phone number/snapchat
>ask the girl out to meet
>possibly meet a second (even third) time
>have sex
then you can be open about it
the exception appears to be if the woman is a gargantuan slampig

Why the fuck are you using tindr?
Why the fuck do you even care?

Get over yourself, go jack off, then crack open a beer and smoke a cigarette. You don’t need to bother yourself with whores that clearly aren’t even into you.

I’m telling this to you as a guy who has had sex before, who has had a gf before. And I’m a beta faggot just like you, I happened to get lucky. And you know what I found? Both experiences were so miserable and pointless that I preferred the old ways of being by maself and living life for maself.

Im not retarded, I am usually never open about this shit when I chat with them. I come here to vent my frustrations about this shit. Isnt tindr supposed to be used for fucking whores?
Is it good enough for me to get whores whos willing to smash?

And fuck off , I've pretty much done all of that shit within the first three weeks of living on campus, only thing I haven't done is get a gf and get laid; and we all know which one is easier.

Gotta go on a date or two before you get the gash OP

It's not like your obligated to get seriously involved after you get what you're looking for.

Nigga you go to clarkson too? Lmfao imma find out who you are

Add me on kik my dude. I'm a freshmen

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add me on snapchat: Flarpet

What year are you?

holy shit I completely misspelled cherry. lmao my bad

Junior hbu?

freshmen. wanna meet up at some point?

So, I hate lying to people, Ive had it happen to me where a girl leads me on only to change her mind and im stuck with my dick in my hands. I promised I would never do that to a person and to be upfront with what we both want, but im starting tot think this is a bad idea. Ill hit it off with a girl on tinder and then hit her with some cold hard facts of my interests, telling her I dont want to lead her on or waste time. Usually it ends amicably, but sometimes I get ghosted. I still find this is better then fcking with a person, but Im thinking its more self destruction so I dont have to commit to something I dont want without having the guilt that it was my descion


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Tell them you don’t fuck around and just got out of a shitty relationship and are trying to move on. Leave it at that and nothing more if they wanna get to know you they can earn it eventually

All is fair in love and war 99% of “women” are fickle cowards and don’t like being decisive about anything other than their lust for material possessions

if your cool with it, wanna go have some dinner by cheel arena at 7? im

A lot of the whores who go on Tindr specifically want you to lie to them. They want you to pretend you have some romantic interest, they want to play a little game of 'getting to know each other' and then once youve done that enough they feel like they have enough of an excuse to fuck

Theyre whores, but they dont want to think of themselves as whores. So they need to disguise their real intentions by 'playing relationship' till they can tell themselves they had sex with you because they really liked you or something, instead of them just being a plain ole cock hungry slut.
When they realize you wont let them have their fake fantasy, they get rid of you, since someone else will.

No thanks man it'd be kind of uncomfortable I think. Do you have friends on campus?

yeah, but none of them browse Jow Forums. Sorry if im being too forward, I just havent met someone who also lurks here from time to time.

I'm sure those compsci guys that sleep in the COSI do. I'm mostly here to shitpost
Tinder here sucks. I've pretty much given up on meeting someone up here, gonna wait until I graduate. Matched a couple girls here looking for exclusively hookups so you might get lucky.

thanks for the support, the guy girl ratio here is a bitch.

Ratio isn't too bad at SUNY Potsdam so you could cross-register courses there I think. Overall not a big fan of this school I'd recommend transferring if possible

ive never had any luck with tinder, they never respond, or they just start asking how much money i make or where do i live, yeah if i wanted a prostitute i would get one for a day, not for a life

No, women have turned it into a legit dating app, its for dating now. Seriously if you're just looking to get laid, use adult search or find some desperate betty spaghetti turbo nerd girl and drag your dick through her fat pussy, thats what I do... Women aren't into hook ups anymore, they're empowered and all think they're hot shit... thats why you have to punch through the bottom of the barrel and scrape through mud to find ones desperate enough to just hook up.

I don't use online dating, but OF COURSE all women say they are looking for "something serious, no hookups." Slut-shaming is real, and women can't comfortably admit, even to themselves, that they just want a little bit of fun now and then.

Follow what they DO, not what they SAY. If they "say" they don't want hookups, and you take them out, and you end up hooking up with them… you've done nothing wrong, so long as you didn't lie to them or pressure them or anything.

They'll find some way to rationalize the disconnect between their stated values and their actions themselves. That's not your job.

Your job is to fuck them.

You need to be able to filter the fake profiles and prostitutes from real women. I hope you don't have it connected with your Facebook page.

I don't, but what do you mean by fake/prostitute profile?

Fucking disgusting

Matched with a qt and have been talking to her for about the whole day, asked her if she's free next week and would like to go to a museum.

I hope she replies, but this is where my journey ends consistently.