User, are you familiar with PSORIASIS? I've had this skin condition since 2011 and I am desperate...

user, are you familiar with PSORIASIS? I've had this skin condition since 2011 and I am desperate, it itches and flakes on my scalp, anus, knees and elbows, and when I go take a dump my anus bleeds and tears. I am desperate and have tried lots of dermatologists which all of them tell me to use creams and ointments, while they do help, the scales and flaking are back in 3 days, please help me user ive researched the internet and there is no cure for this and ive tried different diets without meats or alcohol HELP ME

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Steroid creams are all you'll get the majority of the time the first time you see someone, and the problem never goes away permanently. I have never seen any diet change fix it. I know people who have done light therapy, and it helped one out of three. The other two felt like it damaged their skin worse.
All that said, there are many new treatments coming out for it now. I understand none of them, but the cases I've seen online show dramatic improvement. Also, stay with one doctor you like. You'll have better results with them throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks than going to each one and having each one give you another steroid cream.

You're not going to listen to anything I say, but regardless.
-Avoid exposure to wireless devices
-Have your house tested for dirty electricity. Electric utilities can do this.
-Find a good herbalist.

What you're experiencing is exactly what was noted in Russians who worked in environments with microwave fields. It was loosely called "dermographism" at that time, and was one of the main manifestations of microwave sickness. Some people also develop psoriasis in response to intense DC magnetic fields, or those of high frequency. The emchanism is altered calcium flux / NO processing, leading to degranulation and histamine release from mast cells. TRPV1 channel activation and endogenous opioid release is another manifestation in the skin directly. Autoimmunity could result as well.

Also, have your digestive health evaluated. If you have an inflamed or permeable digestive system, this could be causing liver problems, elevated immune function, so forth. Powdered marshmallow root is good for this, among other things.

Waste of 3 or 4 minutes typing this. Good luck surviving our toxic "modern" paradise.

Its not a waste of typing, I took note of everything you wrote. Thank you so much for your help.

There is no cure for it bro, just follow your treatment and deal with it.

I got vitiligo, which is cosmetically worse but physically less devastating than psoriasis. All doctors told me straight away that there is no cure for it, and that treatment might or might not work, and I learned to accept that after years of white spots spreading all through my body and being very vulnerable to sunburns.

There is no magical cure, there is no "snake oil", don't fall for expensive meme treatments that don't work. You'll be tempted to try and buy expensive shit, and you're free to do that, and heck, it might work. But remember that if there was a cure for your illness, doctors would have discovered it already

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>which is cosmetically worse

Actually I'm wrong on this too, psoriasis looks worse than vitiligo, you're more fucked than me. I wish you luck, your situation is similar to mine but worse.

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Hey man, I've had this shit for 20 years. 32 now. Let me tell you what's up (and not the crazy user).

Get Selsun Blue or Denorex (Denorex works better for me) shampoo and rub it on the generally affected areas 2 days or so when you shower every. Let it sit for a few minutes when you do. It's going to cold-burn, just accept it.

I always get this in the summer, my sister does too. Heat makes it worse, so it always flares up in summer. I look spotted from July ~ September.

The shampoo should help reduce it to a degree but there is no completely solve it. Definitely try Denorex if you can!

Thanks bro I will try those out

Here’s a big patch on my back

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lol I have a spot on my neck 4 times the size of that.

Still, your shit is way worse than mine, see My shit doesn't hurt unless it's burned. I've learned to accept it though, I see other people without an arm or with terminal cancer, I shouldn't bitch about a non-lethal skin disease.

Now that you mention it, I went to a chinese doctor once and he examined my pee through a lamp light and tapped on my wrist un some spots. I remember he mentioned I had a 'fire liver' which was not good, he advised me to let go of my anger towards my dad because it could be fucking up my liver and inmune system

This thing is so annoying I scratch myself unconsciously while asleep and during the day I have sudden huge urges to scratch myself to alleviate the itch, its annoying because when I scratch my scalp dead skin cells drop to my shoulders and it looks as If I didnt shower and my hair was dirty, looks like dandruff

My dad had such bad psoriasis on his entire body/head he would bleed on our furniture and stuff. Ended up being UVB phototherapy that helped him, now you can barely tell he has it, his arms are less severe than yours. If you haven't tried that yet you could look into it maybe

Thanks man I will consider it though Ive read it takes a looot of sessions... Im concerned about the UV rays effect on my skin as well


I also have something called sheborreic dermatitis on my scalp, which looks exactly the same as psoriasis apparently.

Maybe you have seborreic dermatitis, or seborreic psoriasis on your scalp.

There's a shampoo for that, like kelual DS, I shampoo my hair with it and my shit is gone for some weeks. It comes back, shampoo it again for a week, gone for 2-3 months. Talk to your doctor about it.

Yep, I find myself moving in that direction. I started out with mainstream biology and pharmacology, and I got into herbalism with that same mindset. Now I'm beginning with the traditional chinese and ayurvedic views of body systems, diagnosis, and treatment. Also, kirlian photography, bioelectromagnetics, etc. The history of non-ionizing radiation research, the interaction of these fields and biological systems, and its therapeutic applications were what permanently decoupled me from a manufactured mainstream cultural narrative.

Look at it all. eg autism is now conservatively estimated to be 1 in 38 children in the US. There are many causative factors with hard mechanistic links identified, but each are met with ridicule, artificial controversy, or apathy. We will never be allowed to acknowledge "the answers" to the modern diseases of industrial civilization until the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, and the media, are torn down. Isn't it convenient that there are all these strange new diseases that just happen to need maintenance drugs for the rest of your life? Who in their right mind destroys their own markets when R&D cost to bring a drug to market rises ~7-12% annually? Who wouldn't destroy emerging, real solutions?

The only step forward I've seen on any front has been the FDA approval of a device developed by Novocure. Only approved because they're Israeli-backed and have massive cash backing to jump through all of their hoops. It's pretty much just a shitty Rife machine that barely works, but what can you do.

Anyway. 9 times out of 10 you're not just broken and dependent for life. Keep searching for answers with the proper caution. Had I not started using herbs, I'd have been dead / killed myself a long time ago.

Carnivore diet. Helps with autoimmune disorders. Google it.

Also, forgive any incoherence. I ate pecans which have scrambled my mind in the past, and I feel a bit crazed.

Should have stayed away from those goddamn things, but I blew it again.

Not really the same but I have atopy and it shares some characteristics with psoriasis.
I've been suffering from it since I was 4y old or so.
During following 20 years I went throygh dozens of creams and moisturizers byt nothing really helped.
What is odd that it toned down when I turned 21 or so, many have said the worst part is during childhood/teenage years when your body changes constantly. This is probably some voodoohoodoo but it seems plausible.

What I also went through is dietary changes as I suffer from hayfever which often occur in those with atopy and once I left behind some food stuff it helped both my skin condition part of atopy and hayfever.
You may also want to just do some harmless testing with vitamins, for me vitamin D and C and other supplements that help skin worked such as folic acid.
What helped my hands immensely is/was physical work. I may be talking out of my ass but it may activate your skin to a degree it regenerates more rapidly and thus toughens up. Many parts in my hands that were once problem spots are now covered in more leathery skin, kinda like skin in your heels is tougher forming sort of protection.

Regarding your scalp I had some issues with mine as well. Especially when I started growinc my hair longer I went to usual route of washing it nearly daily. But that due to that my shoulders were white. I was losing my mind with that as well until I got fed up and tried one last thing, less washing and especially less shampoo usage. I toned it down to 4 times a week, then 3, then 2 and now just once a week.
If you constantly wash your scalp it will dry it up, it is soap, soap does that. Once the protective "dead layer" of skin is gone it may come subjected for inflammation which may worsen your psoriasis.
Try it, lessen the shampoo usage, or use just water and dont scratch it in any way. Your skin heals itself, it produces grease for a reason. Hell, even dick cheese has purpose as disgusting as we think it is.

Thanks dude I will try the supplements and avoid soap and shampoo