How important is height as a factor of male attractiveness? Can a 5'4'' guy ever get a gf?

How important is height as a factor of male attractiveness? Can a 5'4'' guy ever get a gf?

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yes, get rich, but remain modest. No one gives a fuck about your nice personality at 5'4.

Set your sights on girls shorter than you.

Height is pretty important. Your dating pool is severely limited because you're 5'4", but it's not the end of the world. Plenty of short guys go on to marry short girls. I've seen some short guys with very beautiful women, so you have hope. Just don't let it bother you because girls hate insecure men. If you're ugly and have a shit personality then things just got a lot more difficult.

Most of the girls in my class are shorter than me. But that doesn't mean they would settle for a guy only slightly taller than them.

Yea but she’s probably gonna be very short herself or very tall and self conscious about it

t. 4’11 female with 5’6 husband

I would say the majority would not have a problem with that height. I have a 5’3 friend and her boyfriend is barely taller than her. But he has a lot of girls after him, he’s fit but not over compensating Manlet fit. Wears nice clothes and takes care of himself, and he’s got a sense of humour. Women will overlook it as long as you take care of yourself and have a decent personality.


also confident is important


Height is important in male attractiveness, but at the same time i would also consider it somewhat overrated and over exaggerated. From my personal observation, women don't really care about height as long as you are taller than them.

And that's the key point here. Women simply want a guy who is taller, not simply a guy who is tall. A 5'5 woman might want a 5'8 guy. While a 5'8 woman might want a 6'0 guy.

Women prefer guys who are like 3-4 inches taller than them. The whole 6'5 chad meme is bullshit. I don't think being over like 6'2 as a guy is an advantage. If you are taller than that most women will in fact start to consider it a bit weird/creepy.

But this is also the reason why short guys tend to have it harder. If you are shorter than the majority of women, the majority of women won't date you. Most women have some sort of 'rule' that states that they will never date a guy shorter than them.

Height does play a factor in physical attractiveness, but in the end girls care more about nonphysical things. And also remember that every girl has different tastes. Just because a guy is under 5'6" or over 6', giving him a disadvantage, doesn't mean there aren't some girls finding him attractive regardless.

Actually tall girls have no problem dating guys shorter than them.

Perhaps because very tall girls have accepted that they likely have no choice. But to be honest, I've never seen a 5'8 girl date a guy who is 5'5.

I'm sure exceptions exist, but I've never see it happening.

I know guys around that height who have pretty gfs, but they also lift so...

I'm 5'6" and have dated one 5'10" and one 5'11" girl. Oh, I did hookup with a 5'8" girl too.

Congratz, you are an exception to the rule of thumb.

OP, be an exception as well.

No, this is the norm, bitter virgin lanklet.

>this is the norm

Lol, short guys dating girls who are taller is the norm? I don't know which world you live in.

Which world do you live in? All studies show guys taller than average are less attractive to girls.

My mother was 5'11 and dated my father who was 5'10. Don't worry about it.


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Women want men that can defend and provide for them when shit hits the fan. A 5'4" "man" can never provide the security a woman will require, you might as well become a twink for gay guys.

Look OP, as a 5 10 guy I will be honest with you
It will be kind of harder for you to date very good looking model type or so girls, simply because they have lots of choices and sometimes it just feels off for a woman to be shorter than her boyfriend, since in nature, the female average tends to be under male average.
But that being said, Ive had taller girls say to me "well, height doesn't matter in the bed, you know" and also got to know many women on the internet who never asked about my height. In the end, it comes to 2 things: how much does the girl value the aesthetic of "taller boyfriend" and how many women you try. One of them might like you.

Insecurity is unattractive.

It's only about how you carry yourself. I'm not a tall man, but I don't actually know my height because I don't frankly give a shit. If height matters to a woman when you can provide everything else, she's not a woman you should have in your life. It's the insecurity you allow the internet to plant in you that drives the good ones away.

A guy's height has never been a factor for me