Tell me about birth control, Jow Forums. I'm moving in with my bf of 2 years...

Tell me about birth control, Jow Forums. I'm moving in with my bf of 2 years, I trust him and he wants us to stop using condoms. I'm pretty paranoid about pregnancy, I don't want it (now) and I'm getting freaked out when my period delays 2-3 days. I also don't want to fuck up my hormones with birth control, I heard that wrong pills can cause weight gaining, more hair in unwanted parts, large tits. So I'm going to see a doctor about it but I have questions. Like, do you usually use condoms with birth control, how does sperm feels inside? Girls, have you had problems with hormones after that? What if I miss a pill? Should I stop using it during period time? What can I do to protect myself from kids even more?

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Stuff that messes with your hormones is normally kind of unpredictable in how severely each individual will be affected. I got the nexplanon implant and its been pretty good so far. I had some problems with spotting after my period, but they cleared right up after I started taking Evening Primrose Oil so I'm really pleased with it rn. Lasts 3 years, I don't have to stress about missing a pill or anything. You should talk to a healthcare professional or use a quiz like to work out what sort of BC is best for you. Sex feels way more intimate without a condom, good luck.

I’m on Ginget and it’s great. Becuase it has two female hormones you can take it each day in a 7 hour gap. However most birth control only has one female hormone so you need to take it in a 1-2 hour. I was put on ginet for acne originally as it makes your skin amazing. I can’t comment on breast growth as my boobs are 32J so I can’t really tell. I did try the pill with the one hormone and it made me put on weight so I recommend the double hormone one. However it increases risk of blood clots so they won’t give it to you if you have high blood pressure etc.

Much like this user here, my wife has the implant and it's pretty fucking nifty, you just set and forget. Dunno if it does the same for all women but it also stops her from getting her period which is kinda cool. And yeah the sex feels much better without a condom, my wife and I love the intimacy of me cumming deep inside her. Sorry if that's too much information

But also I have heard stories of it fucking with other women and it doesn't agree with them. Definitely something you should consult a doctor about first

Download Flo app and fill in your cycle.
Worked for me, 10 months in, and even when he cums and its not on those 3 particular days where pregnancy chance is high, it very hard to get pregnant.

You should not have sex before marriage.

>paranoid about pregnancy
>uses condoms instead of serious contraception for two years

I’ve been on Indayo since high school because of my acne.

I found it actually improved me hormonally. I don’t spend one week out of the month sobbing. My periods are lighter and less painful. I take it continuously so I get a “withdrawal bleed” every few months and it’s great. I feel clean and functional.

You don’t have to use condoms with birth control, I’ve missed pills and still been fine. You can take the sugar pills for the week of your period so you can have one or just keep taking them. If you miss a pill, take it as soon as you remember (they come with charts on what to do if you miss a couple or a few).

I’ve never heard of anyone with the side effects you detailed, I got nauseous the first few months and I’ve been fine ever since. Cream pies feel amazing and very intimate so have fun.

Just get nexaplan and keep 2 emergency plan bs
It’ll cost you like 400 for everything but nexaplan lasts for 4 years and the 2 years I was with my girlfriend I didn’t know the meaning of “Pull out”
I’m pretty sure I came in her almost every day of the week but as always she got her period and everything was fine.
While expensive I firmly stand by nexaplan

I've been taking the pill for 9 months now and I had no bad side effects. My periods are not painful anymore and my face is clear of acne, which is neat.

As for the sensation during sex, it's amazing. Skin on skin is so much better than skin on latex, feels much more intimate. Only a gynecologist can say which contraceptive is the best for you though, you should go see one yearly anyway.

Not to derail OP but

>mother and other friends scared me off of the idea of using hormonal birth control, putting metal up my vagina didn't sound much better
>had sex twice in my life using condoms
>meet man and go out with him for like a month before having sex, he didn't like condoms
>we had sex four times this past month without any sort of protection

h-how retarded am I? He didn't nut in me but still

You will get pregnant

>I'm pretty paranoid about pregnancy
When you're on vacation? When you're piss drunk? When you have exams? If the answer is 'probably' then don't get any pills.
Some pills are have more leeway with how much time you can let pass between the doses, it can be from 3-12 hours (if i remember correctly).
If you forget one or take them too late, you have to wait a week with having unprotected sex.
If you throw up you have to wait a week.
If you get diarrhoea you have wait a week.
You'll also start bleeding or spotting if this happens.
(just saying, you might have guessed but I'm incapable of doing this, and desu most people are)

>Should I stop using it during period time?
Estrogen pills: yes for a week (you might get sugar pills)
Mini pills: no
Patch: yes for a week, you can "postpone" with your period for 2 weeks (so that there's 6 weeks between your periods) but it might cause spotting.
Implants: stay in your arm for 3 years
Hormonal spiral, copper spiral: stays in your vagina for 3 years
Copper spirals are the cheapest, least invasive alternative, no hormones, no side effects just a physical barrier.

>The hormone related issues
The weight gain is temporary water weight and only 1-2 kg.
Some options have high amounts of oestrogen, these help with acne but there are some down sides:
They make your skin photosensitive, you can get permanent melasma,
you have to use sunscreen every day if you use them (nobody will fucking tell you this).
They also increase the chance of blood cloths (but not much compared to what pregnancy does, only a real problem if it runs in your family).
Some people say they get mood problems, I've never met any who has experience that though. Mine got better.

You can also get non oestrogen pills or implants, they are better for these issues, but not perfect.
These will either make your period disappear or make you bleed almost every day. You have to just try for half a year to see what group you're in.
The pills also have to be taken within a 3 hour window every day. (if you miss one you start bleeding for a few days so it's important to not fuck up)

Putting an unwanted baby in your vagina and then scraping it out with metal or forcing an early birth that will make you scream in pain for hours as you bleed and cramp like there's no tomorrow sounded better to you?
Go get a fucking doctors appointment now. If you can't use hormonal contraception then go put that copper spiral in and get it done with.

So for your questions: You usually will not use condoms with birth control but there are some exceptions. Some medication will cancel out the birth control or make it less reliable (for example most antibiotics), you should also use comdoms if you puked after taking your pill or if you have diarrhea as it will weaken the hormones in your body and can cause unwanted pregnancies.
Normally most times you will not even notice the sperm coming inside you, it is after all a small amount. At the most it will feel a little hot and moist inside you, neither bad nor good. You should however go and use the toilet after having sex without a concom because the sperm could cause an urinary tract infection if you leave it inside over night and it will also leave gross stains on your sheets.
For me I am on the pill for over 10 years now, I have never had negative side effects from it, quite contrary actually there are several positive side effects that make me like being on the pill so much that I would even continue to take it without the need of birth control. One of my friends got headaches from one pill brand but then you should talk to your doctor they might be able to swith you to a different brand which works better for you.
If you use a normal pill you take one daily around the same time (best in the mornings because the hormones work best on an empty stomach) it is okay to take them up to 12 hours after your usual time and still be protected from pregnancies. If you take longer than that you are no longer protected and need to use condoms again until you have at least taken the pill for 7 consectuvie days normally again.
Most pills will have you take a break after 3 weeks for 7 days to make you have a "normal" period time. This is however not medically necessary, you can also just take one every single day and only do a break once a year or whenever you get interim bleedings from too much buildup.

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Then you do a normal 7 days break (in which you will also be protected from pregnancies) and then start again.
This method is also even safer than taking the pill normally with the 7 days break each month.
There are other methods but I don't know much about them because I am so overly satisfied with the pill.

OP you could try tracking your cycle and only having sex on the days where you FOR SURE will not be giving sperm any opportunity to meet egg. There is a period of infertility and low risk in the female cycle which you can take advantage of

This is called natural family planning on its own, but you could do this and also use a condom the rest of the time, so its a compromise between sensation and safety.

I wouldnt recommend this if your cycle is irregular though.

>having sex with men you wouldnt be overjoyed to marry with just a piece of plastic to prevent a bay

Youre probably not pregnant but stop being such a fucking slut, this is how single motherhood happens.

Metal spirals can break or end up misplaced, not nearly as risk free as this OP suggests. Theres no side effects if they stay exactly as they are supposed to, but with something sitting in you that's not preventable its mostly luck + your body's own responses

Of course there are risks, I should probably have been more clear, but the thing is that they are nothing compared to the risk of childbirth, which actually is really fucking dangerous despite what people like to think.

The risk of a spiral stabbing you in the vagina is lower than 0.1%, and that can require surgery to get it out, it's more likely to fall out with any complications (2-11%)
26% of births result in tearing that needs stitches
You know what the risk of severe tearing of your vagina and anus is during childbirth? 2%, that's 1 in 50 births leading to the woman having her anus and vagina connected, with surgery needed and risk of long term damages. Compare to the 1 in 1000 who need surgery to remove their spiral.

Sorry, I didn't mean to frame it as the spiral being 2-11% likely to fall out AFTER it got misplaced.
The 2-11% are just of it falling out in general.

+1 for copper IUD.

Hormones have unpredictable side-effects.

Get a Mirena.