So I’ve been talking to an escort online. She gave me her address.

I drove by it, and across the street from her apartment complex I saw a marked police car parked. It’s a slow street and the cop looked at me so I smiled and waved and he smiled and waved back.

Is this a sting? Or just a coincidence?

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probably both


don't see escorts, it's not good for your soul

any escorts around Potsdam?

This. Saw one once my mom pressured me about losing my virginity and it’s been a serious problem since. In the past year I’ve probably wasted 2000 on them and it’s not that I regret I because I enjoyed the time but that money could have gone towards other much more important things.

I would not suggest seeing them.

Check your local laws because that's entrapment. Some states it's legal others no

>my mom pressured me about losing my virginity
I have so many questions

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>mom pressured me about losing my virginity
u sure she wasn't trying to fuck you?

Dude, save your money and spend it on making yourself more attractive. Get tighter, well fitting clothes, a nice new pair of shoes and a clean, stylish haircut. Then sign up for the gym.

As long as either you or her have not mentioned any sex acts or discussed any monetary transactions for sex acts you are fine.

Also let her lead just to be on the safe side. If she’s legit, she’ll already know what you want.

That costs way more than a hooker... seriously... I see a girl for 100 bucks every week and its cheaper than buying nice clothes, working out, new shoes, getting my hair done and being a gigantic faggot.

OP just find another escort who doesn't have a car parked across the street from her apartment. If you're in Cali I know a legit escort who has a discord if you want me to throw it up there.

definitely a honeytrap
abort mission, find asian massage parlor

Being desirable is faggotry. Got it.

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It is now, you have to basically have to have a beauty routine like a gay dude in order to be desirable to women now a days... where before all you needed was to be manly, be rough and be aggressive. Women want some submissive whelp who will scoop them up after a bunch of prissy, preppy chads have used them as a cum sock... they don't want actual men... they want this idealized fag who likes pussy.

Dude, have you ever heard of balance? Women want a man who takes care of himself because that shows he is in control of his life and cares about being successful on many levels.

I've only been to an escort once, and she used fake pictures and lied about her age, and her reactions during sex were so fake. I kept on asking her for feedback, because I actually want to get better at sex and learn how to please women, but she pretty much just said everything I was doing was good even though I could tell she was bored as hell, and she kept on checking her phone.

I tried again with another one, and I was turned away at the door because I'm black.

That initially hit my self-esteem kinda hard, but then I realized it was acually a blessing. Saved me $300 I could have wasted on some barely literate (seriously, not a single text without a misspelling, and most of them were simple words) racist chick, when really, all it took was putting myself out there to realize I'm not as undesirable as I think I am, and I don't need escorts.

Danced with some chick last weekend (whom I find very attractive, much moreso than either of the escorts I went to), and I asked her on a date for next week. She doesn't want to go on a date, she just wants me over at her place for casual sex. This is not two weeks after getting denied by that escort.

On top of that, I have dates lined up with three other women from campus this and next week. One of them is tonight. Don't know if any of them will lead to sex, because I'm shy and have no game, but at least it shows there's the possibility of romantic interest. And all of these women are attractive to me, and much more up my alley than those escorts.

In summary, forget escorts. Just put in minimal effort, and see women. You don't even have to become a ripped, suave, Renaissance man or anything. I'm a skinnyfat dork.

>my mom pressured me about losing my virginity

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This. They're like a drug. Addicting. Hard to quit. Starts ruining your productivity and your social life. You'll stop wanting to spend money on dating the traditional way, and there's always the risk of stings, STDs, and family/friends finding out. Hookers not even once.

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You're black so you have a bit of a different experience because of the fetishization of black men. Of course she wanted to have casual sex with you, shes looking for that big strong black man stereotype in you... that porn has built up around your race... which is fucked up... I know... but I know a girl just like her... she uses black men for casual sex thinking they're all like the porn and rap stereotype, but will only date white guys... as for the other dates... good on you, if they wanna date, thats a great sign.

also the escort didn't wanna bang you because your black because A) yes she is in fact racist, but also B) Black dudes are FAAAR more likely to beat the shit out of a sex worker and take their money back and are FAARR more likely to get rapey. I know that sounds awful, and it has nothing to do with your race, its more the socio econimic class black people come from, a poor white guy is more likely to beat the fuck out of an escort than a more well off white guy, but when you deal with just white guys, you're more likely to get middle class white guys. Its an awful stereotype but it unfortunately exists... I'll admit I'm racist when it comes to dating, I don't date black

and I am black...

>and I was turned away at the door because I'm black.
Your kind likes to damage them for daring to charge a black king money for sex

When I was in my early years of college, I was in the same shoes as you. I went to an escort because I didn't want to turn 20 and still be a virgin. At first she didn't want to let me in because she thought I was a cop. We did our thing and she refused to believe I was a virgin and gave me some tips for picking up women. She even took me to meet her friends and made me promise to keep in contact with her.
In retrospect it was kind of weird but after that I tried talking to some of the girls on campus and kept getting declined or ghosted.
Since then I've just decided to flow with life and lead a ??celebit/asexual?? lifestyle. I dont really chase hoes anymore and just drink tea, ponder the questions of life, and watch the world as it continues its cycle.

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>and it has nothing to do with your race,
It has everything to do with race

>a poor white guy is more likely to beat the fuck out of an escort than a more well off white guy
lol no. the only white guys who get violent are drug addicts and they need to save money for more drugs

>I'll admit I'm racist when it comes to dating, I don't date black
and I am black...

Are you a male or female?


Hmm... I'm curious. Why don't you date black?

every black guy I dated fell into these catagories:

Aggressive and abusive (yes I have been beaten... multiple times by different people)

Just out for sex / always cheating and had side pieces or you were secretly the side piece

Wanted you to worship them because they were a strong black man even though they were broke and unemployed.

and Finally, didn't bother dating because they couldn't keep up the facade of being decent in the first place.

I honestly don't even have black friends because its just... too difficult to maintain those relationships and contain that drama... so I mostly hang out with a bunch of nerdy ass white and mexican people.

I've heard the stereotypes about black guys buying sex. I guess it just hurts knowing that I'm being judged on something I can't control (my appearance), and being treated like a lesser human. Especially because I'm a harmless beta nerd. Seriously, I'm so conflict averse that I probably wouldn't even speak up if somebody accidentally grabbed my order in the fast-food line. There's no way I'm beating up a sex worker, or even going to haggle or anything. And with that one I did go to, I asked her "is this okay?" before, like, every single movement I made.

As for the fetishization of black guys, I hate being fetishized, and want somebody to like me because of my individual qualities, not some perception they have about my group. But I've also found that I don't reap much of the benefits of fetishization anyway, because I don't fit the masculine black-man stereotype. I'm unathletic, I'm nerdy, I'm shy, I don't have any of the qualities that black men are actually fetishized for. So, even those white girls who talk about how they only like black men don't like ME, because I'm not Tyrone.

Which isn't awful, because the same types of white chicks with black fetishes tend to be airhead thots, in my experience. I prefer either brainy girls, or those kinda alternative art-school girls (piercings, tattoos, go to local punk shows, etc). And, those are the kinds of girls I've got dates lined up with.

>I went to an escort because I didn't want to turn 20 and still be a virgin.

Heh, I was a virgin until 23. The girl who took my virginity was somebody I had taken out, like, twice over a year prior, but stopped asking out, because I wasn't feeling the spark. She asked me out again, took me to her place, and then gushed about how long she's been waiting to bang me and how long she's been waiting for this moment (which indicates she had been pining for me throughout the serious relationship she had after I had stopped asking her out).

Then she ghosted me after sex. That must be how bad I was. Even this chick who was really into me for more than a year got turned off enough to never contact me again. That's the thing that comes with being a late-life virgin: knowing that even when you lose it, you've barely made any progress solving your problem, because now you have to deal with not having had any practice and being bad, and you can't get more practice because getting sex in the first place is hard when you're bad.

Glad you didn't have to deal with that, though. You must be a natural.

>In retrospect it was kind of weird but after that I tried talking to some of the girls on campus and kept getting declined or ghosted

I actually started cold approaching and getting dates maybe two years ago, but have just always been to shy to make any moves. When you make no moves and play it safe, women don't feel the "chemistry," and end up breaking things off. That's why, despite seeing many women, I never get past more than four dates, and I've still only ever had sex once with somebody who wasn't an escort.

That's what I'm working on now with my game. Being bolder and more sexually assertive. Being black, it's a little hard, because I'm way too shy, but am also afraid of being that "pushy aggressive black guy." All the onus to initiate is on me, but also all the risk.

Oh okay, thanks for the info. I'm a black guy but I can see why you wouldn't want to date black anymore. I don't personally fall into any of the categories (although I do get aggressive when playing Tekken and other videogames), but I know a LOT of black guys that do act like that.

Damn son, you're living the dream. What area are you in?


Is this b8?


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Damn that's too far and too cold. Wish things were better here in East Texas.

neck yourself beta faggot

N-no u

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This post has inspired me to hire an escort this weekend. It's been awhile since I've gotten my dick sucked. Thanks op.

where the fuck do you people even find escorts without backpages/craiglist

Why not just get a fwb? Escorts sound ridiculous

I used to use backpage and craigslist, but now that Trump's shutdown the good time sites I've just been jacking it.

What's the best way to make friends with benefits?

There are warm-ish parts of Canada. Not that I live in them myself.

Actually, my city has sweltering hot summers, but those summers are two months out of the year.

The rest is pretty much winter.

Tinder at this point. Craigslist is over.

I made one with a girl in my class. We started when she invited me to her place to study, then we made out, then we fucked and now we just hangout and hook-up whenever we see eachother. We've talked about relationships, and neither of us want one.

I always wondered how this spontaneous shit works with condoms. If you bring one yourself doesn't that come off as weird? Do you just hope she has one? Or do you just do it without one?

Slip a rubber in your wallet or something. Keep a few in your bag. It's no big deal

Huh that's what I thought but I was worried it might make you seem weird or something for some reason. Thanks for the tip man.

In my case I thought

>Girl I've not spoken to much before wants to study with me
>At her own place
>At a late-ish time

I figured there was a good chance she wanted something to happen, so I brought some in my bag. She actually had some too though

I bet you think Paris is full of fashion models too

>fapped million times but virgin
>go see escort
>not pleasureful because of condom
>can't feel pussy at all
>eventually gets me off after she expends a lot of effort sucking me off

don't bother, sex with a condom is nowhere near as good as your hand.

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