My gf just start breakdown crying whenever I try to confront her problematic behavior...

My gf just start breakdown crying whenever I try to confront her problematic behavior. Then she puts the burden of fixing it and making her feel better on me. This happens every single time. I can't talk about my problems. She's constantly driven to screaming how much she hates me, hit me, and been fucking crazy.

Obvious answer is walk away but let's pretend that's not an option. What do you do?

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Suck it up soldier that's your woman and she needs you.

My man what?? What about what I need? She's always blaming me for everything. She's being shady and awful. And she attacks me too.

You scrawny little coward. You know she is weaker and dumber then you! You know she looks up to you for guidance and hits you wanting to see that light inside of you that she loves. Are you going to play with your dick or do something about your problem peas for brains.

Next time she hits you hit her back.
One precise hard punch in the stomach or a very hard slap in the face.
Nothing more.
And then just stare at her with an empty expression and say nothibg

Walk away, dumbass. That's the only option

Walk away. She has problems and she doesn't want to put in even the slightest effort to fix them.

Why the hell is walking away not an option?

You're supposed to be dating a woman, not a child.

This bitch wants guidance from a man.

needs moar details. what's the problematic behavior of hers? what are your problems? what specifically is happening or being talked about just prior to her starting to scream and hit you? how are you reacting when she does this?

She is literally worthless. If walking away isnt an option you need to stand your ground. At least leave when she gets like that, let her burn herself out alone and maybe she will realize that shes a parasite who relies on you to function.

If walking away isn’t an option then you need to go to the police because clearly she’s got a gun to your head.

Walk away, dumbass, there’s literally nothing else you can do but walk away or suck it up like a battered wife.

That isn't a gf, that's a liability. Fucking run.

OP, this is an example of a retard who most likely supports trannies marrying children, much less, has probably never been in a relationship.

That sounds like too much mental issues you put down, and is not good gf material, and an even worse mother material. Yes, you should "provide guidance" to your gf, but if you need to do it every day, that's very high maintenance, selfish to be ignoring your concerns, and warrants a breakup to find girls with better head on her shoulders.

Relationships should to be about growth into something real, not being a babysitter.

Walking away is always an option.

She does, he doesn't and that's not how relationships should work.

OP if you don't have the balls to get out, then no advice will help you. Enjoy your miserable and pathetic life

Walk away, dummy. There's no point in wasting your life trying to fix this much of a trainwreck.

>pretend it's not an option to walk away from an abusive relationship
Nah lol walk away.

>mr dbz attention whore enjoying pity from strangers for exaggerated claims of his being abused.

you made this thread yesterday

you're a little bitch and an attention whore. you're worse than a woman who does the same shit. You probably deserve everything you get.

you could act like a dick until she breaks up with you. if shes being a cunt, you gotta be an even bigger dick.

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She has something called,
Borderline Personality Disorder.

Without proper medication, she'll continue to be angry and depressed.