How do I grow myself out of nihilism?

How do I grow myself out of nihilism?

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make a really well crafted sandwich

Tried. Took acid to do so. Found out worse things about the human race than what I was expecting. Only thing keeping me alive at this point is my girlfriend. Its not worth living life around these monsters.

What was your trip like? Did you experience anything like ego death?

I was in he same boat, user.
The universe and life as we know it have no ultimate meaning, nor is there any reason to believe that it adheres to a human concept such as that.
However that doesn't mean that your life has to be meaningless. Try to find something that you'd feel nice accomplishing before your limited time here runs out. Treat life like a weird video game you got for free. You didn't ask for it, but it would be a damn shame if you didn't explore it and enjoy it, rather than just throw it away.
I watched some talks by Neil Degrasse Tyson, they also helped me change the way I see purpose and meaning, try that as well.
Good luck OP

Fuck up lel it's only acid

Even with ego death, I feel like it reveals more of the evils of humanity then accepting it.
My ego death was like...great I know what dying feels it's the only thing I look forward to...

Fuck everybody else.

Acid helps you mongo

if something about the nearest window to you caught your attention and you looked over to see flames on the other side of it, would you bolt upright immediately and hurry off to investigate or would you shrug and contemplate the nature of existence because in the end nothing else mattress? it's not the end yet. the journey is the destination.

Really? In what way?

It's made me hate everything so much more because now it feels like a veil just dropped.

The world is entirely made up of bullshit, you realize that? Human beings are a cancer. Look around you. Mostly of everyone is out there looking out only for themselves. My attention is selective and I now I care about a little few. The majority of my so called "friends", get little to none of my attention. You know how you can tell they're not your friend? When you've done them no wrong but they blame you and everything else for all their problems. They never think of it as them being the problem. That's what's wrong and that's where psychedelics don't help.

On the other hand, you can experience something unifying and beautiful. Recognize and witness the small few who are actually trying to do some good with the world. Then helps...

I just do it b/c it's the only thing keeping me sane. If I didn't have that, I'd be snapping back at all the bullshit people keep making up.

My only wish is for space agencies and private companies to really get their shit together and make us a space faring civilization. The more people we get out there and off this planet, we wouldn't have much of a problem.

stop being selfish and love and protect your close ones. your immediate family and friends should be a priority not activist bs.

For a start, read some actual philosophy. If you had read enough this wouldn't be a problem.

Don't you see that the fact that it is bullshit and you recognise it means that you can do whatever the fuck you want? I'm not saying you're Neo, but this is something a lot of people don't realise, and when you know more than the people around you, you can make a lot happen. Read more, grow more, make your life worth living.

Thank you for the motivation, man.

Feel the same way in some ways. I’m trying to get shrooms to dig me out of this.

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Why does it matter that nothing matters? You need to truly give up on meaning to be happy without it.

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Try to scope out of the perspective of nihilism - here is another way of thinking about life / philosophy: Existentialism, (very similar to nihilism but in a put in a different way).

Go search it, i think it is worth your time

Use nihilism to fight itself.
Nothing matters, but why would that matter?

Based absurdist anons.

>your immediate family and friends should be a priority
I couldn't care less about my family and I have no friends. I have no loved ones at all.

Start lying to yourself every single day.

Wake up, and tell yourself you're happy. Happy to go to work, happy to go to school, happy to be alive.

If you start to at least ACT like it, people around you will notice. Once that happens, you'll see that positive thinking is the anti-thesis of nihilism. This strategy can take years to perfect, but you really have to believe in it eventually. If you give up and put less effort in, your facade will fail, and you will return to your old ways.

>t. Depressed 23 year old who thought about killimg himself every single day because he thought there was no reason to go on

that makes no sense
fuck outta here with that pseudo intellectual nonsense

Read about absurdism. You only label it as psuedo intellectual because you cant grasp basic philosophical concepts. Also, I hope you enjoy 9th grade.

>t. Depressed 23 year old who thought about killimg himself every single day because he thought there was no reason to go on
Isn't the fact that you're still depressed proof that this doesn't work?

>implying that it has to make sense
Why does it matter if it makes sense or not?

Yes people can suck in general, but that means you can clearly see when people shine (yourself included). The 'wonderful' things positivity in the face of adversity produces are worth struggling to see.

Or you can see the same shade of beige for the rest of your life.

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>Read about absurdism.
Not him but what books do you recommend for absurdism? And also for helping me develop a positive attitude towards life?

Principia Discordia

what you don't understand about nihilism is that it doesn't teach you pessimism, it simply teaches you nihilism, nothing matters and meaning itself doesn't exist, there is no such thing as meaning, that's it, you don't go past that, otherwise you're not being a nihilist, you're being something else

by being sad or angry or mad about anything in life including your own you are assuming that it has any meaning or value or that meaning itself exists, otherwise you wouldn't be mad, sad or angry all the time, you would realize that nothing matters including what you think your emotions are and yourself and therefore there is no reason to be mad or angry about anything, doesn't matter and meaning doesn't exist!

you cannot be a nihilist if you are a pessimist or an optimist, you can only be: a nihilist

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Just go on YouTube and type in "Albert Camus". Not exactly an in depth look at his work, but it's certainly a good introduction to absurdism.

>google principia discordia
>religious text

>try to smile while you’re being literally shit on

Look up Optimistic Nihilism. If nothing matters, why not do your best to make you and everyone around you happy? If the universe doesn't care about you, don't care about it either, just contend with its difficulties.

If it works then it only sounds ridiculous to the people who havent managed it yet

>If nothing matters, why not do your best to make you and everyone around you happy?
This is so retarded.

What would make the people the happiest is mass extinction

It's a joke user

you're the punchline



This is the problem of nihilism though. If nothing matters, then it doesn't matter that nothing matters, but then it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter that nothing matters, etc. You end up just as lost at the end of the day. I guess you could try to embrace the absurdism, but that reeks of the mindset of the last men to me.
If you're religious, read Kierkegaard. Start with Either / Or. If you're irreligious, read Nietzsche. Start with Human, All Too Human.

>I guess you could try to embrace the absurdism, but that reeks of the mindset of the last men to me.
>being this shackled to meaning.

then you are hopeless

Realize that your mind creates meaning and that your mind is an intrinsic part of existence.

You literally cannot escape meaning. Psychologically, you absolutely cannot make a decision "just because." You can attempt to repress your will, but even that is an act of the will asserting itself against itself. There very well is no "meaning" in any grand sense - but you cannot act without purpose.

Realize that it doesn't make you smarter.


Everything is important, everything is interesting. You just lack understanding

Darkness is just absence of Light

Okay St. Augustine

I will always be depressed. Its not going to ever go away. But i dont wanna die. That's what matters.

dont do that if you want to stay sane
nihilism is a contrived state, stop trying to establish a worldview
thats just it

Clean your room

Being sane is overrated.

You ought to read some Dostoevsky!

Blow air into a woman's pussy.

>I believe in nothing why am I nihilistic
There's no way out of nihilism if you believe in nothing. Doesn't have to be a religion with a judgmental afterlife. Doesn't have to be as narrow as your own progeny. Has to be something.
Otherwise you're just going to be a nihilistic hedonist like everyone else in the developed world.

I am not sure it is what I am trying to do. I realize though nihilism is wrong because I genuinely believe God is real and the evidence is more in favor of God than of no God. If there is a God I'm sure there is a meaning but I don't know what you would do to determine that.

So edgy

Mdma has been proven to help ptsd victims restore their connection with the world and with other people. maybe it will help you.

Why? What is so retarded about working to be happy? Do you enjoy being miserable?

I don't think happy would be the right word. The absence of existing is not happiness, it's an experience solely for the living.

Don't browse Jow Forums for at least a year. This site and the boards you probably frequent are death sentences for autists who buy into things easily, force yourself to live without seeing things through this site's lenses and you'll become a lot less shitty of a human overall