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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Men, what is your Jow Forums-controversial opinion/belief?

>Jow Forums-controversial
You mean like controversial for Jow Forums even though it might not be to normal people?

Mine is that 90% of men on Jow Forums could get girlfriends in the next two years if they put in the right effort.


is wanting time and space apart from your SO one of many standard sentences you give a guy when you're too much of a coward to tell the truth?

Yes. 99% of the time it means things are over but we don't know how to end it or we don't want a scene.

well fml

I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better, in my personal experience and that of my friends who have done the same, it usually isn't your fault or anything you could have controlled or changed.

thanks. guess so
guess i'll break it off before she found the right words to break her silence

Best of luck, and I hope you find someone out there who is right for you.

thank you.
she responded with "i wanted to talk with you that day too"
guess that settles it

If you mean like then it's that moralfagis a stupid term because morality is the only good measure of a choice.

If you mean controversial with normal people but not on Jow Forums, it's that women have no idea how much easier getting a date is for them.

Have any of you ever tried foodplay?

You mean like drawing shapes in your spaghetti?

how do I stop being so nervous about sex? 23 year old virgin, I have little experience in a social life and whenever a girl starts talking sexy to me or talking about it I get really anxious.
At the same time, Im into kinky shit and want to experiment, but once I start talking about it and get it out in the open I lose any sex drive. IDK if its just nerves or whatever, but im only ever truly comfortable when Im just watching porn

I also debate heavily if I even want a GF right now, or ever, because of all of this

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>once I start talking about it and get it out in the open I lose any sex drive
Why are you openly talking about that?

Women: What is the right move here? I like her and all but no way in hell do I want to go to that play.

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Nigga suffer through it if you like her or bail if you don't. She gave you like 3 chances to sat you'll go but you managed to fuck them all up. I'm shocked she hasn't ghosted you yet.

>not doing whatever the girl wants every time is fucking up

Is it a bad idea to get back in touch with my ex? Barely spoken to her for months but recently she was asking to do something and meet up.

wat do

Bruh it's a fucking musical. It's not like she's trying to get you into pegging or some shit. She clearly wants you to see it with her but if you want her to think you don't care about her interests then be my guest. Just don't be surprised when she resents you.

Do I have any hope if I'm male damaged goods?

>Sent from my HTC
Just block her already.

do you really have nothing else to do with your life than to ask this bait again and again?

Nobody answered last time

she is not even wanting you to go with her. I don't see what your problem might be

is it bad if your gf made racist remarks?

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believe it or not I just got a girl to be into it to, so its hit and miss

Well considering I wouldn't date someone with a double digit iq, probably.

Nah, she was trying to get me to ask her out. She's used this approach on me several times before. It usually works; we've been on a few dates as a result.

My problem is that she kept going and it seemed really awkward for her.

Not to me. When I was in highschool I had a gf who was into nazi punk and racist shit and I found it pretty hot.

But I was a super edgelord. Now I'm an IT nerd.

No, I'd stay with her if only so I'd have a gf who doesn't get mad when -I- do it.

First time with a new partner, is it worse if he finishes too quickly, or not at all?


Would you judge a 28 year old guy if he hasn’t had sex in 7 years?

then you are actively allowing her to control you. Good job

so I had my first "relationship' with a girl and it ends in about 3 weeks
>co worker for along time, we;ve always had a flirtatious thing going on for a while
>openly say Im not ready for a relationship, but not opposed to FWB to see how it goes
>she agrees, we try fooling around
>disclose im virgin, she cant fathom how I havent had sex yet
>makes me feel bad
>have trouble getting hard
>she says we should take a break and be friends, and 'if it happens it happens"
>also tells me if I were to have sex with her and then nothing else, it would break her heart
>but also says if I want it, I should just go for it and not ask cause it kills the mood
>she slept with some other guys, felt bad about it and apologized but did it again
>im helping her move into a new place, running errands with her, help with some family problems
>only got one blow job from the whole thing, I told her I needed help with sex but she said I would just end up hating her if should took my virginity
>I decide to end it cause this is too much work and im getting nothing for it
>feel like a quitter
>my only chance at a getting laid and a relationship in years
>doubtful Ill get another one anytime soon

I really just want confirmation that I did the right thing, or I didnt fuck up too bad cause Im feeling pretty stupid right now

>girl asks you out
>hurr durr you're being controlled
Sure is Jow Forums in here.

it's not that she asks you out, but that she mentions something expecting you to do it for her. still, it's your life so ruin it as you please

I want a girlfriend so bad but I'm socially awkward and don't do so well on one-on-one convos past jokes and banter. I usually get quiet and stay in my head after we're done talking about one topic. I'm 19 and have been a loner since puberty with major anxiety and some emotional issues. I'm through the worst of it and I'd like to change now and talk to this cute girl but I'm nervous she'll get bored of me quick because I literally have no friends to hang out with and I don't really know what I could do with her.

Wow, that's depressing.

So this girl wanted a relationship. If you weren't ready for it, you should've said you'd like to get to know her better first (i.e., date a little). This stupid shit about "a FWB would be okay" is where you fucked up. I mean holy shit dude. I am astounded.

You not being able to maintain an erection was crushing for her. To her it means you didn't find her attractive enough.

So now you're an errand boy and basically friendzoned. Yeah, you're right to stop hanging out with her. And by that I mean exactly that: Stop hanging out with her and nothing else. Not "break up with her" (you aren't in a relationship), not tell her off or say you don't want to see her anymore. Just stop hanging out with her.

gain confidence from experience, youre not going to go from awkward to perfect in one sitting. even if you gotta fake it. Look up some topics to have fall back points on, and keep asking about her. what does she like, hobbies, family, work ect and build from that. Keep eye contact. Theyre probably just as nervous as you so dont over think it, first dates are weird

Jesus Christ. That sounds like a fucking train wreck... all of that in 3 weeks?

Get the fuck away from her for your own good. She sounds like a disaster

I'm failing to see the point. She asked me out before, I was okay with that so I went out with her. She asked me out this time, I wasn't okay with it so I turned her down.

How do you think it works when a guy asks a girl out?

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to all the ladies here, what is your actual thoughts on tinder?
every other women I speak with on there is just using it for friends, or a serious relationship. Its an app for hookups, why do you over think this?

And why is is so hard to hold a conversation with you. Its like pulling teeth getting one word answers

>every other women I speak with on there is just using it for friends, or a serious relationship. Its an app for hookups, why do you over think this?
An online community is for whatever its userbase uses it for. If you can't find women who want hookups maybe your understanding of the purpose of it is wrong.

You just told me that she indirectly mentions things, making you invite her to do them. this is manipulation, even though innocent at this point.

And guys take women on coffee dates without "clarifying" that it's a date: It's understood. Same thing here.


Thats not at all comparable to how this girl is asking you out

What advice did you even want? How to text better? Stop using punctuation in texts, otherwise you come off as an autistic 14 year old who takes everything too seriously

Go out with her you idiot, and if you don't like musicals suggest something else instead of just saying no.

But user I don't want to be manipulated. If I go out with her I'm being manipulated aren't I? Help me with your "wisdom".

If you have a GF who expresses great love and affection for you, and is trustworthy, it will help ease your worries

Dont fall for the meme of even risking a 2% chance of pregnancy for some random thot just so you can tell other people on Jow Forums youre a virgin anymore

"Cool, if you go see it I hope you like it."

DONT bend. It's fucking sexy and so hot when the guy can actually tell you no or express honest disinterest of whatever youre talking about. It shows hes not desperate for your approval, that he's a separate guy independent from what you want, and he's not easily pushed around.

Just gonna tell you that its straight up an awful move if a guy does something he clearly doesnt want to do just for you, unless its important.

If you're lefty or normieconservative then youre not compatible

Its likely she'll soon realize youre a bitch and will leave on her own.


Thanks. I’ll try that.
This is completely unsurprising. There’s no worse feeling than noticing the girl you’re hanging with is bored. I can only imagine how it feels for women when the guy is bored.

I'm very clearly not the user who said you were being manipulated, I was saying your counter example sucked

>no no it wasn’t me prentending to be retarded

>every other women I speak with on there is just using it for friends, or a serious relationship
They are lying just so you know. They are there for hook ups. they just don’t want to “feel like a slut”. So they won’t say it directly.

Also, probably the majority of girls on tinder just like the validation of knowing that 400 guys think she’s hot

Oh.. really?

you don’t think it’s less masculine? One of my friends was trying to tell me that it’s in my identity to be having sex with women. That i’m a man and that’s what men do. If you’re single, you go fuck different women, if you’re in a relationship, you do it with your woman. That it’s bad and it emasculates men If they don’t do this. It made me feel bad about myself.

>be police officer(not american beat cop, actual officer, im not american)
>girl comes with parking ticket, wants it deleted
>i had to delete basically because its wrongly written
>tell her ill see it and let her know
>find her on facebook after she leaves the office , add her and then she adds me immedieately(she couldn't know who i was, right?) so i assume she likes me
>tell her the next day that her ticket is deleted and she owes me a coffee
>tells me ok we will talk about it on friday because she is busy
>ask her again today, she tells me she had a lot of work and couldn't today
>tell her it's ok, give her my phone number and tell her to call me when she has less work and that i would like to go out with her

Did i fuck up somewhere around here? She of course hasn't responded yet. Do i ask her out one final time again on sunday and be done with it if she doesn't accept or should i not ask her out at all again and move on? I really thought she was interested desu

Is giving girls chocolates to show interest still a thing?

You sound unprofessional desu

Why? The ticket had to be deleted anyway. I even made her bring all the cars documents to see if everything was ok(i do this all the time with tickets, they end up getting more fines and it's very funny)

She said no twice and didn't reschedule, man. It's done.

It gives the appearance of impropriety even if what you did (throwing out her ticket) was entirely proper.

you’re a person of the law, you shouldn’t use your position to try to flirt. You facebooked someone who came to you with an issue. That’s creepy and unprofessional

I love how he makes a big deal out of not being an American cop but does something that would get him called a pig in this country.

>Be sure to let ppl know you aren't American
>Also be super creepy
Do third world country have IA?

And my mom always told girls like men in uniform.

I guess you are right. I hope i find someone soon, i can't take another night of listening to my ex getting fucked next door , i feel like a cuck.

Based hivemind.

I only got one reply last time.
Girls with a preference for them, what is the appeal of big dicks?
So far it sounds like it's mostly the aesthetics, but I'm curious if that's universal or if there's other opinions.

It’s fucking fine to date women dude. And yes women love men in uniform. What you can’t do is go after chicks you meet in the line of work. Or at least not as a result of meeting her through legitimate police work.

I don't understand how adding someone on facebook is 'creepy'. If she didn't want she wouldn't have added me. I explained to her beforehand that the ticket would most probably be deleted.

>And my mom always told girls like men in uniform.
You're literally a disgrace desu.

>I only got one reply last time
You ask this every fucking thread and get replies every time.

Adding someone on Facebook? Normal.
Getting someone’s info as a result of being a public official and using that information to try to get a date? Pathetic and creepy.

I've only asked this once. I know there's that one guy who's convinced girls will cheat on him and that he's not manly and whatnot, but I'm legit just curious. I've got no issues with my dick, but I always see "big dicks hurt" said, so I'm curious about why some girls like them and some don't.

My ex never liked me in uniform, she always said i looked scary.

And i really don't meet many women here. I live in an island at the edge of my country. The only people that stay here are military, doctors, teachers and policemen and all the females ARE FUCKING MARRIED.

Still i've been here for 2 years and from incredible luck i've managed to have a girl every winter and break up in the summer. If i manage do this for a 3rd year in a row ill stick my nightstick up my ass and post pics

>I hope i find someone soon, i can't take another night of listening to my ex getting fucked next door , i feel like a cuck.
you’re a cuck because you’re acting desperate. “I NEED a gf”. Bs, get out of here. You don’t actually want one. You want one for the sake of having one.

Focus on your own shit and stop being such a desperate beta. Girls are not the more important thing in the world

>wah I can’t meet single women
>this completely justifies my betrayal of the public trust
Go somewhere else if being single is that much of a problem.

How do I get a history and/or math nerd gf?

She didn’t introduce herself to you. the only reason you know she exists is through work. The only reason you know her name is because of work related documentation.

If you were a cop in the US you’d be viewed as a disgrace

>Most probably
>If you go out with me
>Or else you will have trouble with the law

I hope they throw you in gulag, or cut your pay by two chickens/ one goat per week

>i've managed to have a girl every winter and break up in the summer
Women do this shit EVERYWHERE.

cuffing season is winter. Women “uncuff” in the summer. This is not new. women want to feel loved during the holidays, and want to slut around, have fun, and be wild in the summer

This is absolutely right. There are women who chase cops and it’s theoretically okay to fool around with them. What’s not okay about what he did was that he was the first mover in taking it from being a public servant to a social contact. When the woman is the first mover it’s kinda okay.

I never said anything like that lol.

Am i being assaulted by antifas or something? You guys are mental.

Dude she stepped into my office. What if i was a cashier or some shit and met a girl i liked ? Wooops i met her when i was working, better never call her don't want to be seen as a creep :)

In the end everyone wants someone just so they aren't alone. Yes some people get really lucky and meet a perfect mate they enjoy every moment with but most people have girls that bust their balls but they tolerate so they aren't alone. Im just being honest.

100% aesthetic for me. It just looks way better.

>What if i was a cashier or some shit and met a girl i liked ? Wooops i met her when i was working, better never call her don't want to be seen as a creep :)
You’re a cop, it’s different.

Also if you were a cashier and did this, the girl didn’t like it and called your boss, you’d get fired. Shit like that costs companies business.

>better never call her don't want to be seen as a creep :)
If you’re using the company’s records to look up her number then yes, you shouldn’t call her. That shit isn’t just creepy, it’s stalkerish.

If you're masculine it doesnt matter. If you're effeminate and dependent upon your friends ideas of things or need to ask if its okay you havent had sex for 7 years, then thats the problem.

The ONLY thing emasculating about it is that you let yourself be bullied and let other men make you feel bad about it. THATS a turn off.
Im not sure how many times the women here are gonna say its all about your attitude before the men here start to listen and realize that almost any random flaw can become irrelevant if they just dont give a fuck and have a good attitude.

>Wooops i met her when i was working, better never call her don't want to be seen as a creep :)

You’re working a public service job. That’s part of the sacrifice of the job.

Yea, it's like being a doctor

Or she could you know, not add me on facebook?? I didn't even tell her my name lol.

I didn't look up any record. She came into my office and said 'hi, my name is soso and i'm here to make an objection'.

You guys are making a huge deal out of this, you mean to tell me you have never looked up a girl on facebook and add her?

>but most people have girls that bust their balls but they tolerate so they aren't alone.

And? Those relationships often fail. Those are the marriages that usually end up in cheating and divorce. If you don’t want to be alone, get a cat. Seriously, get a cat. you won’t feel alone

>Am i being assaulted by antifas or something?
I’m a conservative attorney, and I’m telling you that what you did absolutely would be contrary to departmental policy.

Public servants are supposed to be extensions of the state. While they’re also people, they aren’t supposed to use the tools and incidents affecting their office for personal gain, whether financial or social.

If I were to sleep with a client, I could get disbarred. No matter how consensual it was, the very fact of it offends the public trust placed in me as an officer of the courts, even though I represent private clients.

>Am I wrong?
>NO it's the children who are wrong!
Even if you don't believe all of us, at least recognize that you tried twice and we're denied, to push more without reciprocation from her is going too far

Well, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal that I have very little sex experience and it’s been 7 years since I’ve touched a girl. I don’t think sex is all that important. I guess what bothers me is I don’t want to be seen as less masculine. When I was growing up my father didn’t teach me how to be a man. I’ve had no role models, so I was very lost in my early twenties. I had to figure out everything by myself. How to dress, how to work out, how to do everything, working toward a dream career. I’ve worked very hard to better myself and be a man. So it bothered me hearing I’m being less masculine since I don’t have sex or relationships with women

>I didn't look up any record. She came into my office and said 'hi, my name is soso and i'm here to make an objection'.
This is fucking horrific. You’re someone entrusted to carry out what’s essentially settlement of an adjudicative proceeding and you’re using it to get dates? How is the public supposed to believe you’re acting impartially and without personal interest? I pray to god she’s contacted your superiors about this so you can be retrained or terminated. It is OUTRAGEOUS that you are using your office as a dating service.

>you mean to tell me you have never looked up a girl on facebook and add her?
I’m a security officer for a government agency, and women come up to me all the time for issues. I’ve never ever looked one of them up on Facebook. Never ever. That would be extremely unprofessional of me to do so. They approach me for work related stuff. It’s not like they are coming up to me to flirt and small talk

Part of the job is also deleting a 10000 euro fine because someone knows someone. Part of the job is also watching your collegue who stole public money walk scott free. Part of the job is also bringing a kickass case file to the prosecutor and him throwing it in the garbage. Don't be so naive about the law and the state in general, the people that rule you have literally no idea what they are doing, and that's why all conspiracy theories are bullshit.

I didn't blackmail or threaten anyone.

Well mr lawyer i don't see how i used my position to gain anything. I simply met someone through work and i had no legal interest for her.

This i agree with.